Girls at the Barber’s

Jennifer's First Job

Jennifer’s First Job

Jennifer’s First Job by NCWriter1 (comments to

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5/5/95 Friday

Dear diary,

Mama and Daddy gave you to me for my 18th birthday, today!

Only with

Balded on a Dare

Balded on a Dare

I do not know how it all got started but I do know what set it off. You see my girlfriend and I have always taken great pride in and good care of our waist length hair. Our hair wa

Home Again

Home Again

Home Again – Jim B.

I turned the TV on to catch the news when I came into the hotel room.

New England was having its worst blizzard of the year. Freezing cold and bitter winds.

Paradox of Perfection

Paradox of Perfection

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Tina's Fantasy

Tina’s Fantasy

Tina’s Fantasy

My girlfriend Tina is really a knockout. She has a beautiful face, a great figure and lovely, thick black hair down to her shoulders. She was 19 and I would do any

Kim's Cut

Kim’s Cut

Somewhere in the Midwest…

My sister, Kim, was three years older than me. She was sixteen and I was thirteen, and perhaps out of spite for one another we had grown to become alm

Friendly Turn

Friendly Turn

Friendly Turn – Liz

Sue had known Lisa for a couple of months now. They met each other at a rock party in the city. Both women were mid-30s and single and in fact that was the o

Preacher's Wife

Preacher’s Wife

Preacher’s Wife by Serious Shaver

In the first six months the Razor’s Edge Unisex Salon developed a large and loyal clientele. Jack and Lisa weren’t sure when they moved up from

Question of Detachment

Question of Detachment

A Question Of Detachment?

It had been there, deep inside me for as long as I can remember, although as a pre-adolescent boy, I had no understanding of the aching that occurred ea

The Clippers, Mr Bond

“The Clippers, Mr. Bond”

This portion of a manuscript was discovered in a cardboard box at a location which cannot be disclosed. Could it be that the famous 007, with a delectable bevy of long-haired beaut