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How Lilian Got Over Her Phobia

How Lilian Got Over Her Phobia by EddyZ He had seen the young woman before. At [...]

First Time

The First Time by HeadBoy It starts when you pull the Osters out of their package. [...]

Between the Buttons

Bernie rubbed the 1/2 inch hair above his ear on the right side of his [...]

My Brother’s Girlfriend

My Brother's Girlfriend By Mobmij My brother started going out with Anne when I was 18. [...]

Dart Bored

Dart Bored by HeadBoy The room was large, almost too large. Frank poured himself a drink [...]

Student Teacher

Student Teacher By CutUps The Commandant had retired from the Marine Corps, a Colonel. Her uniform, [...]

Night at the Movies

A Night at the Movies We went and watched the movie at the ReAldo. It was [...]

Magic Cape

This story is for my friend James, and his interest in capes. May you find [...]

Pampered and Pierced

PAMPERED AND PIERCED I had heard so many good things about this new place that just [...]


A Fantasy - Allaura I show up at your door at the time we mutually agreed [...]