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3, 2, 1, Lose it All

Caroline's hand flipped the remote again, rewind, freeze frame... Oh the look on that poor [...]

Mistress Anna Nicole & Slave Pamela

Mistress Anna Nicole and Slave Pamela by Ransom King I heard Mistress Anna Nicole's voice in [...]

Boarding School

Boarding School From: Katie sat nervously on her bed at Saint Mary's Boarding School for [...]

Accident in Holloywood

I was driving my BMW when I noticed a slow down on the freeway. 'Damn,' [...]

After Lunch

The waitress brought the check over and asked if we had enjoyed our lunch. As [...]


The Row By Hair-Raiser Jackie sat blankly staring at the TV. Not taking anything in. Terry [...]

Payback Time

Payback Time John slumped down on his bed as Christie walked out the door and out [...]

Night Out

A Night Out by KUTME The bar was very smoky and loud. She almost regretted having [...]

Boot Camp or Jail

BOOT CAMP OR JAIL by Shearingly "Oooooh, I'm mad. That boss of mine thinks she can [...]

Girls’ Night Out

Girls' Night Out - Barbrgal Part I: Sue's Story Sue and Lucy had been friends ever since [...]