If Only She Knew

If Only She Knew

If She Only Knew – Chi7171

John was a regular guy. He was 23 and very athletic, he spent his times working, playing sports and hanging out at the pub. John was attracted to older women, the age of 35-40 was his main interest. He liked the mature look of older women.

One night John was at the pub when his eyes were attracted to a female across the bar. She had to be 40 years old, her eyes were big, and just a knockout face. She was there with some of her other girlfriends just talking. Her hair was wavy on top, the sides were about half way over her ears, and the back was 2-3 inches longer than the hairline, so she had a short style, which was always an attraction to John. She played with her hair a lot, rubbing the back, running her hands through the top, John was in love, or so he thought after about 6 beers.

After another 4 beers, John got up and just walked over to this woman and introduced himself. Her name was Diane, they hit it off right away, as they talked John found out that Diane was divorced and a mother of two kids, 18 and 20, she was 44 years old. Her face was even better up close, her hair was jet black and thick, with a wave on top. About an hour after they starting talking Diane’s friends said it was time to leave John asked her if he could call her, she said, “Sure, call me next week, we can catch a movie or something.” John was in heaven, 10-beer heaven.

John called Diane a few days later, he asked her if she was doing anything that night. Diane said something that made John’s heart stop, and said the magic words that drove him the craziest, “No I can’t tonight, I’m going to get my hair cut.”

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John, now in a different world, paused and asked, “How about tomorrow?”

Diane said, “Sure, I will meet you at the pub for a beer, then we can go to the movies.”

For the next 24 hours John could think of nothing but Diane getting a haircut, what is it going to look like, will it be just a trim? He was tempted to call her that night to just talk, and see if she liked her haircut, but he did not want her to think he was a weirdo or anything.

The next day came, John got to the pub, his heart beating. He walked in and looked straight ahead and saw Diane, his sexual desires just increased a million times. Diane got her hair cut short, very clean over the ears, the back was cut at the hairline, and slightly tapered up, and the top was permed, it was loads of curls. John said hi and said right away, “I like your hair.”

Diane said, “Thank you. I really needed a haircut, my hair was really due for a trim, and my perm was gone.” John thought, “Wow, this is her normal look.” John could not keep his eyes off of Diane, they went to the movies and had a great time. They went back to Diane’s house and had the greatest sex ever. John was so turned on by Diane’s hair and looks, he performed things and did things he never dreamed he could. Diane said he was the greatest lover she had ever met, little did she know her hairstyle had had a lot to do with it.

For the next year things were great, every 6 weeks Diane would get her hair cut, and every third haircut would be a perm. The style stayed the same for the most part, sometimes she would cut the back a little shorter, or leave the sideburns a little longer, but it was short and curly. John would go crazy around week 5 knowing that the hair that was growing over her ears would soon be shorn, and the back where it had grown out, would be clipped up. At times John would watch Diane get her hair cut, she did not know, but he would watch through the salon window. He made a huge mess in his pants every time her chair would be lifted and her head would go down, John was living his dream. The problem was Diane did not know of John’s fantasy.

After 12 months of going out, something threw the system off whack. It had now been 9 weeks, no haircut, and the perm was almost gone, Diane’s hair was almost straight. It was a little longer than when he first met her. Finally one night he said to Diane, “Boy your hair is getting long.” Diane said what John never wanted to hear. “I know, I am growing it out, I am bored with the same look, I want something longer that I can put up, or wear down.”

John was devastated. He told Diane he was not feeling well and needed to go home. Diane tried to call John many times after that night. For months she tried, but he never responded. John went a whole year without going to the pub, which also puzzled Diane, because she would check there many times. Finally one day they bumped into each other at the bank. Diane and John had not seen each other in about a year, Diane just moved so her bank was the same as John’s. They said hi to each other and started small talk. Diane’s hair was now a little longer than chin length bob, she was wearing a headband, which showed off those big eyes. Diane finally said I can’t believe you just got up and left. John did not know what to say, finally as Diane was walking away he said to her, “Let me tell you something. I was really falling for you, but it was not the same after you grew out your hair. I was so stimulated by your short curly look, it drove me nuts, and after you started growing it out I just crashed.”

Diane was mad. “So it was only my haircut?”

“No,” said John. “The haircut made the sexual thing what it was. That’s why I left, I don’t know if I could give you what I gave you sex wise, with longer hair, that is the truth.”

Diane left, she was confused. A few days passed and John picked up the phone, it was Diane, she said, “Can you come over tonight, I need to talk to you, it will be just a few moments?” John said sure, he felt he owed it to her.

John got to Diane’s house, she answered the door, her hair was down, it looked good but very normal. Diane said to John, “I want you to trust me for the next 30 minutes, if you are not happy at any point you can leave.” They both walked into the kitchen, there was a chair there, Diane asked John to stand on the chair. John was confused but went along with it, she also handed him a robe, and asked him to put it on, John thought what the hell, so he took off his clothes and put on the robe, he then stood on the chair. Diane left the room for a few moments, and then came back, with a friend. Both Diane and Debbie, her friend, were acting as if John was not there, and acting like they were at a salon. They pulled a chair right up to John, and Diane sat down, her head was even with John’s stomach area. Diane then said, “Debbie, this hair is driving me nuts.” Debbie started to play with Diane’s hair, while John was now in la-la land. Debbie asked Diane what she was thinking, Diane said, “Something short and curly.”

Debbie said, “How about real short?”

Diane just nodded her head. Next thing John saw was Diane’s hair being put up in pins, John was ready to just explode, his dick was never harder. Debbie asked Diane if she wanted her hair cut to her hairline in the back, Diane said, “How about peel me off the hairline and taper it up nice and good.” Debbie just went right to work, cutting it nice and short and tapered up to the top of Diane’s head. Now John was looking down at Diane, with her hair chin length on the sides, and cut nice and sharp in the back, the back was short at the hairline, but tapered longer as it got to the top of her head. At this point John could not take it, he came all over the robe, Diane just looked up and smiled, next was the sides, which were cut very short around the ears. John was in another world, as he was seeing Diane transformed. The top was next. Debbie pulled out the perm rods, Diane asked her if she had smaller rods, Debbie said yes. Diane was permed tight. After all the rods and lotion were put in she asked John what he wanted to do, he just smiled, Debbie left for a while, while they had the wildest sex ever.

After about an hour the rods were taken out, Diane’s hair was now very short and very curly, a little shorter than John had ever seen it and the curls were much smaller than ever. John was pleased, but Diane said they were not done. She asked John to sit in the chair. She told John that she also wanted to live out her fantasy. Diane handed a piece of paper to John and said for him to read it out loud. John opened it up and said, “Debbie, will you please give me a good old-fashioned crew cut?” John’s hair was thick and normal guy length, before John could say a word, Diane opened his robe, and started sucking him like there was no tomorrow. John was in a daze, and just when he felt Diane’s lips on his penis, he also felt the clippers roaring through his hair. Soon after many clumps of hair everywhere, John was the new owner of a very sharp looking crewcut. Diane and John had the wildest sex you could imagine that night, and the last words Diane said to John were, “The short curly look stays if the crewcut stays.”


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