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KAREN - Billd The two women entered Barbara's apartment for what Karen hoped would be just [...]

Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings by Sean O'Hare "Good morning madam. How can we help you?" "Er, hello. I'm, er, [...]

Shave Slave

THE SHAVE SLAVE (A Dialogue) - Clip Er2 THE SHAVE SLAVE: I am in a spandex full [...]

Double Trouble

Double Trouble By Geneva I was really exhausted from my trip to Ohio from California and [...]

Jessica’s Cut

Disclaimer: This story is of the fictitious nature and matches of names and identities are [...]

Time For a Change

Time For a Change - Spud As I opened the door and stepped into the hairdressers [...]

Love on the Wrong Side of Town

Love On The Wrong Side of Town by HeadBoy Closing time again, and I don't want [...]

Boy, What a Surprise

Boy What a Surprise!!! My husband and I have been married for two years, and we [...]

Blister in the Heat

Blister In The Sun by Headboy and Sabrina S The sun wasn't all the way up [...]

Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder - Nice 'n' Short I was stuck. I had been accepted [...]