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Barbershop Bet

This is a story about four girls: Jessica, Donna, Nikki, and Sally. They were all [...]

Under THIS Roof

Under THIS Roof! - Joan Rathburn Laura Alexander sat awkwardly at the dinner table as her [...]

Extending a Hand

Extending a Hand Even though my wife had kept her hair short while we were married, [...]

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret by X The women of the anti-fur coalition were just wrapping up their protest [...]

Allison’s Story

All during high school and college Allison ridiculed others who were more fashion extroverts than [...]

Carla’s Permanent Shave

Carla’s Permanent Shave The story of my second...and last...experience with shaving I had broken up with Rita [...]

Boyfriend’s Wish

The Boyfriend's Wish. by Hair-Raiser. "John's running late but he says to go through." the receptionist [...]

Encounter in the Malln

An Encounter in the mall... Chapter One - The Salon I think that I am going [...]

Kim’s Punishment

Kim's Punishment By Tony Angelo It was the summer of Kim's senior year of high school. [...]

Pete’s Secret Plan

Pete's Secret Plan - Kate For my boyfriend's 24th birthday, I agreed to be his slave [...]