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Kaija’s Fantasy

Kaija's Fantasy By Dreamcut'r It was Friday night in Monterrey, California and I was kicking [...]


Daring by Ex Dutch It is time to do something daring today! Gosh, I have [...]

Bald at Last, Bald at Last. Thank God Almighty, Bald at Last

Thank God Almighty, Bald at Last By Ted Morgan [email protected] Marylyn stared at the back [...]

Blank Slate

Blank Slate By Lela If you like this story, hate this story, or want to [...]

Mother Told Me She Would…

Mother told me she would... Well, here I sit waiting for mother. For the first [...]

Helen’s Haircut

Helen's Haircut - Lisa M Hi, my name is Lisa and this is a true [...]

Silk Cut

Silk Cut! - Liz Liz was late in the afternoon busy with cleaning the mess [...]

Susan’s Transformation

Susan's Transformation by Sean O'Hare Here she comes again, and it looks like she has [...]


Redemption Julie stared down at the nearly untouched tray of food before her. Though lavish [...]

Full Service Salon

Full Service Salon - Sniplock After years of shifting from one job to the next, [...]