Big Bet

Big Bet

The Big Bet – Lorilynn

She looked out the window and thought to herself, this spring break is really gonna suck. The big dirty yellow house on the hill, scene of the best off-campus parties, was going to be empty and barren for nearly ten days, except for her. Three of the guys were doing the road-trip thing, taking their girlfriends and driving to Tahoe, the other two girls were rich and had a Daytona beach week already planned. That left just her, Jessica, and Kurt, the other guy with no plans announced. Jessica wanted to go away, but a lovely little radiator problem on her ancient car had lowered her funds considerably, so she was here for the duration of the break.

Oh well, she thought to herself, the shop can give me more hours and I can sleep in for four days, it won’t be so bad. Jessica looked at Michael’s waiting suitcase and bit her lip, just barely keeping the tears at bay.

“Bye Jessica, see you in a week!” Marina waved and ducked into the taxi.

Sonja ducked in after her. “Don’t worry dear, I’ll bring you back a T-shirt!”

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She waved back and smiled encouragement to them, watching the taxi pull away and speed down the street. “Bitches, I hope they get drunk and catch diseases.” The girls would be the last to go, she knew, and that would leave her the whole house to herself.

“Come on now, in a few years they’ll be married and the most excitement they will ever get will be when someone farts at a PTA meeting.”

Jessica jumped and whirled around clutching a hand to her throat, her heart in her mouth. She stared up in surprise at Kurt. “Good lord! I had no idea you were still here, you scared the life out of me!”

Kurt reached out and took her wrist gently, his finger finding her pulse. “Well it is a bit fast, but appears to be going strong and steady. I’d say you only used up half of one of your nine lives.” He smiled that completely charming smile of his and released her wrist.

She smiled and bit back a giggle. He could always make her smile. “Well that’s good news. And what in sam-hell are you still doing here? Shouldn’t you be flying to Paris or at least going home for a week of loafing at your parents’ place?”

“I hate Paris, and my folks are in Cancun for the week. I am still clerking for Judge Orestees, so I still have work to do. Guess I’m stuck here. Why didn’t you go with the – ‘ahem’ – female dogs, to Florida?”

“The near-death of the green beastie Volvo would be part of the answer, the female dog status would be the other part.”

A devil’s grin spread across his face and he nodded thoughtfully. “Well then, I guess it’s just you and me this week, why don’t we get drunk to celebrate?”

Jessica looked him over and decided there could be worse things (a lot worse). “Are you buying?”

“Of course, name your poison.”

She covered her mouth to stifle giggles at his overdone leer and gestured inside. “Lay on MacDuff.”

Kurt graciously opened the door for Jessica and the cool air of Wal-mart descended over her. Stopping just inside the door to look at the bargain shelves she picked up a bottle of shampoo, while he eyed a bag of dubious-appearing pretzel mix.

“Oh yuck, that stuff tastes like dust. Surely we can find something better than that?” She made a face at the pretzels.

He put the bag down with obvious distaste. “Undoubtedly. As sure as you can find something that smells better than that stuff.” Deliberately taking the bottle from her hand, Kurt grabbed a cart. He steered it and Jessica to the shampoo aisle and they spent nearly twenty minutes sniffing bottles until he found a peach-scented one she liked. She pushed the cart into the next aisle while he followed a few feet behind, pretending to look at everything while his eyes played over the sway of her hips inside her denim shorts and the bob of her long coppery ponytail as it moved from back to shoulder to back again. He tried to think of something boring and pictured Captain Kirk trading banter with Dr. McCoy. That might have worked, except his mind went instantly to the first Star Trek movie and he bit his lip and concentrated on baseball scores instead.

Unfortunately for him, the next aisle had hair accessories; comb, brushes, curling irons, scissors, and at the end, clippers. Kurt cleared his throat and gave the aisle a quick glance. “I need a new, um, notebook. Yeah, that’s it. Meetcha in the chip aisle, OK?” He turned on his heel and darted away before she could answer. Safely two aisles away, he stopped to swallow and close his eyes for a moment, picturing bloody car crashes. It worked, his libido slowed down to a dull roar and he hurried to find the office supplies. A whole week alone with Jessica was like a dream come true. They could knock back a few cold ones and once she was more relaxed, with no one around to watch, he could make a pass. This would be the night, he’d been friends with her long enough, it would be more after tonight.

Jessica watched him dash away and vanish around a corner. “Was it something I said?” she asked the empty air. Damn, what did I do? I wanted him the first day I saw him, but his nose is so buried in his books, and then there was that Leslie creature… Moving slowly down the row, she glanced at the array of items and her eyes fell upon the different clippers on display. She wondered what on earth people would need with so many different types, they were just for guys who didn’t want to be bothered with barber or salon… In the center was a small white one with 7 different attachments around it, ‘Wahl Peanut,’ it said on the side. She took it off the peg and flipped it over, looking at pictures that showed the different uses. A big yellow sticker announced that it was on sale for 24.99. Glancing at the others, she saw it was a real bargain, and decided that it would work great for trims and tossed it in the cart. She decided Kurt might already be waiting for her and hurried to find the Doritos.

Jessica steered around a big cage full of beach balls and jerked the cart to a screeching halt. Kurt stood in the middle off the aisle – a giant bag of Cheetos was tucked under his left arm, another of tortilla chips under his right. He was trying to balance a bag of party mix on top of the tortilla chips and a box of red vines was tucked under his chin – the first piece dangled from between his lips and waved cheerily back and forth in the air as he thoughtfully surveyed the remaining choices. Her hands flew to her mouth but could not contain the burst of bubbly laughter that welled up and spilled over her lips.

“K-kurt! Heehee!” She leaned on the cart, her laughter fading to silent shaking.

After a minute she gained a little control and raised her head. He had not moved and when their eyes met he grinned hugely and sucked the remains of the licorice piece neatly into his mouth. Her eyes bulged in their sockets and she sank to the floor, leaning against the shelves, shaking in seemingly endless silent giggles.

He chuckled, entirely pleased with himself and sauntered casually to the cart to unload the goodies. Watching her the whole time he couldn’t help the soft smile that crept across his face. He’d been lusting after her for over a year now, and at last his chance had occurred. But they’d spent little time alone together, it was always in a group, and then it was often some serious, annoying, scholarly discussion. Suddenly freed from the confines of the group, and the pressures of school, he was discovering how much fun she was too. It gave him a jolt to realize it might be more than lust that was spurring him on, and decided to put that aside for now.

Jessica had herself mostly under control and she started to climb to her feet. Kurt reached down and caught her hands in his, pulling her up. She bounced to her feet and he timed the release badly and she fell into his arms. For a moment he held her, looking into her eyes. Blushing and pulling away she inspected his choices and rearranged the items in the cart.

“Looks like good stuff. Do we need anything else?”

He looked down and blinked in surprise, plucking out the clippers. “Planning on getting a dog?” He set them hastily back down and stuffed his hands in his pockets to hide the shaking.

She shrugged. “They are on sale, and in the long run, it’ll be a lot cheaper than my six-week trim.”

“Oh, ahem, good idea.”

Jessica wondered faintly why he looked embarrassed and then shrugged and smiled. “Let’s go pay and go get beer.”

Nodding and bowing extravagantly, he smiled. “I follow where you lead, my lady.”

Wild giggles erupted from Jessica after her latest win and she gathered in the pile of chips, peanuts, quarters, cheesy puffs and buttons that lay in the middle of the table. She munched one of the snacks from the huge bowl sitting on one end of the large and heavily scarred coffee table, and took a deep pull on her beer. Tossing a handful of her glorious coppery curls back over her shoulder, she grinned over at her antagonist and giggled again.

Kurt’s eyes followed the hair toss closely and returned her grin. Watching her finish off the last of her fifth beer, he judged that the time was ripe for upping the ante. He felt he’d done a fairly convincing job of losing badly. “Well, Miss Giggles, it looks as though you have nearly cleaned me out.” It was true, only a small pile of chips lay near his left hand. “What say we go for something else as a bet?”

She gestured with a potato chip at the two bags of snacks by his leg. “I’d say you still have quite a stake.”

He glanced at the bags and shook his head. “Bah, I’m tired of playing for peanuts. Come on, let’s do the real thing, we can pretend we are in Tahoe.”

“Ha! No thanks, I plan never to go to any of those places.”

“No, I meant real… meaningful stakes.” He kept his hands in his lap, and smiled nonchalantly.

Jessica leaned back, started to open another beer, thought better of it, and grinned at him. “Hmmm…like what? You know I don’t have any money.”

“You’ve got clothes on.”

She blinked and looked down at herself, as though making sure, her chin lifted and she looked at him sideways. “You mean strip? But you’re the one who’s losing…”

“Then you should be fine. Come on, with the way my luck has been going you’ll have me buck naked inside of 10 minutes,” he leered theatrically at her. “I’ll even spot you some chips if you like, you can ante those up if you get nervous.”

Narrowed blue eyes gave him the once over, she suddenly sat forward and nodded. “Alright lawyer-boy, you’re on.” She took off one of her sandals and laid it in the center of the table.

Kurt tried to look calm as he dropped one of his old worn sneakers on the table beside hers. He picked up the deck, and dealt the cards. Switching the cibo to the other side of his mouth, he picked up his cards and examined them. It was a lousy hand. He could lose his other shoe and the rest of his chips, even his watch to her this round.

She munched meditatively on a Cheeto and casually laid down one card. He raised a brow and handed her a new one off the deck. He took three cards for himself and noted that she could barely contain her glee. To his surprise, two of his draw were tens and he’d kept a ten. “Hmmmm…perhaps this could go a little faster….” he put in his other shoe and two of his chips, grinning at her around his cigar. She looked at him archly and put in her other shoe and four chips. He nodded and laid down his watch and six chips, they had been betting high just for fun anyway, so he was fairly certain she’d not be alarmed.

“You’re already running low there pal,” she gestured with her chin to his chips, which were down to ten. She took a long swallow of her beer and set it down, not even remembering that she had opened a sixth one. Grinning at him, she pulled out the combs that held her hair back from her face and set them beside his watch, adding ten chips smugly.

Kurt shrugged and set down his cards, handed her his cigar, and pulled off his T-shirt. He whipped it around his head in a circle and suddenly folded it neatly and laid it on the pile. Taking his cigar back, he leaned back and took a long drag. “Shirts count extra, say I upped you two chips.”

Sighing, she grabbed 14 chips and set them on the pile. As she took her hand away, she noticed his look of frank disappointment and felt a warm flush of pleasure at his interest. Ceremoniously laying her cards face down on the table, she slowly tugged her tanktop over her head and laid it on the pile. Her blush spread up from her chest to her hairline as she picked up her cards.

He whistled in appreciation and sat up straight, then to her surprise, stretched and yawned. “Well, this is getting old fast, wanna up the stakes one more time?” he waggled his brows at her and grinned, doing his best Groucho.

“You must be joking! What else is there?”

“What say we lay our cards down right now? If you win I am your slave for the rest of the week, I’ll even go to work for you. If I win… I get to test your new clippers.” He couldn’t help himself, his grin was positively evil.

Her brows knitted together. “Test my clippers… On ME? No way, you must be out of your mind! No one except a professional or me has ever touched my hair. I wouldn’t even let my mom trim it when I was a little girl!”

He just shrugged. “Oh well, I was only going to brush it for you and trim the ends… But never mind, we can just keep playing this way.”

Jessica turned her head to one side. “A week of servitude against doing something I’d normally pay someone to do? What are you up to?” She laid five more chips and then her cards, face down. He watched as she slowly and deliberately undid each button on her shorts, then slowly let them drop to the floor. She lifted them and laid them silently on the pile. Following her every move, his eyes dwelled on the silver ring that pierced her navel, the patterns the freckles made on her tummy, and the way that the tiniest bit of red curls showed around the edges of her lacy panties.

He raised his head, his eyes meeting hers, calmly he stood, pushed his remaining chips into the pile, and pulled off his shorts to lay them on top of hers. She could see his interest against the inside of his shorts and with shaking hands she set down her cards again and reached back to undo her bra.

Kurt leapt to his feet and held out a hand. “No! Wait Jessica!” He stepped over the table and reached behind her to push her hands away. “Let me,” he breathed softly, and with a deft flick of his wrist the clasp snapped and her breasts came free. He pulled the bra away and sighed happily at the sight of her creamy naked tits. “Oh Jesse…” His fingertips stroked her soft skin and she gasped. “Freckles, even here…I’ve been dying to know for months.” His arms went around her and he took one small nipple between his lips. It grew instantly hard.

Her hands clamped down on his shoulders and she threw back her head, moaning loudly. “We..we can’t, wait, oooooooooohhhhhh,” she shuddered in his arms. Kurt raised his head and smiled. “Oh right, we’re not done yet.” He stood and pulled off his boxers, laying them next to her bra.

She looked up at him. “Guess I have to call…” She reached out and stroked his already hard cock, leaning in to lick the end as she hooked her fingers in her panties to pull them down and add them to the pile on the table.

Kurt picked up his cigar and took a few puffs. “So, shall we see who’s won?” he reached for his cards, preparing to turn them over.

“I think we both have.” She picked up her own hand, her fingertips continuing to stroke him.

“Then I take it you are ready for a trim?”

“If you’re ready to serve me?” she smiled graciously and turned over her hand.

He nodded, returned her smile and laid his beside hers.

She blinked in surprise. “How did you manage to pull that one out of your ass?”

Kurt ran his fingers through her hair. “Just luck I guess.”

She sighed softly, loving the feel of his hands in her hair. He pushed the thick, curling mass of it aside and kissed the back of her neck, his tongue making lazy circles around the knob of her spine. His fingertips slid over her shoulders, down her back, playing with the elastic of her panties.

“Stand up Jessica, slowly.” His warm breath tickled the back of her ear, sending delicious shivers down her spine. Carefully she rose to her feet. He moved with her, never breaking contact.

“Don’t move a muscle.” He slipped away, returning seconds later with the clipper kit – still unopened. Breaking the pack open he pulled out the scissors and stepped behind her. Grabbing the waistband of her thin cotton shorts, he snipped down one side and then the other, letting the material fall to the floor. Her satin panties followed next.

“Kurt! I really liked those shorts!” She gave him a mock dirty look. Now her nipples stood erect and he could smell her perfume – both the scent she wore and her own growing excitement.

He chuckled softly. “I won them, they’re mine and I can do what I like with them.”

She giggled and then it turned to a gasp of excitement as he pushed her into the chair and ran his tongue over one erect nipple and then the other. No one had ever made her this excited before. Kurt stood and bent over her to cup her cheek with one hand, his mouth greedily taking hers. His other hand stroked her body lightly and she lost consciousness of anything but his mouth.

It was only when she tried to reach up to touch him that she realized he’d tied her hands down. “Hey, what’s this for?” She pulled hard against the silk cords, but to no avail.

“To keep you safe darling,” he smiled wickedly. “Now I’m out of rope, what else can I use?” he scratched his head and looked thoughtful, then suddenly smiled. “Of course! Sorry dear, I’m just slow today.” Reaching behind him, he found the scissors and stood. Stepping behind her he ran his fingers through her hair. Before she could react she felt the hard metal against her scalp and a soft “Sccchhhnick, Sccchhhhnick”. Sitting in unresisting shock, she watched as he bound her ankles with two locks of her silken, copper hair. He fingered the strawberry blonde curls of her bush and smiled gently. Picking up the clippers, he flicked the switch and a soft hum filled the room.

Jessica finally found her voice. “Kurt, ‘Trying out my clippers’ does not mean cutting my hair at the scalp, or going anywhere near my bush.”

“Sorry darling, that’s what I meant. Afraid I left it vague deliberately.” With that he settled the humming clippers on her tummy and then slid them into the soft curls. Rapidly a pile grew on the chair, the brand new unit cutting quickly and rapidly. All too soon there was only the faintest stubble left.

She found herself unable to protest, the buzzing clippers, the light strokes of his fingertips, the cascade of his warm breath combined with her excitement and nearly brought her to climax at once. Her hands clenched and unclenched, and she pulled uselessly at her bonds.

He pulled her forward in the chair, spreading her legs and inserting his tongue between the folds. He whispered against her leg, “Jessie, it’s all wet down here… You wouldn’t be enjoying this would you?”

She moaned softly and shifted in the chair. “Please… Kurt… don’t…”

“Don’t what, baby?”

“Don’t… ooooohh mmmmmyyy…”

Kurt chuckled softly and leaned away. He gently wet her down and slowly, lovingly, applied shaving cream between her legs.

All her protests died away at the touch of the razor. She moaned and held desperately still as he removed the last traces of stubble. The wet towel stroked her again, and then warm baby oil was smoothed on, his deft fingers soothing the slight burn. His tongue stroked the soft bare skin until her orgasm left her shuddering and limp.

His wicked smile appeared before her eyes and he kissed her hungrily. She responded, straining to move against him though her bonds held her in place. “Darling, we’re going to make one last bet. I’m going to turn over a card for me and a card for you. If you get the high card, you’re in charge – I do as you say. If I win, you’re my slavegirl – for always.”

She licked her lips and swallowed, her eyes met his. “Do it.”

Kurt smiled and lifted a card. “Yours.” He turned it over, revealing the Queen of Hearts. “Uh-oh, I might be in trouble.” He pulled a second one off the deck, held it for a moment and then flipped it over – the Jack of Diamonds stared back at them.

For a moment there was silence and then she sighed, “First of all, untie me.” Hanging his head, he turned and did so, first her ankles, then her wrists. She held out her hands and he pulled her to her feet. She rubbed her wrists, looked up at him and then stunned him by dropping to her knees and beginning to stroke his cock.

“Kurt, since I’m in charge, I’ve decided what I want is for you to be my master,” she smiled softly and looked up at him.

“You do not, I won’t, I…”

“You will. I want you to. You gave me the choice, this is what I want.”

“No you don’t, now pleeeeeeezzzzzzzz……Awwww, ohmigod…” his voice and protests died away as she gently took him in her mouth.

Pulling off for a moment, she kissed him and looked up. “I’m yours master, do what you want to do.” She let go of him long enough to pick up the clippers from the table and hold them up to him. When he took them she smiled and began to suck him again, her eyes closed.

Kurt flicked the switch on and had to breathe deeply for a moment to keep from orgasming right then. He pushed her hair back off her forehead, holding it with one hand. Settling the blades at her forehead, he hesitated, so close to his dream he was now nearly paralyzed by it. She started it for him by suddenly going down hard and fast. The clippers raced back through the thick waves and the mass Kurt had been holding suddenly came loose in his hand. He stared at it for a moment and then dropped it to the floor and pushed the clippers across her scalp again and then again.

She moaned loudly and tried to hold still but it was not easy. He simply settled the clippers on her scalp, and as she moved, more came off. If she held still, he would shear away parts he had missed. Kurt tilted her head from side to side, gently stroking the clippers down from the top to the edge of her hairline. Nearly at the end of his endurance, he bent forward and ran the clippers down the back of her head, the lovely shape of her skull now coming into view fully as he peeled away the last of her long mane. He ran the clippers all over her head to even things up and then had just enough strength to shut them off before dropping them to the carpet and grabbing onto her clippered head with both hands.

His hands on her nearly bare scalp nearly drove her mad and another powerful orgasm took her completely, shuddering and crying out, releasing him to rub her velvet head against his cock. That was all it took for Kurt and he groaned and cried out triumphantly as he came across her head.

Kurt sat down heavily on the couch, crooking his finger for her to follow. She scooted to him on her knees, but he stopped her by the table.

“Bring me the shaving cream and razor.”

“Yes master,” she giggled and came to him, holding out the can and razor. He poured out the cream onto her hands and watched as she spread it across her scalp. Joining in, he made sure every trace of stubble was covered completely and smiled at her gently.

“You are about to become my slavegirl. After this there will be other changes, are you ready? This will be the point of no return.”

“I am ready master. Please make me your slave, I want to be bald for you.” She bowed her head.

He nodded. “So be it then.” He set the razor at her temple and stroked it back, the soft rasping sound filled the room. Slowly and carefully, stroke after stroke, the lather retreated before the blade, her head lowering further and further. Finally, with her chin at her chest, she felt his fingertips stroke over her scalp, searching for strays. He said nothing, simply lathering her up again and shaving again with the disposable razor. At last she felt the wet towel gliding over her scalp and he stood, pulled her to her feet and picked her up, carrying her to the bathroom. He set her on her feet and shut the door. She stared at the girl in the mirror – not merely naked, but bare from head to toe.

Kurt leaned down and wrapped his arms around her, cupping her breasts and resting his chin on her bald scalp. He kissed the bare skin and smiled at her in the mirror. “You are beautiful Jessie, more than you ever were before. Tomorrow, we’ll get you a collar and some other… decorations.”

He opened the door, picked her up again, and carried her to the bedroom.

It was the best Spring break she ever had.


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