Dawn’s Cut

Dawn's Cut


It was Dawn’s 21st birthday and Linda knew just what her present to Dawn would be. Dawn was 21 today, and very attractive. Dawn had thick blond hair that flowed down to her waist. Dawn was still in college studying art. She also was a fan of punk rock, but she had a conservative appearance. Her sister Linda was a hair stylist. She always took care of Dawn’s hair, but Dawn would never get it cut short.

Dawn’s birthday party was at Linda’s apartment. It was an all girl party with her sister and several friends. Dawn could now drink and did. About 2 hours into the party Dawn was feeling no pain. Linda decided it was time to give Dawn her Present. Linda had Dawn sit in a chair. Linda started by combing out Dawn’s long hair. Linda often braided Dawn’s hair so Linda started by braiding her hair. After the braid was complete Linda took a ribbon and tied it near the bottom. Then she took a second ribbon and tied it near the base of her head. It was a very nice looking braid that fell just above Dawn’s waist. Dawn was still busy drinking while her hair was being braided. Linda was now ready to complete her present. Dawn couldn’t see anything that was going on. Linda pick up her scissors and raised them to the base of Dawn’s skull, just above the second ribbon. Placing the scissors on Dawn’s braid she began to cut. It took a minute or so to get through the thick braid. Finally the braid fell free from Dawn’s head. Dawn’s long blond hair was now short, but not nearly as short as it was going to be.

Linda placed the pony tail down and picked up a pair of clippers to continue the hair cut. Dawn’s hair was still one length – about ear lobe length. Linda put a #4 guard on the clippers and turned them on. Linda took the clippers and began to cut the back of Dawn’s hair. She continued to cut Dawn’s hair until the entire back was about a half of an inch all the way to the crown of her head. Then she went to the right side and left side. Now she only had long hair left on top of her head. Dawn now knew something was going on. She asked her sister what she was doing. Linda told Dawn it was time to get rid of her long hair and to look more modern. Linda also told her to sit still so she could finish with the haircut. Her long hair was already gone. Dawn took another drink and told Linda to continue. Linda took the clippers and placed them on Dawn’s forehead and began running them up over the top of her head. Large clumps of hair fell to the floor. With a couple more passes Dawn was left with a half an inch crewcut. But Linda wasn’t finished yet. She took the guard off and began cutting all the hair off in a circle around Dawns head just below her temples and around the back. This left an almost bald area. Linda then took the #1 guard and cut the hair at the temple to the top of the sides. For the very top she used the #2 guard and reduced the hair on top to about 1/4 of an inch. Now to finish the haircut Linda took shaving cream and spread it on the area below the temple then picked up a razor and shaved that area smooth. The surprise was complete. Linda told Dawn her hair cut was done and gave her the pony tail that once hung to her waist. Dawn was shocked, but inside loved the haircut especially the shaved area. Dawn told her sister that the hair cut wasn’t short enough she wanted her head shaved bald everywhere. So Linda told Dawn to sit down and she would finish the haircut for her. Dawn did and Linda picked up the clippers with no guard on it and began clipping off all of Dawn’s remaining hair. With all of the hair clipped off Linda spread shaving cream all over Dawns head and began removing any remaining hair. In a few minutes the only hair left on her head was her eyebrows. But that didn’t last long when Linda spread shaving cream on them and quickly removed her eyebrows also., The haircut was finished and both Linda and Dawn were very happy.


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