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Karen’s Hair

Karen's Hair - Nevius This whole story really wasn't that long ago. My name is Mark, [...]


Found!! - Good2BBuzd A computer for Christmas! I had no idea this would eventually lead to [...]


Unbelievable I couldn't believe that I was doing this. I had kept my long hair for [...]

Explain it to Me

Explain It To Me - Richard I married a truly beautiful girl. A Pacific Islander, she [...]

Mary Beth – A Packaged Treat

Mary Beth - A Packaged Treat. Part One - The Capture - Sally Megans Mary Beth [...]

Bad Perm

She sat there thinking all day about how to get her hair curly. It just [...]

And the Music Went…

An old Yazoo tune blared on the jukebox. Miles and Rhonda danced, laughing at the [...]

Ruthie’s Step-Cut

Ruthie's step-cut. My wife, Ruth, is 53, but she doesn't look it because she takes real [...]

Sally’s Haircuts

SALLY'S HAIRCUTS A story of how a fetish for hair developed. - Sally Megans "How it [...]


Jon1717835: you're sitting by a bunch of guys and their wives they are staring and [...]