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Aunt Agatha

Aunt Agatha wasn't really my aunt. Nobody ever pretended she was. That's just what everyone [...]

Summer Tonsure (Preparation for July the Fourth)

Summer Tonsure (Preparation for July the Fourth) by Ted Morgan Sarah cries - not bitterly [...]

Hard Times

Hard Times by Sammy Things were starting to get a bit tight. They had to find [...]

Hair Fetishes Discovered

Hair Fetishes Discovered - Hair Color Boy This is a true story about my accounts with [...]

Teaching the Teacher

Teaching the Teacher By J In the dimly lit room, it was just me and her. [...]

Pampered and Pierced

PAMPERED AND PIERCED I had heard so many good things about this new place that just [...]

And Baby Makes…

"Speak soft, you'll wake the baby" •Los Lobos Seven months of newlywed bliss wasn't interrupted by [...]

New Girl in School

The New Girl in School - Ants1234 Sherri had moved back east when her mom was [...]

Bad Hair

"I just have the worst hair, Ellie. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to [...]

Victim Mindy

Victim Mindy By DLBARGRILL Anywhere along the line, if I had made another decision, I could [...]