Forced Haircuts

Change in the Organisation

Change in the Organisation

A Change in the Organization by Sean O’Hare

“Good morning ladies. For those of you who haven’t met me before, my name is Virginia Richards and I’m the Chairman of the organisatio



Christy and her best friend Becky had grown accustomed to spending summers at Christy’s grandmother’s house in southern Ontario. The 12-year-old girls had been going there for thre

One Day

One Day…

One Day… – Shornlocks

When June and I started dating, my hair was quite long. I had grown it out over the winter, and while it served its prupose of keeping my head warm, I sta

Pre-Xmas Gift

Pre-Xmas Gift

Pre-Xmas Gift – Scandinavian Mrs.

Since we met several years ago, divorced with grown children of our own, he has mentioned things which he finds very sexy in our surroundings. C



JOSH By Jim B.


Rose and I entered the barber shop about mid-afternoon. There were few customers there, one in each chair and two waiting.

“Afternoon Sha

Magic Cape

Magic Cape

This story is for my friend James, and his interest in capes. May you find a magic cape too!

The Magic Cape by Sabrina S

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there lived a b

Gail - My Favourite

Gail – My Favourite

Gail – My Favorite by DeShavrr

I own and operate a cleaning service. I came home one morning very late and fell asleep on the couch. The phone woke me up so I answered it. On the

Sally's Story

Sally’s Story

Sally’s Story – Leland

Sally was a one in a million customer and I knew it. Sally sat down in my chair and I placed my white cape around her lovely neck and proceeded to remove t

Hidden Wishes

Hidden Wishes

Hidden Wishes by Barber Jos

To be the wife of a man with a good, exciting job in a tropical country; and you, sometimes doing nothing, while one servant cleans the house, anothe

Rhonda: Crime Doesn't Pay

Rhonda: Crime Doesn’t Pay

Rhonda: Crime Doesn’t Pay – Vam

Guilty! Guilty of possession of stolen goods. “Young lady, since this is your first offense I am going to send you to the county reformatory for