You Bet Your Hair!

You Bet Your Hair!

“You Bet Your Hair!” by BladesRule

Corrine and Jana were the best of friends ever since elementary school. They followed each other through junior high, high school, and eventually became roommates at a small college in the Midwest. Jana was the head cheerleader, and was gung-ho about the school’s football team, even though they weren’t very good. The team only won two or three games every year, but Jana was always supportive of them. Corrine, meanwhile, was a candidate for Homecoming Queen. The upcoming Homecoming game pitted the Bearcats against the same school that slaughtered them 70-0 the year before. Corrine, a football fan also, was convinced that the Bearcats would get trashed again this time, but Jana would hear nothing of such talk, and kept saying, “Anything can happen.”

The night prior to the game, a pep really was held, and for inspiration, several of the Bearcat players shaved off all their hair right in front of the gathered crowd. They were quite a sight with their bald scalps proudly on display. After the pep rally, Corrine and Jana strolled across campus and returned to their apartment. “I can’t believe all those guys shaved their heads,” said Corrine. “They’re going to regret it when they get stomped tomorrow night.”

“Oh, you never know,” chirped Jana. “We might just win one for a change.”

“Are you kidding?” Corrine retorted. “I have a better chance of being Homecoming Queen than we do of winning the game.” Corrine was one of six finalists for Queen, but she didn’t think she had a chance to win because the other five girls all had alumni connections.

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“Anything can happen,” was Jana’s refrain.

“I tell you what,” said Corrine. “If we win the game tomorrow night, and if I’m elected Queen, I’ll shave off all my hair!” Corrine was only half-joking when she made this statement, but Jana took it seriously.

“I’m going to hold you to that!” Jana chimed, excitedly. Corrine, wasn’t worried though, convinced there was no way that she AND the team could both win on Homecoming night.

All day the next day, Jana kept teasing Corrine with a pair of scissors, saying things like, “Better get a wig, baby!” and “You’ll be the future Miss Kojak!” This was a bit a payback for some of Corrine’s snide remarks about Jana’s pompom enthusiasm, but it was all in fun.

The Homecoming ceremony took place at half-time of the game. The Bearcats, surprisingly, only trailed 14-0, but Corrine wasn’t concerned about her little wager with Jana–yet. She’d forgotten all about it when it came time to crown the queen. Corrine looked radiant standing before the crowd in a light purple satin dress, long white evening gloves, sheer black pantyhose and black pumps with 5- inch heels, topped off by beautiful shoulder length wavy brown hair.

The big moment arrived, and when the Dean said, “And the winner is…” Corrine was stunned to hear her name called–she won! Corrine stood there stunned, and broke down into tears of joy. The Dean placed the lovely crown on her head and presented her with a bouquet of roses while everyone took photos and applauded. Corrine was in shock, but retained her composure and waved to the crowd in appreciation. A few minutes later, Jana ran up to her and gave her a big hug. “Congratulations, Honey!– That’s half the battle!”

At this point, Corinne realized that Jana was serious about the bet, but she didn’t fret over it. She was still floating on air over being elected Queen, and she hadn’t a care in the world–for the time being, anyway.

Corrine was brought back to Earth a bit when the Bearcats ran the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown. They scored yet another touchdown later in the third quarter, but the kicker missed the extra point, so they still trailed 14-13. Corrine was beginning to worry now, and Jana kept looking her direction and giving her a little “snip-snip” gesture with her fingers. The fourth quarter was a defensive struggle and it seemed to last forever. Corrine agonized over the game, and prayed that the visitors would score again. They didn’t, and the game came down to the final three seconds and a long field goal attempt. The kick was up, and it sailed toward the goal post, and just cleared it by no more than a foot. The Bearcats had won!!

The entire stadium erupted into pandemonium, but Corrine just sat in stunned silence. “My God,” she thought to herself, “I’m dead! I’m going to be bald!”, as she watched the celebration on the field. Jana nearly leapt out of her skirt when she saw the ball sail through the uprights. She rushed over to Corrine and shouted, “I DON’T BELIEVE IT!! WE WON! This is the greatest game I’ve ever seen! And guess what? You’re getting a haircut tonight!”

Corrine had no intention of welching on their bet–she was a woman of her word. She kept secretly hoping that Jana would be merciful and let her off the hook, though.

An hour after the game, Jana led Corrine directly to their favorite off-campus night spot, where many of the players had already gathered to celebrate their stunning victory. After two rounds of drinks, Jana stood up and got everyone’s attention to make an announcement. “Gentlemen, as head cheer- leader, I want to congratulate you for winning tonight, especially those of you who sacrificed your hair for victory. I knew all along you could do it, but some people had no faith in you.” Everyone gave the team a rousing round of applause, then Jana continued, “For instance, your newly-elected Homecoming Queen was so sure you would lose tonight, that she made a rather gutsy wager. She said if she was elected Queen, and if you guys won tonight, she would shave off all her hair.” This revelation brought a gasp from the assembled multitude, followed by an ovation led by the players themselves. “Now it’s time,” Jana proclaimed, “for her to make good on her promise.”

Jana went to her purse and pulled out a set of electric clippers and a black plastic cape. Corrine knew it was time to eat her words as Jana sat her down in the center of dance floor and wrapped the cape around her neck. She plugged in the clippers and announced, “I’ll take the first swipe, then each of you can have a turn at shearing her locks.” Corrine couldn’t believe her best friend and roommate was doing this to her, but she didn’t put up a fight. “Any last words?” asked Jana.

“Me and my big mouth…” sighed Corrine. With that, Jana clicked on the clippers and raised them to Corrine’s forehead and ran them right over the top of her head, much to the delight of everyone in the room. A reporter from the school paper began snapping photos, and the owner of the night-club fetched his camcorder to document the entire event on video. A large clump of hair fell to Corrine’s lap, and she actually began to feel excited about this. Jana handed the clippers off to one of the bald football players, and one by one, they each took a chunk off Corrine’s hair. With each swipe of the clippers, Corrine became more and more turned on, and the balder she became, the wetter her crotch became.

Jana took the final turn and cut off the last of Corrine’s hair. Another standing ovation ensued, then Jana produced a can of shaving gel and smeared it all over Corrine’s stubbly head. Once again, the players took turns removing her hair with the razor. She couldn’t take much more of this, and couldn’t wait to see what she now looked like. Finally, Jana wiped off the excess shaving cream and everyone applauded wildly over Corrine’s gleaming white scalp.

Jana removed the cape and asked Corrine to close her eyes as she led her over to a nearby floor- length mirror on the wall. Jana grabbed one of her pompoms and placed it over Corrine’s head like a makeshift wig and told her to open her eyes. Corrine’s eyes opened, and Jana whisked away the pompom away to reveal her new look. Corrine’s knees buckled a bit as she saw her now totally bald head. There was absolutely nothing left of her beautiful brown hair. She was speechless, and just stood there staring in awe at herself. She didn’t quite know what to think at first. She realized the finality of it all, but on the other hand, she was astonished at how exotic she now looked, especially clad in her Homecoming dress. She felt rather sexy standing there with no hair, and turned to face everyone in the room and smiled, “I’m GLAD you guys won tonight–I LOVE my new hairdo!!” For that, she received yet another ovation. Jana then placed Corrine’s crown back on her head, and she now truly felt like a queen!

The festivities were only beginning, though. Jana went back to the chair where Corrine had just been sheared and announced, “Since our Queen turned out so nice, and since I’m so very proud of my football team, I’m going to try this new hairdo, too!” This brought another roar from the crowd. Jana, still clad in her blue and gold cheerleader outfit and shiny suntan tights, grabbed the clippers and began shearing off her sandy blonde curls. She then handed Corrine the clippers and said, “Would you like to finish me off?” Corrine gladly obliged, and happily sheared off Jana’s remaining hair, then shaved her smooth with the razor. They then repeated the unveiling process with Jana’s pompon in front of the mirror. Jana burst out laughing upon seeing her new “do”. “I look like a guy!” she chirped, “but I like it!” The Bearcats now had a bald Homecoming Queen and Head Cheerleader to boot.

The celebration continued through the night, and at one point, a tall skinny bald guy approached Corrine and said, “Hi, I’m Adam, the field goal kicker.”

Corrine smiled at him and said, “Oh, so you’re to blame for me losing my hair! I think you owe me a dance!”

Corrine led him to the dance floor and they danced. “So, Adam, how do you like being bald?”

“It’s all right,” he replied, “but my girlfriend dumped me because I shaved my head.”

“What a bitch!” Corrine said, “I think you’re cute.”

“I think you’re beautiful,” Adam replied, “Your head is really pretty.” Adam took Corrine home that night, and they’ve been an item ever since.

The next day, over lunch, Jana and Corrine shared a good laugh over their hairless heads. “I planned to shave my head all along if we won last night,” Jana admitted. “I wasn’t going to let you go through it alone. Don’t we look great!”

“Yes we do!” Corrine smiled approvingly. “I’m glad we did it.”

Jana’s and Corrine’s bald heads proved very inspirational to the Bearcats, also, because they went on to win every one of their games the rest of that year. How’s that for team spirit?


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