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Bad, Bad Boy

The cat cruised across the lawn, a lion's stroll as it surveyed its domain, but [...]

Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift This is the story of how I gave my husband the perfect [...]

Smooth Lesson

Smooth Lesson by BigMacJim Irene was a fiftyish schoolteacher who was ready for adventure as [...]

Way You Always Wanted It

The Way You Always Wanted It - Cut Ups Laura made the deposit and left [...]


The Show by Hair-Raiser Eve nervously walked over to the Hair-Raiser stand. She'd been going [...]

First of Many Haircuts

First of many haircuts by JimB. Meeting Sharon - Part I "Hi, Jen," Sharon said [...]

Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Bride Jenny Jones sat at her desk, at the Mercantile Trading Company in [...]

Tammy and Lindsey

Tammy and Lindsey - Nice 'n' Short Tammy and Lindsey were best of friends. They [...]


Jenny Jenny was in her third year of college. She started college after working several [...]

Diana’s First Trip to the Barber

Diana's First Trip to the Barber - TB To say the least, I was surprised [...]