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Self Cut

Self Cut Today was the day I was going to chop my hair off. I [...]

My Makeover

My makeover by Susanna ([email protected]) I was 18 when I decided to have my big [...]

Hard to Curl

Hard to Curl My wife was getting ready for a evening out on the town [...]

First Joyful Shaving

The first joyful shaving.... The first time my wife and I shaved our heads it [...]


Bowl-ing - CutUps Lucy brushed the thick platinum blonde to her elbows, peeking through the [...]

Drop-in By Rachel

A Drop-In By Rachel - Frank Rizzo LATE AUGUST, 1986 Tom McNamara had just finished [...]

Rapunzel (The way it should have been)

Rapunzel (The Way It Should Have Been) - Da Marsh Dear Readers, When I first [...]


The Torment - David2505 It starts with a postcard. She tucks it away between a [...]

Vacance d’Eté

Vacance D'Eté - the third part of the Easy Money trilogy by English Rose and [...]

Jen Wants to Clip

Jen Wants to Clip by DPTemplar Now, this is a biographical tale; it would be [...]