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Big Break

Big Break

Big Break by Ex Dutch

Sarah was a model. Well… not a supermodel or anything, but she modeled for some small catalogs. She just had not met the right people to break away from

Cut the Cards

Cut the Cards

Cut the Cards by Kelli21257 & Fortuneer

KELLI21257: I watch you…almost not realizing I am topless…
Fortuneer: Then off comes the thong, which I throw out to a guy in the audi


Sian, With the Golden Curls

Sian, with the golden curls by Sean O’Hare


I heard the bell over the door chime, and looked into the shop from the room at the back where I was grabbing a quick lunch now

Robin's Game

Robin’s Game

Robin’s Game – Ex Dutch

Robin pulled into the mall parking lot and jumped out of her car. She was trembling with excitement. Today was the day. She had been toying with the thou

Balder than an Onion

Balder than an Onion


The sound of the prison guard’s voice raged through Mary’s ears. She still was not used to it, despite being incarcerated for three months now. Mary had b

Swimming Sisters

Swimming Sisters

Swimming Sisters, Part One – LadyBarber

Well it had always been my long desire to have my hair clipper cut real short and even shaved smooth at by good old-fashioned barberette.



The Park by Buzz

I was in the park today walking our dog when I came across a bunch of teenagers all sitting in a circle. In the middle of the circle a girl with really long che

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