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Tammy and Lindsey

Tammy and Lindsey - Nice 'n' Short Tammy and Lindsey were best of friends. They [...]


Jenny Jenny was in her third year of college. She started college after working several [...]

Diana’s First Trip to the Barber

Diana's First Trip to the Barber - TB To say the least, I was surprised [...]

Beautiful Bald Women

Beautiful bald woman waiting release, it's noon. You brush out your thick and heavy burden [...]

Letter to Sara

Letter to Sara - Jim B. Dear Sara, Well, last Tuesday was Mary's first day [...]

She Said Yes

She Said Yes - DoctorB I met her last year while shopping for a dress [...]

What Really Happened in ‘Flowers in the Attic’

What really should have happened in ‘Flowers in the Attic’ by Chris Hall This is [...]

Show Biz

Show Biz by Mobmij The first time I saw Elbert Dorsey, I had the impression [...]

Time to Change, Jen

Time to change Jen by Jim B. "Hi, Jen!" Dawn said as she answered the [...]

London Tales VII

London Tales VII - LondonHair Her limp fringe lifted for a split second and then [...]