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Object Jamie

Object Jamie - DLBARGRILL I was standing in the back at the hair show, mostly [...]

Big Break

Big Break by Ex Dutch Sarah was a model. Well... not a supermodel or anything, [...]

Slow Day at the Salon

Slow Day at the Salon By Shear Delighter Damn! I threw the lawyer’s letter down [...]

Pair of ‘Genes’, Part 3: The Haircut Instruction

A Pair Of 'Genes', Part 3: The Hair Instruction by DPTemplar As usual, I'd like [...]

Secretaries’ Pool

The Secretaries' Pool 5 years ago I started working at this company, as a secretary. [...]

Jennifer’s First Job

Jennifer's First Job by NCWriter1 (comments to [email protected]) Copyright 1998 5/5/95 Friday Dear diary, Mama [...]

Balded on a Dare

I do not know how it all got started but I do know what set [...]

Home Again

Home Again - Jim B. I turned the TV on to catch the news when [...]

Paradox of Perfection

Copyright 1995 by [email protected]. All rights reserved. This story may be downloaded for individual personal [...]

Tina’s Fantasy

Tina's Fantasy My girlfriend Tina is really a knockout. She has a beautiful face, a [...]