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Wife’s Short Haircut Surprise

Wife's Short Haircut Surprise - Cindy58868 I had tried a new hairstylist myself a few [...]

Susan’s Summer Job

SUSAN'S SUMMER JOB "What have I gotten myself into?" Susan asked herself as she stepped [...]

Ballad of Headboy and the Scrub Woman

It wasn't like Em didn't have other friends. She had plenty of people to hang [...]


Reincarnation by DPTemplar THE AZTEC EMPIRE - a young woman gets arrested for violating one [...]

Electra and Lizzie’s Turn

Electra and Lizzy's Turn - Jaci Lizzy and Electra were both friends with Chelsea, who [...]

Bad Space Hair Story

Darg Daggert glanced out the window and watched as the Thragian Battlecruiser moved slowly by. [...]

Dorm Haircut

The Dorm Haircut Kristy gathered up her long hair and put a scrunchy around it [...]

Amy’s Tale Part 2: The Next Level

Amy stretched gracefully as she awoke. She could feel the afternoon sun, warm on her [...]

Office Shave

OFFICE SHAVE The Lynstrom business partners, Steve, Joe, Rick, and Cheryl, were meeting in the [...]

So I Made a Mistake

Snip-Tease - PT Cutter I was sitting at the front of my favorite watering hole [...]