Mary Beth - A Packaged Treat

Mary Beth – A Packaged Treat

Mary Beth – A Packaged Treat. Part One – The Capture – Sally Megans

Mary Beth was somewhat puzzled. The usual summons from her Mistress was worded somehow differently than usual,

Bad Perm

Bad Perm

She sat there thinking all day about how to get her hair curly. It just would not hold a set let alone a curl. She decided to go to the local beauty salon supplier. The lady there

And the Music Went

And the Music Went…

An old Yazoo tune blared on the jukebox. Miles and Rhonda danced, laughing at the nostalgia filling their ears. When they met, nearly twenty-two years ago, “Upstairs At Eric’s” was

Ruthie's Step-Cut

Ruthie’s Step-Cut

Ruthie’s step-cut.

My wife, Ruth, is 53, but she doesn’t look it because she takes real care with her appearance. She is about 5′ 6′, nine and a half stones, with dyed blonde hai

Sally's Haircuts

Sally’s Haircuts

SALLY’S HAIRCUTS A story of how a fetish for hair developed. – Sally Megans

“How it all started …” As a young teen, flirting with the boys, swirling and teasing with a cape of



Goldenhair by Sabrina S

Chapter One – A Day at the Beach

Jane Blond, Secret Style Service Agent 000, lay on the artificially sandy beach at Cannes, soaking up the rays, her eye



The Potion – Shearingly

This is a really weird story. My father works for a chemical company in their research & development division. He is a Vice President in purchasing, not a



Jon1717835: you’re sitting by a bunch of guys and their wives they are staring and you love it
Jon1717835: your friend looks like Pamela Anderson but with bigger tits
KELLI21257: s



RIVALRY by Shearingly

My sister, Becky, is a junior in high school. This story is about a rivalry between Becky and the girl who lives across the road. They are both juniors this

Donna's Unexpected Haircut

Donna’s Unexpected Haircut

Donna’s Unexpected Haircut – Caped Victim

Donna Parker walked down the hallway of Sacred Heart School for Girls. She was being led to her new room where she would meet her new r