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New Life

A New Life - BigPapa1 At Home The smell of perfume floats through the air as Jessica [...]

Barbershop Bet

This is a story about four girls: Jessica, Donna, Nikki, and Sally. They were all [...]

Coach Cleanhead

Coach Cleanhead - CutUps 87-14... 79-6... 108-16... 108-16? Centerville High School Girls Basketball team had given up [...]

London Tales VI

London Tales 6 - LondonHair I recently attended a dinner party round friends'. During the meal [...]

Karen’s Hair

Karen's Hair - Nevius This whole story really wasn't that long ago. My name is Mark, [...]


This is a little story of a girlfriend who sees a few photographs of her [...]

Friendly Game of ‘Truth or Dare’

A Friendly Game of "Truth or Dare" by Chilli TNG (c) 2002, Chilli TNG Jane was [...]

Women’s Barber Shop

Woman's Barber Shop - Mindspring I have often wondered where the women in the town I [...]

Found Out

Found Out! By Ex Dutch Lucy was typing on their computer one night when Bill was [...]

Model Behavior

Model Behavior by BladesRule Back during my bright college days, I worked part-time for a photography [...]