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Busiest Saturday of the Summer

The Busiest Saturday of the Summer - VaMurimi This is my first serious attempt at short [...]

Another Me

As I lay in bed I thought back to what Megan and I talked about [...]


We came home early from the party because my wife, Jill, wasn't feeling well. We [...]


Trapped - Chi4242 We were all having a great time sitting around the table and eating [...]

Across from Roberto’s Taco Stand

It was a summer day in Santee. A hot, dreadful summer day, like all July [...]


We all know the story of Count Dracula, who sssucked the blood, that mere essence [...]

I’ll Give My Secretary a Raise

I'll give my secretary a raise............ I'm thirty two, married and until recently enjoyed a normal, [...]

Fear Remembered – Part I

Fear Remembered - Part I By Jim B Sitting here in my car I am looking [...]

Read The Sign

Read The Sign - Vam I was in a rush to get the final grades published [...]

Bad & Politically Incorrect Hair Story

The X-115A rocket jet attack aircraft prototype screamed over the Nevada desert so low that [...]