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Big Bet

The Big Bet - Lorilynn She looked out the window and thought to herself, this [...]

Goodbye, Sandra Dee

Goodbye, Sandra Dee By Lela Sandi was the sort of invisible girl that every high [...]

Playmate Party Crasher

The Playmate Party Crasher by 'X' Ever the party girl, Playmate Lynda Weismeier found it [...]

My Stepsister

My Stepsister - Shearingly This is a story about Christine, my new stepsister. She is [...]


Sharon by Barbera Sharon and I visited the UK last summer. She had suggested in [...]

Kelli: Cowgirl

Kelli: Cowgirl It was Superbowl time yet again. You were a little upset that your [...]


Larry could feel the heat of the sun on his face as he woke one [...]

Big Break

Big Break by Ex Dutch Sarah was a model. Well... not a supermodel or anything, [...]

Cut the Cards

Cut the Cards by Kelli21257 & Fortuneer KELLI21257: I watch you...almost not realizing I am [...]

Sian, With the Golden Curls

Sian, with the golden curls by Sean O'Hare DING! I heard the bell over the [...]