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Found Out

Found Out

Found Out! By Ex Dutch

Lucy was typing on their computer one night when Bill was out of town. After she had saved her file, she noticed some strange file names on the computer.

Model Behavior

Model Behavior

Model Behavior by BladesRule

Back during my bright college days, I worked part-time for a photography studio in Chicago. We used to do sessions for major modeling agencies doing

Barberboi's Adventures

Barberboi’s Adventures

Tess for short. I’m 32, a boi-butch dyke and I have a mobile barber service, catering for lezgrrrls and gayboyz – more the former than the latter, but I love my poofy clients. And

Getting Even

Getting Even

Getting Even by Dr. Demento

It was mid-May and the heat of summer was already unbearable. No matter what type of clothing one wore, they stuck to the body like Velcro. School wa

Story of Karen

Story of Karen

The Story of Karen by Sangreal


“Jeez! Karen, your legs are pretty stubbly!” Jack was rubbing Karen’s legs as they lay on their bed before their frequent love-making.

“I’m sor

For the Little Ones

For the Little Ones

For the Little Ones By JimB

Mary stood looking up at the stage. All the men and women up there getting their head buzzed. Even a few brave souls had shaving cream applied then a

Esmé's Folly

Esmé’s Folly

Esmé’s Folly by Theobald

It was like any other shotgun wedding.

The bride’s father was vociferously defending the virtue of his daughter: she must have been drugged, perhaps he

Family Affair

Family Affair

A Family Affair by JimB.

I have been going to Karen since I got out the Marine Corps, back in 1975. I was, more, looking for a barber close to where I lived, rather than a barbe

Give You a Buzz in the Morning

Give You a Buzz in the Morning

Give You A Buzz In the Morning by HeadBoy

“I’ll be done with this stupid seminar tomorrow and on the first plane back,” the voice said from the other end of the phone.

“Good, b

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