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Surprise for Robert

A Surprise for Robert My wife’s hair is considered long by her stylist, it reaches [...]

Susan’s Transformation

Susan's Transformation by Sean O'Hare Here she comes again, and it looks like she has [...]


Redemption Julie stared down at the nearly untouched tray of food before her. Though lavish [...]

Full Service Salon

Full Service Salon - Sniplock After years of shifting from one job to the next, [...]


The Traveller - Bald and Proud Two years ago when life had changed considerably for [...]

New Life

A New Life - BigPapa1 At Home The smell of perfume floats through the air [...]

Barbershop Bet

This is a story about four girls: Jessica, Donna, Nikki, and Sally. They were all [...]

Coach Cleanhead

Coach Cleanhead - CutUps 87-14... 79-6... 108-16... 108-16? Centerville High School Girls Basketball team had [...]

London Tales VI

London Tales 6 - LondonHair I recently attended a dinner party round friends'. During the [...]

Karen’s Hair

Karen's Hair - Nevius This whole story really wasn't that long ago. My name is [...]