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Monday After the Prom

Monday After the Prom by Thoth Prom Night: Five senior girls. Friends only to themselves. [...]

Lesson Well Learned

A lesson WELL learned - HeadBuzzer "Hahahaa!" stated Mark as he prepared his equipment for [...]

Blonde Bombshell Surprise

Blonde Bomb Shell Surprise by Shannon Well I did it. I went blonde today. I [...]


Clubland by HeadBoy The Place was dark and dingy, just like it was supposed to [...]

Unusual Story…n

This is an unusual but true story! It sort of mixes a true story, with [...]

Object Jamie

Object Jamie - DLBARGRILL I was standing in the back at the hair show, mostly [...]

Free Makeover

The Free Makeover by Hair-Raiser Jane entered the brightly-lit salon. She was flustered. The advertisement [...]

Wife’s Short Haircut Surprise

Wife's Short Haircut Surprise - Cindy58868 I had tried a new hairstylist myself a few [...]

Susan’s Summer Job

SUSAN'S SUMMER JOB "What have I gotten myself into?" Susan asked herself as she stepped [...]

Ballad of Headboy and the Scrub Woman

It wasn't like Em didn't have other friends. She had plenty of people to hang [...]