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Amy’s Tale Part 2: The Next Level

Amy stretched gracefully as she awoke. She could feel the afternoon sun, warm on her [...]

Instant Princesses Adoring Princes

Instant Princesses Adoring Princes By Shear Delighter As I mentioned before, my new friend Julia [...]

Secret in Store

A Secret in Store by Sean O'Hare (with inspiration from SC, you know who you [...]

Bab’s Cropping

After dinner BJ (nickname for Barbara Jean) and I set up in the bathroom, the [...]

Now That’s a Close One

This Story contains female headshaving, humiliation, enemas, and some nasty language. If this is a [...]


Thrown by HeadBoy You are thrown down a flight of stairs, some sort of punishment [...]


Talitha by EddyZ. I had met Talitha at a reunion of my old High School [...]

That Bowl

That Bowl Cut - Debbie OK, here is another one of my hair experiences. This [...]


I sometimes think I became a hairdresser just because I like finding out about people. [...]

Kelli: Cowgirl

Kelli: Cowgirl It was Superbowl time yet again. You were a little upset that your [...]