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Big Bet

The Big Bet - Lorilynn She looked out the window and thought to herself, this [...]


Sharon by Barbera Sharon and I visited the UK last summer. She had suggested in [...]


I married a beautiful Asian girl and from the first moment we were instantly in [...]

No Choice…

No Choice... - LadyBarber I am 28-year-old girl with blonde hair that had to go [...]

Men’s Salon

The Men's Salon - TJ My name is Sarah and this is the story of [...]

Patience Pays Off

Patience pays off ... - JustAnAce This is a story of one incredible night ... [...]

Time and Again

Time and Again By Barbera The summer I turned 14 I went to get my [...]

Oceans Away

Oceans Away - Bald and Proud On this journey of discovery of mine, I have [...]

Barber Chair

We both agreed it had been a good decision to leave the big city behind [...]

Ken’s Barber Shop: A New Challenge

Ken's Barber Shop: A New Challengeby Manuel Esteves Hi! My name is Jon. A lot [...]