Bondage, you say?

Bondage, you say by ‘Buzz’

It all started so innocently. Little did I know that it would have got so carried away. You see our friends Ken and Sandy were coming over to have a fe

Flattop Friday

Flattop Friday

Flattop Friday – Bob Barker

One Friday a month a local barbershop would have what they called Flattop Friday. This meant that everyone who came could get a flattop for free on th



Guardians By Mobmij

Father Ruiz sat at his desk, staring at the empty sheet of paper in front of him. It would be difficult to write, he thought. Should he try to explain anythin



Undine by Mobmij

The boss knows what I do. But what the fuck? Who else will work the hours I work for the shit he pays? So he knows what I do. He also knows what I don’t do. No

My Girlfriend's Loss

My Girlfriend’s Loss

My Girlfriend’s Loss by Jim B.

When I got home from work my girlfriend welcomed me with a kiss and told me she was horny and wanted to know if I wanted to go have sex before we s

Personnel Services

Personnel Services

Personnel Services – Yvonne K

The phone ringing interrupted my thoughts

“Hi, it’s Marla, I was wondering if it was OK if I took some extra time off at lunch, maybe from 11.30?”

Princess Leah's Braids

Princess Leah’s Braids

Princess Leah’s Braids – Cuttisnips

Star Wars is back in the theater with fantastic new scenes! Yet, many of the best scenes remain on the cutting room floor.

While held captive



Honkers by DeB

“God, I can’t stand her,” Lana hissed as she watched Kelli flounce over to another table that didn’t belong to her. “Tip-stealing bitch.”

“Yeah,” Sandi replied. “

Frustrated Debbie

Frustrated Debbie

Frustrated Debbie by DLBARGRILL

Debbie threw her briefcase to the floor and screamed. She had had enough. After a frustrated Debbie pressed her headhunter, Rhonda explained the