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Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise - Bob As I heard the captain ask the flight attendants to take their [...]

Think About It

Think About It By Lela I had long had a crush on Leslie, not that she [...]

Barney Asks Floyd to Shave Thelma Lou

Floyd was very surprised to see his good friend Barney dragging a handcuffed Thelma Lou [...]

Pinball Bet

The Pinball Bet - Anonymous It was 5 am and Kelli rose from her bed, and [...]

Emily’s Friend

Emily's Friend - Ex Dutch Emily's husband Mike kissed her on the cheek. "I guess it [...]

All Good Girls MUST Have Short Hair

Have Short Hair Kelsey Jamison glared at the judge as he stated his verdict. "Miss Jamison, you [...]

Fantasy Come True

A Fantasy Come True My fantasy would be to go into a restaurant and see two [...]

Pre-Cut Story

Pre-Cut Story by Debbie Well, it's been about 4 weeks since my last cut. The super [...]


A Fantasy - Allaura I show up at your door at the time we mutually agreed [...]

Melanie’s Diary

Melanie's Diary by Melanie Jenkins Monday, May 25th 1998 Dear Diary, After spending the weekend at the beach-house [...]