Forced Haircuts

My Wife's First Short Hairstyle

My Wife’s First Short Hairstyle

My Wife’s First Short Hairstyle by H. Jhon

Kathy looked at her reflection in the mirror. She had a promising career as an up and coming accountant until she was “downsized”. “I n



THE FLIGHT By Shearingly

Six girls filed in carrying their instrument cases. They were a brass ensemble flying to Orlando to play at Disney World. I watched them follow their cha

Ultimate Long Hair Question

Ultimate Long Hair Question

The Ultimate Long Hair Question by PT Cutter

I thought I had heard everything, but about two weeks ago a man in a suit and tie approached me in the mall and asked if he could bu

Always Thinking "Short Hair"

Always Thinking “Short Hair”

For years I have thinking about cutting my hair short, but everyone kept telling me how great I looked with long hair. But no one could tell why when I asked them. They would shrug

If you want to look like a boy

If you want to look like a boy…

The following story contains a forced female haircut and a spanking. It is intended as a fantasy for adults, and does not advocate such activities in real life. If you are offende

Chuck's Birthday Surprise

Chuck’s Birthday Surprise

Chuck’s Birthday Surprise by DP Templar

Chuck was back home for his birthday. He knew that Jodi had something big in store for him. He could never forget her birthday, and how sh

Dream Coming True

Dream Coming True

A Dream Coming True by EddyZ.

When I am brushing my long wavy hair this morning I realize that it might be the last time that I’m doing this for a long time. The latter half of m

Lisa's Haircut

Lisa’s Haircut

Lisa’s Haircut by Libby Warren

The barber slowly runs a comb down the length of my brown hair. He runs it slowly, deliberately. He has just begun combing, and I think he intends

My Encounter With Amanda

My Encounter With Amanda

My Encounter with Amanda by Sean O’Hare


As I turned the corner I was confronted by an unexpected sight. Gone was the familiar, slightly run-down appearance of J

Angela's New School

Angela’s New School

Angela looked around nervously as the car passed through the gates of the school. This was the most prestigious and expensive girls college in the state and had a long waiting list