Punishment Cuts

New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution by HairRaiser

The girls sat in the pub gigling. It had been a ritual for the last four years for them to get together on New Year’s Eve and make their New

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands by Francis

It had been several years since I quit my job at a leading software firm and began living my lifelong dream. I had used my savings to buy a 30-foot sch



Lara – VaMurimi

“¿Quiere cerveza señor?” the bartender asked as he reached into the cooler beside the bar and pulled out two bottles of icy brew.

I replied, “Si, una cerveza má

Behind the Eight Ball

Behind the Eight Ball

Marco watched the eight ball rattle around the corner pocket, mocking him as it sank. “That’s game,” Gayle said with a wink, spanking Marco on the ass as she walked by. “Loser rac

Jack's Back Room

Jack’s Back Room

Jack’s Back Room by Serious Shaver

Jack worked as a barber in one of those small southern towns that had stopped growing and didn’t have a future. The owner of the shop was Elmo.

Courage of One's Convictions

Courage of One’s Convictions

The Courage of One’s Convictions – Ted Morgan

Locks of delicate raven hair unhurriedly descend her back. Dark hair frames her pale small-featured Celtic face – a face still yout



The Lesson – VaMurimi

The June sun was blazing as I headed home from school that Friday afternoon, thinking to myself that I would soon be free for the summer. Just two more wee

Heather's New Haircut

Heather’s New Haircut

Heather’s New Haircut By Redrum

It was mid-June and the heat was sweltering. George Pankin and his family had just moved to a small town north of Atlanta, very close to the Tenne

Shaved for Pregnancy

Shaved for Pregnancy

Shaved For Pregnancy (or alternatively Clipped for Conception) by Miss C

This is a true story, apart from the bit about me being pregnant. I’m not – yet, but the rest of the sto

Secret of Kancutu Valley

Secret of Kancutu Valley

The Secret of Kancutu Valley by Sabrina S. and Sean O’Hare

Chapter One

Sally and Shane strolled along the main road through the small village, still giggling over the small jok