Non-Consensual Haircuts

Barbershop Bet

Barbershop Bet

This is a story about four girls: Jessica, Donna, Nikki, and Sally. They were all 16 years of age, ripe young teens that all attended the local high school. Out of all of the girls

Under THIS Roof

Under THIS Roof

Under THIS Roof! – Joan Rathburn

Laura Alexander sat awkwardly at the dinner table as her Aunt Rita got up to get the dessert. The eighteen year old girl’s parents had left earli

Extending a Hand

Extending a Hand

Extending a Hand

Even though my wife had kept her hair short while we were married, I never had the nerve to tell her about my fetish. I had purchased videos of women with shave

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret by X

The women of the anti-fur coalition were just wrapping up their protest of a posh Beverly Hill’s store when Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvestedt happe

Allison's Story

Allison’s Story

All during high school and college Allison ridiculed others who were more fashion extroverts than she was. She did mean things to some of those folks including two friends, Karen a

Carla's Permanent Shave

Carla’s Permanent Shave

Carla’s Permanent Shave

The story of my second…and last…experience with shaving

I had broken up with Rita , and other than casual dating had not been in a relationship for s

Boyfriend's Wish

Boyfriend’s Wish

The Boyfriend’s Wish. by Hair-Raiser.

“John’s running late but he says to go through.” the receptionist informed Jane. Jane had been going to HairRaisers for over two years now a

Encounter in the Malln

Encounter in the Malln

An Encounter in the mall… Chapter One – The Salon

I think that I am going to wear just a plain white t-shirt and my well-loved Levi’s cutoffs.

Perhaps the Doc Martens, maybe j

Kim's Punishment

Kim’s Punishment

Kim’s Punishment By Tony Angelo

It was the summer of Kim’s senior year of high school. Kim had just turned 17 years old: she had been dating the quarterback of the school’s footb