Time For A Change



We all know the story of Count Dracula, who sssucked the blood, that mere essence of life itself, out off his terrified victims… And we all know the tale about Jack the Ripper,

I'll Give My Secretary a Raise

I’ll Give My Secretary a Raise

I’ll give my secretary a raise…………

I’m thirty two, married and until recently enjoyed a normal, if rather dull sex life. Women’s hairstyles were never more than a passing

Fear Remembered - Part I

Fear Remembered – Part I

Fear Remembered – Part I By Jim B

Sitting here in my car I am looking towards Erin’s Barber Shop with the fear I had remembered for years. Years that go back to my childhood, my

Read The Sign

Read The Sign

Read The Sign – Vam

I was in a rush to get the final grades published for my American military history course because I knew how important those grades were for my ROTC students

BALD - Kristen's Gifts

B.A.L.D. – Kristen’s Gifts

when I cut Jacqui’s hair she was obviously inspired my efforts and keen to get her own hands-on experience (see Emma’s haircut). Jacqui had recently separated from her husband and

Kelly - When Geeks Remember

Kelly – When Geeks Remember

CAUTION! This account is not for the squeamish. Read at your own risk.

Kelly, When Geeks Remember!

Kelly was a gorgeous girl, and had become an even more beautiful woman. She w

Six Weeks

Six Weeks

Six Weeks

Eighteen dollars, and they’d need bus fare home…that was a little over $5….so they had enough for one ladies’ cut….or two boys’ cuts.

“I still say you’re mad abo

May the Force be With You

May the Force be With You

May the Force be with you – Billd@Microserve.com (Billd)

Jan looked in the mirror for what had to be the 20th time that morning. She turned her head slightly to the left and ran

Your Request

Your Request

Your Request – Not2no1tme

The large man was noticeable when he entered the bookstore early that morning. Dressed in a silver trench coat and wearing a black Stetson, he would hav