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Give You a Buzz in the Morning

Give You A Buzz In the Morning by HeadBoy "I'll be done with this stupid seminar [...]

People Watching

People Watching by Sean O'Hare I enjoyed sitting on the terrace at the Mall Wine Bar, [...]

Found Clippers

THE FOUND CLIPPERS When my wife and I moved in to our second house together, we [...]

Visit from Miss Protheroe

A Visit from Miss Protheroe by Sean O'Hare I was amazed. I had really never expected [...]

Bad Girls

It was almost five o'clock. Regina Morris swept her barbershop, glancing at her watch and [...]

Kelli & Amber: REVENGE!

Kelli and Amber: REVENGE! by DPTemplar One year. It had been one year since Kelli had lost [...]


Stripping Shena pouted and swung her crossed legs quickly under the bench, sulking. "Well," she protested, [...]


Sun Toi by Daphne I have been driving a bus for the past ten years in [...]

Journey Begun

A Journey Begun by SHU217 For Bill it seemed that things had always been one of [...]

Read the Fine Print

The following story pays homage to and explores a shared fantasy. A tenacious motif in [...]