Whole Thing

Whole Thing

The Whole Thing Part One

She walked down the jetway, and so many thoughts ran through her mind that she almost could not remember to put one foot in front of the other. Here she was in O’Hare Airport, the world’s largest, meeting a man she had never seen before. He had asked for, no, commanded her to send him a picture so he could recognize her when she arrived.

She was entering the terminal area, and took about 20 steps into the gate area when she heard, “Kelli, come here now, obey”. About 40 other people heard as well, and Kelli turned bright red. But she knew she could not resist his orders, and she went to him.

“Welcome to Chicago, how was the flight?” I said. “Fffffine,” she stammered, still overwhelmed by all the feelings and sensations. “Come to the next gate area,” I said while grabbing her luggage and walking down the corridor.

We arrived at Gate 57, and I went to the back. The next fight from this gate wasn’t for five more hours, so we were alone. “Kelli, do you remember what we talked about on the phone?”

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“Yes, sir” she replied.

“And are you prepared to obey me all weekend?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied. She remembered the conversations, and how she longed to live out a fantasy. After all these years and all these erotic thoughts, the plane ticket arrived soon after she had chosen to give herself to him.

“On your knees, right here, right now.” I knew she would love it, kneeling before me. Almost no one would even glance into the gate area, so I knew it was safe. Yet to Kelli, just the chance that someone would come in and see her kneeling before me would be enough to make her pussy drip.

She dropped down, obediently. I took the obedience collar from my jacket pocket, and asked if she was ready to wear my obedience collar. To wear the collar in front of everyone we would see for the entire weekend. “Yes, sir, please collar me. Please show the world I am your submissive,” Kelli said, almost in a whisper.

It was black leather, 18 inches in circumference. It fit snugly around her neck, but it wasn’t too tight. It could have been confused as jewelry on someone in her early twenties, as Kelli is, but to the two of them it screamed {Kelli is his slave}.

They arrived in the parking lot, and got into the car. “Hand me the letter,” I commanded.

“Huh?” Kelli replied in a daze.

“You were told to write a letter explaining what you wanted to happen this weekend and to bring it with you, weren’t you little one?” I asked.

“But sir,” she replied, “You ordered me that three weeks ago, and haven’t mentioned it since, so I didn’t . . . . ” Her voice trailed off, Kelli knew she had promised obedience and had failed, fifteen minutes into the weekend.

Part Two

“Lift your skirt,” came the command as they were still on Airport property. Kelli lifted her skirt and showed her pussy. She had not worn underwear, as per her instructions. Actually, she had worn them on the plane, and removed them a half-hour before landing. After all, her pussy had been dripping since the flight left California, and she didn’t want to ruin the skirt. “Nice pubic hair,” I said. “I’ll enjoy taking it”.

“Insert this Kelli, put it up your pussy,” I commanded, handing her the small, egg shaped device. I held the other end, with a small wire running between my hand and her pussy, after she inserted it into her dripping slit. I turned the remote control on, and put it to medium speed. The vibrator began to hum, and so did she.

Every three minutes, I turned the remote control off. Kelli kept coming so close to going over the edge, but she couldn’t make it over. She was begging, promising me anything – she would suck cock, take it up the ass, let me fuck her outside, she’d be topless as we drove, anything to come.

We arrived at the adult bookstore, and I inserted the remote into her skirt pocket. We went in, and Kelli’s eyes grew wide as she saw thousands of videos, along with a wall of dildos, vibrators, crops, paddles, nipple clamps, and other toys. The store had about a dozen people, and all were men. As one turned, he gasped seeing her wearing an obedience collar, clearly under the control of the man she was with.

I took her over to the toys, and picked up nipple clamps and a pair of restraints. I handed them to Kelli and said “To the cashier, now.” She took them over and got another look over from the cashier. I arrived to pay the bill, and we walked out, all the men knowing Kelli must obey.

Part Three

We stopped at a drug store on the way home, and purchased things to remove her pubic hair, both wax and shaving cream and razors. She knew by then that she would have a naked pussy in a matter of hours. Kelli also carried a package of Depends to the counter, along with the condoms. It was clear to the clerk that these purchases, along with her collar meant Kelli must obey.

Fifteen minutes after we arrived at my place, Kelli was strapped down to my bed by the velcro restraints we had purchased. I told her I was going to shave her, and held a mirror up, so she could see it all disappear. “Kelli, your pussy, the pussy which belongs to me, will be much more sensitive now. And you will keep it bald for me at all times, do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” she said. “What does more sensitive mean?”

I helped Kelli understand more sensitive by shoving a vibrator up her pussy and making her come three times. After she had finished thanking me, I informed her that was her thank you for traveling so far, but now she had to be punished for not bringing the letter she had been commanded to write and bring.

“I still have the wax I bought Kelli, and it isn’t going to go to waste. I am going to use it on you.” I said, knowing it would confuse her. She had no idea what was about to happen.

“How long does it take you to get ready in the morning, slut?”

“About an hour, sir.”

“How much of that time is taken up by you doing your hair?”

“Most of it sir, about forty five minutes.”

“I’m going to make you much more efficient, Kelli, you will no longer have to complete such useless chores.”

I undid the restraints around her hands, and told her to release herself from the foot restrains and to kneel before me. She heard me turn on the barber clippers and she dropped down. “Hands on hips, back straight, head up, hold still, obey.”

“Yes, sir”

Part Four

I took a couple of long bold strokes of the clipper from the back of Kelli’s neck to the top of her ears. Then I moved the clippers to the front of her forehead. The hair fell right into her lap, a sign of her servitude. As she stared into the mirror in front of her, Kelli was in shock. It was finally happening to her (again). Her hair was being removed.

The waxing was a blur to Kelli. She heard me tell her it was coming before each pull, but she was in a daze, in a zone. She finally realized I had left one braid of hair in the middle of her head towards the front.

“Wha—sir, I, uh, sir, why did you leave that braid?” Kelli managed to ask.

“That braid is a leash to lead you around by, slut, drop to all fours and I’ll show you.” Then I led her around on all fours, the one braid on my bald slave used as if it were snapped to her collar.

“We’re going out to dinner in ten minutes. Wear your diapers little one. And you won’t be needing this,” I said, clipping off even the braid. Now Kelli was the bald submissive she deserved to be. Punished for having not finishing or bringing the letter.

Part Five

After her third glass of wine, Kelli excused herself to go the bathroom. The wine was running right through her, and she had consumed several glasses of water after coming from the vibrator. (She had also come twice more, once while being led by the braid, once when looking in the mirror totally bald)

“No slave, sit down, obey.”

“But sir, I have to go pee.”

“Then pee if you have to, but sit down.”

Kelli realized what I meant. I not only wanted her to wear the Depends diaper, I wanted her to use it. “Sir, I don’t want to use the diaper”

“You don’t have to use it, slut, you just can’t leave the table. People are already staring at the bald, collared girl, Kelli, try not to squirm so much.”

Two minutes later, I saw her close her eyes, I saw the look, and I knew.

As the waitress approached to ask about dessert, I asked Kelli, “Did you pee in your diaper?” She didn’t answer, thinking I had not seen the waitress.

“Did you pee in your diaper? Tell me, before I turn the remote control vibrator on, I wouldn’t want to shock your new bald pussy.” I could see Kelli shake, coming from the humiliation of this stranger finding out she was wearing a diaper. That she peed her pants, that a vibrator was up her pussy, that she could see Kelli was a bald, collared, slave.

Part Six

As she walked up the jetway to return to California, Kelli saw it was the same stewardess she had met on the flight out. The stewardess saw Kelli was now hairless, and assumed she had flown to Chicago for medical treatment.

The stewardess asked, “Is it cancer, dear?”

And Kelli raised her bald head and answered proudly, “No, it is obedience”


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