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Bad Space Hair Story

Darg Daggert glanced out the window and watched as the Thragian Battlecruiser moved slowly by. [...]

Dorm Haircut

The Dorm Haircut Kristy gathered up her long hair and put a scrunchy around it [...]

Mother’s Visit to the Salon

Mother's Visit to the Shop by Buzz When we were kids we used to go [...]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This story is about 'bad' girls, (kinky) sex, sadomasochism and hair. If you don't like [...]

Gina’s New Job

Gina's New Job (Adult bondage headshaving story) It wasn't long after Gina became Danny's slave [...]

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve - Jynx Cracow. Christmas Eve. 1981. Winter had set into the city with [...]

Dawn’s Cut

THE PARTY SURPRISE It was Dawn's 21st birthday and Linda knew just what her present [...]

You Bet Your Hair!

"You Bet Your Hair!" by BladesRule Corrine and Jana were the best of friends ever [...]

Playmate Party Crasher

The Playmate Party Crasher by 'X' Ever the party girl, Playmate Lynda Weismeier found it [...]

Balder than an Onion

"LINE UP IN FORMATION!" The sound of the prison guard's voice raged through Mary's ears. [...]