Lena's Story

Lena’s Story

Lena’s Story by NovoWriter (

Once in a while a story comes along which is too good to pass up. You just have to write it. That’s why I feel compelled to tell L

Kathy's Barber Shop

Kathy’s Barber Shop

Kathy’s Barber Shop By Jim B.

I was walking down Main Street. I did this often after returning from work. I made my usual stops at the grocery store, the bakery, then the Post O




My girlfriend had long brown hair that hung below the middle of her back and she was forever brushing it out. I thought that she had the most beautiful hair I had ever se



Eba by Vam

I had just arrived at Matakumbe School, in northern Kenya. I was the only ex-patriot teacher and had arranged for the job through the District Education officer. Bein



The Sleepover – by J

We were pubescent girls, embarking upon a world of makeup and boys. Hormones and emotions ran wild in our group of thirteen-year-old girls. The very sight o


Super, part 2

The Super (part 2 The Transformation) – DAREUC

Veronica was the first one to rise the next morning. She quietly threw on a robe and left the bedroom. She was exhausted from her a

Pam's Cut

Pam’s Cut

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It was the hottest day of the summer. I couldn’t stay in the house be

Lisa's Hair Adventure Part I

Lisa’s Hair Adventure Part I

Lisa’s Hair Adventure

I was always a bit concerned about the city neighborhood I lived in. It has a wide range of people – young, old, yuppies, and men and women with shaved head




As she stood before the bathroom mirror Jodie picked up the bottle and turned it around to read the directions on the back. They read:

“SHAKE WELL and pour lotion into palm

Skins Game

Skins Game

The Skins Game – DoctorB

My husband and I have been married less than a year. We dated for just 18 months before getting married and are still figuring each other out which has