Karen's New Existence

Karen’s New Existence

Karen’s New Existence by EddyZ

It started in the course of Karen’s junior year at college. One day she was on her way back to her apartment on the campus, which she shared with

Kelli's Day at the Races

Kelli’s Day at the Races

Kelli’s Day at the Races Kelli21257 & Jhbabalon

A not -so-short screen play starring Kelli21257

Cast of Characters:
Kelli – Beautiful young girl with long blonde hair.
Mrs. Brad



Re-growth by Buzz (Buddy)

I will try to explain what my wife had done to her hair this time. You see my wife has shoulder length hair. The problem with it, is that it’s ruined.

Anne's New Ways

Anne’s New Ways

Anne had always been pretty. People would usually give her a second look when she walked past. She did not have that much confidence in her appearance, though. She had tried a numb

Free Crewcut

Free Crewcut

A Free Crewcut by Barber Jos

I am just staring at the pictures in my history book, pictures of the roaring twenties in Germany. There is a photograph of a barbershop with a row

My Haircut

My Haircut, Friday 11th


On Friday the 11th. I finished work early, and took a half day off. On the way back to home I ‘suffered’ one of my intense urges to get my head clippered


Oh, Senator, Love the Suit

Oh Senator, Love the Suit by HeadBoy

Emilia walked into the shop, all cut-glass walls with two-sided photographs that hung from the ceiling. If this was a salon, it was like non



Jeff had been going to the shop for nearly a year now. He stumbled across it completely by accident as he was driving around one day trying to find a friend’s new house. From the s

Mercy's Devil

Mercy’s Devil

This story was inspired by reading my brothers magazines on Wrestling. I saw the picture of a female wrestler and thought “What if..” I’d love to hear what you think.

Mercy’s De

Winning The Bet

Winning The Bet

Winning the Bet – Zirc

This is a true story of a bet that was made and fulfilled my dreams of erotic haircutting.

My lover and I had been seeing each other for a year. Her name