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Now or Never

Now or Never A Hair Story by Ian White Maggie woke bright and early on [...]

Sister’s Summer Haircut

Sister's Summer Haircut by Haircape "Don't forget," my mom called to us as we went [...]

Jen’s Cut

Jen's Cut by Rome3674 Chris was only 30 minutes away from his hotel. He could [...]

Café Cuts

(c) Copyright 2001 by J.C. Ramsey. All rights reserved. Comments to: [email protected] Café Cuts by [...]

Whole Thing

The Whole Thing Part One She walked down the jetway, and so many thoughts ran [...]


Reincarnation by DPTemplar THE AZTEC EMPIRE - a young woman gets arrested for violating one [...]

So I Made a Mistake

Snip-Tease - PT Cutter I was sitting at the front of my favorite watering hole [...]

Bleach and Buzz Cult

THE BLEACH AND BUZZ CULT It started with her sister. And then that guy on [...]

Joining the Army

JOINING THE ARMY My parents were staring at me, unbelieving. My brothers burst out laughing. [...]

Goodbye, Sandra Dee

Goodbye, Sandra Dee By Lela Sandi was the sort of invisible girl that every high [...]