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I must tell this story, as I can hardly believe it myself. I am a [...]

Janine Doesn’t Graduate

JANINE DOESN'T GRADUATE by Shearingly Janine was nervous - this was very important to her. [...]

Kelli’s Card Game

Kelli's Card Game Kelli was getting ready for bed. She'd given her long sunny-blonde hair [...]


THE MOVE Tales of a fourteen year old girl, writing in her diary, shortly after [...]

Kristen’s Conversion

Kristen's Conversion - Shearingly "When it came to the shaving, I savored the moment as [...]

Dance Class

The Dance Class - Anon Pam looked at her watch. 10:30. She just made it [...]

Instant Princess

by: Shear Delighter April 29, 2020 The candles were lit and dinner was almost ready. [...]

Holiday Crew

The Holiday Crew - Si This story is a most remarkable experience that I had [...]

Dad Playing Barber

Dad Playing Barber by Shornlocks My father played barber to me and my sister for [...]

Carrie’s Cut

CARRIE'S CUT "God, I hate studying for tests," Carrie complained from her seat at the [...]