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Question of Detachment

A Question Of Detachment? It had been there, deep inside me for as long as I [...]

“The Clippers, Mr. Bond”

This portion of a manuscript was discovered in a cardboard box at a location which [...]

Rita’s Revenge

RITA'S REVENGE Rita sat at her vanity lovingly running a brush through her long, dark hair. [...]

Hair-Raizing Cheerleaders

Hair-Raizing Cheerleaders - Cutter The last kinky experience the Cherry Hill High School Cheerleaders had together [...]

Friends Do Things Together

Friends Do Things Together by Jim B. "Bet ya' I can," Cheryl told her friend, Norma, [...]

Willing Deception

Willing Deception - Dreadlocks Cindy stopped to adjust her hair in the mirror as she had [...]

Meer-ay Cut

Meer-ay cut ! My wife knows my "interest" in hair cutting and during the five years [...]

Incoming Mail

Incoming Mail by Gloria Klien The following is a transcript of an E-Mail received 130299 by [...]

Teenage Haircut

Teenage Haircut From Childhood to Adolescence My hair troubles began with my dad when I turned 14 [...]


Riddles - Greg Lewis Karen had been perplexed at the riddles she kept receiving in her [...]