Punishment Cuts



A Fantasy – Allaura

I show up at your door at the time we mutually agreed upon. You tell me that I’m right on time for my appointment and lead me to “the” chair. As I take a seat

Melanie's Diary

Melanie’s Diary

Melanie’s Diary by Melanie Jenkins

Monday, May 25th 1998

Dear Diary,

After spending the weekend at the beach-house with my parents and my sister I had to go to school again tod



The Window by Buzz

I watched in the window as she raised the scissors up to her forehead. Her bangs hung to just below her highly arched eyebrows. With a steady hand, she starte



Horseplay by Sabrina S.

Annabel urged Samphire into a canter; checked him slightly, then the two of them rose as one and cleared the treble jump in three easy pops. Samphire’s h

Colin's Hot Date

Colin’s Hot Date

Colin’s Hot Date by Sean O’Hare

“Yes please Sandy, cut it nice and short at the back and the sides and leave it longer through the top. I want it to look really cool for this ev

Beth's Little Barber Shop

Beth’s Little Barber Shop

I looked at the phone as it rang. It was 3:45 in the afternoon. The June sun shone brightly outside my office window. I debated for a moment, then picked it up. “Turn off the compu

Hair Story

Hair Story

A Hair Story – Rookie14

It was around 2:35 when Jen arrived back home after a long day of school. It was summertime, and the heat was intense. Jen was hot and sweaty, and she dec

My Giftnd My Reward

My Gift and My Reward

My Gift And My Reward. by EddyZ.

“Oh.Jennifer, look. Something for you?” Susan pointed at a poster on the notice board. I looked.

“Attention longhaired girls,” the heading read

Kinky or What

Kinky or What

Kinky or What

It was bed time and I had just showered. My wife had pestered me to trim my pubic hair, so while the shower was running, I took the beard trimmer that my wife gave