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Diana’s First Trip to the Barber

Diana's First Trip to the Barber - TB To say the least, I was surprised [...]


Bahia is a hellish place to spend a summer holiday. I had missed carnival and [...]

Haircut Sale $3.99

Haircut Sale $3.99 by jonny The banner above the new discount haircutting chain store in [...]

Samantha’s Coming-Out

Samantha's Coming-Out By Anon_temp. Warning: This story contains elements that might be considered offensive by [...]

Alphabet Cuts: Jacqui

When I cut Jacqui's hair she was obviously inspired my efforts and keen to get [...]

Kelli Goes to Hell

Kelli Goes to Hell!From: [email protected] You and your friend Danny used to love hanging out [...]

Debbie and Claire

Debbie and Claire by Bigtone Claire and Debbie co-owned a unisex salon near Manchester in [...]

Sisters ‘T’

The sisters "T" by Jim B. John and Mary Thomson had two daughters. The oldest [...]

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge

Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge - Beowulf You and some friends are at a bar, and you see [...]

Story of my Life

The Story Of My Life - Allyson I just discovered this website and I have [...]