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Club H

Club H by Sean O'Hare I had just finished my lunch-time workout in the gym. Had [...]

Curse of Baldlock Hall

The Curse of Baldlock Hall by Sabrina S. It was the kind of wedding you only [...]

Your Hair is the Weakest Link – Goodbye!

Your Hair is the Weakest Link. Goodbye! - Cliptomaniac NB: For American readers - The Weakest [...]

Girl and a Barber

A Girl and a Barber... She walked in early on a Saturday afternoon. The morning rush [...]

Once In A Lifetime

This story is dedicated to the real "Maddy" who provided the inspiration for this story, [...]

What Happened at Brandy’s

What Happened At Brandy's by EddyZ. Oh, I wish I had not been so stupid! I [...]

To Baldly Go

To Baldly Go... by Sabrina S Captain Samantha Ryan thumped the console in despair. Dear God, [...]


Rehab - Vam "Here at MacDonald High we don't have a drug problem: we refer any [...]

Day in the Barbershop

South India. The state of Andhra Pradesh. The southern part of this technologically upcoming state. [...]

Prince and the Beauty – A Musical

The Prince and the Beauty A Musical by EddyZ This story contains the names of persons [...]