The Thief By Tucriah

“The bills are piling up, I need a job, I need money!”

James was outside of the barbershop where he had got a haircut yesterday. He wore his hair in a crew cut with bangs, now it’s called a Caesar. He liked to watch the barber cut his hair, he really enjoyed watching. Too bad he was going to be James’ first robbery. He didn’t want to rob the old man but he knew the old barber left the cash in there all night for the deposit the next morning.

“This will be fast and easy. When the barber leaves I will pry open the front door and get the cash out of the register.”

It was 10 after 5 and the old barber was putting his hat on and turning off the lights. It was getting dark early now. James could see him, coming out of the door and locking it.

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Sue was driving home from work. She was a very attractive 25-year-old with shoulder-length brown hair. She worked as a dental assistant, had many friends and a regular life except for one thing. The fantasies, what were they? She liked her hair, but the dreams of getting it cut in a barbershop would moisten her just at the thought. “Tonight is the night,” she thought, “I’m going to do it. Even if it’s just a trim.

“This time I am going to get my hair cut at a barber shop.” She had been through this before only to chicken out at the last minute. She looked at her watch, it was 10 after 5 , and there was a barber shop on 5th Street only 10 minuntes away. She was determined to get it cut.

The barber was driving away. James waited to see if he’d come back. There was not much traffic on 5th Avenue tonight.

He got out of the car and headed to the door. A quick glance in each direction to see if anyone was around and no one was. Up to the door – it was old and loose – a quick jimmy with the crowbar and the door opened. “Nothing to it,” James thought. Inside it was darker then he thought. He went over to the register, but the drawer was open, no money inside! “Oh no,” James thought. “Maybe he put the money in a drawer where he cuts hair.” James couldn’t see. He looked around. “I will just turn on a light so I can see.”

Sue was pulling up to the barber shop. Was it closed? Saved again! No, wait, there was one light on and the barber was still inside. “Here goes nothing!” She got out of the car, walked over to the door and went inside.

“Found it,” James said as he took the money out of the towel drawer behind the barber’s chair.

Then he heard the door open. He froze – caught! Oh no, he had been too busy looking for the money. He turned and saw a beautiful-looking woman standing in front of him dressed in all white. She was asking him something. It was as if he were in a fog.

“Are you still open , time for one more haircut?”

James was scared. What to do? If he said no she may think something’s wrong.

“Well, it is almost 5:30,” James said

“All I want is a trim.” Sue walked over and sat in the barber’s chair

Sue was so excited: she was going through with it this time. Her pants were really wet now.

James had to think. Then he came up with an idea. “I can do the hair cut. I’ve watched the barber a hundred times. A couple of quick cuts and she will be on her way.”

He put on the blue jacket: rather a nice fit, he thought. He went over to the light switch and turned on the lights. “I hope no one sees me.”

He thought, “What do I do first? The neck strip, then the cape.”

Sue felt him put the tissue around her neck and then the cape. She was loving every second of this, but he was shaking. He must not cut many women, Sue thoutht. James thought of what to do next. What did the barber always say? “Would you like the usual?”

Sue was confused. “Funny he should say that since I have never been here before, but I’ll go along with it.”

“Yes,” she said, “the usual.” He already knows I want just a trim.

“OK, she wants the usual.” But James has worn the same haircut his whole life, that is the only one he knows. “Oh well, she said the usual, she must know what that is.” James picked up the clippers, put on a number two guard – just as the barber does to him – and turned them on. They roared to life and he almost dropped the clippers.

“OK, here we go.”

Sue could not see since the chair was facing away from the mirror. Then she heard the clippers go on and a hand on her head. What was he going to do? “I only wanted a trim.” Fear grabbed her – she could not move. Then she felt the cold blades running up the back of her head, reducing her long hair to stubble. Her pants were now totally soaked.

James saw the hair just peel away from her head and knew he had made a mistake but she didn’t say a word and sat there. So he ran the clipper up the next section and the next. Hair was all over the cape, piling up on the floor and over his feet. He moved to the side and ran the clippers around her left ear sending more and more hair to the floor. He moved to the right side and did the same thing. “This is fun, I like doing this,” he thought. Now for the top. He placed the clipper right at the front of her hairline, waited for just a moment and began to push the clipper right down the middle of her head. Again and again he did it. Sue could not believe what was happening to her, she could see long strands of hair falling off her head. She wanted to scream STOP, but something inside her wouldn’t let her. Something inside her liked this too much: she was going to scream alright, but from an orgasm.

After the haircut was finished, he looked at her. She looked like him, except… “I forgot to leave the bangs…shit! Can’t help that now.” She sure looked different, more beautiful than before. He turned the chair so it faced the mirror and said, “There you go, little lady – the usual.”

When she looked in the mirror the person staring back at her was a stranger – a bald-headed stranger. She was not really bald, a crewcut is what she had but she didn’t look bad. It will take some getting used to. Yes, she looked rather good: very short… very sexy. Her makeup was perfect now. She looked strong, determined, she had done what she always wanted to do. Sue didn’t have this in mind, but it looked great

“I love it,” she screamed. “I just love running my hands all over my head. I can’t get enough of it. Woooo! That’s 10 dollars right?”

“Yes,” James said. He was stunned. This is not the reaction he had prepared himself for. “She likes it! Nobody ever likes anything I do,” James thought.

Sue handed him a 20 and said, “Keep the change.” She opened the door, turned and said, “I’ll be back!” and out she went out the door.

On her way out she passed a woman who was dragging her son by the arm through the door.

“I’m glad you’re still open, Tommy needs a haircut.”

James started to protest but by the time he had gotten one word out, she had her son in the chair. “One crewcut please, and we’re in a hurry!” Then she turned, looked at him and said, “Hey, where’s Bob?”

“Bob?” James said.

“Yeah, Bob, as in Bob’s barber shop.” James had forgotten! “Are you the new barber? He’s always saying he’s hiring,” the women asked.

“Y-y-y-y-yes,” James said.

James went though the same ritual with the boy. He put on the cape and took out the clippers. Again, as he had done before, he reduced the boy’s hair to 1/4 inch stubble. When he was finished he took off the cape. The woman stood up, examined her son’s hair and then said, “That’s more like it. I’ll bring the other one in for you on Saturday. Still is six dollars, right?” James collected the money and the woman and her son left the shop.

“Time to get out of here,” James thought. He quickly turned off the lights, grabbed the money and headed for the door. When he got to the front door he turned, saw the hair on the floor and started to remember how he felt cutting hair. He went back in the shop and put the money back. Then he put the $26 he made in the register with a note that said, “Sorry about the door.” He got out of the shop, into his car and drove all night thinking of the events that would change his life.

The next day the barber went to open the door to the shop at 8:00 as always. When he went to put the key in the door swung open. “Oh no,” he said. “Someone broke in.” The next thing he saw was the hair all over the floor. “What in God’s name happened here last night?” He checked the money: still there, every dime. “That’s funny,” he said to himself. Then he went to the register and saw the extra money with the note. “Well, would you look at that,” Bob said.

Two years later:

Sue pulled up to the barber shop. Funky Sue, they called her after that night she cut all her hair off. She loved it short, and got it cut every three weeks on the dot. “New sign, looks nice,” she thought. “Jimmy’s Barber Shop,” the sign read. You see, after James drove all night thinking about those two haircuts, the next day he enrolled in barber school. Went though school, came back and worked for Bob for a year. Then Bob decided to retire to Florida and James bought the shop. He never would have had his own business if it weren’t for Sue and that night. “Hi, Sue,” James said. Sue sat in the barber’s chair. “The usual?” James asked as he put the cape on her.


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