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Baseball Haircut

I was seven years old when I got my first haircut at a barbershop. It [...]

Self Cut

Self Cut Today was the day I was going to chop my hair off. I [...]

Drop-in By Rachel

A Drop-In By Rachel - Frank Rizzo LATE AUGUST, 1986 Tom McNamara had just finished [...]

Just Like Her

Just Like Her - CutUps It had been a week since Jill Darnell, third daughter [...]

Attack of the Killer Home Perm

My best friend Holly and I had decided to share a flat while we were [...]

True Story

A True Story - Anon The following is totally true. For years I've had a [...]

Paula’s Haircut

Paula's Haircut - Lisa M Hi again, I'm Lisa and I thought I'd tell you [...]


Gnome by Mobmij I been a farmer all my life. I'm 75 now, and I [...]

Girl in the Window

The Girl In The Window by Ynot Samantha entered her room and quickly shut the [...]

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo - Vam "¿Quiere El Presidente," - the local beer - "señor?" "Sí, un [...]