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Closing Time

Coach Cleanhead - CutUps 87-14... 79-6... 108-16... 108-16? Centerville High School Girls Basketball team had [...]

In the Name of Science

In the Name of Science - BaldFan Jen really needed to pick up the pace. [...]

Barbershop Revisited

"Come on James, we haven't got all day." Today was my monthly lunchtime get together [...]

Monday After the Prom

Monday After the Prom by Thoth Prom Night: Five senior girls. Friends only to themselves. [...]

Susan’s Summer Job

SUSAN'S SUMMER JOB "What have I gotten myself into?" Susan asked herself as she stepped [...]

Carol’s Condescension

This story is based partly on my experience, partly on somebody else's lucky break and [...]

40 Dollars a Head

"Please fasten your seatbelts and place your trays in a upright position, we are preparing [...]

Robin’s Game

Robin's Game - Ex Dutch Robin pulled into the mall parking lot and jumped out [...]


The Match by Sean Adams This is a story I wrote. Thanks JCWP for the [...]

How do I Cut It?

"How Do I Cut It?" By [email protected] No Sally I am not a lesbian. But [...]