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Naughty Nurse!

The Naughty Nurse! by DPTemplar Gloria was feeling a bit sore after her workout. She had [...]

First Deadly Sin

The First Deadly Sin From: (Billd) Janet got out of bed shortly after Jack left [...]

GI Jane

GI Jane "Look Jane just hold still will you?" Jane giggled and tried her best [...]

One of These Days

One Of These Days - Sue I have known Connie for several years now. Connie is [...]

Clear Message

A CLEAR MESSAGE by Shearingly She looked up as two men walked in the front door, [...]

Butterfly Nat

Butterfly Nat - DLBARGILL I still remember Natalie fondly, or Nat as I used to call [...]

Facts and the Fantasies

The Facts and Fantasies by Dennis Deberg The Facts... My experiences with female haircutting started when I [...]

Katrina’s First Short Cut

Katrina's First Short Cut This story is true and happened today, Dec. 15, 1999..., I walk [...]


The Nunnery It had been a disappointing night in the bar. Kelli and her friend Karen [...]

Biography of My Hair

A Biography of my Hair by Debbie Well, I may not have put my hair stories [...]