What I Always Wanted to Do

What I Always Wanted to Do

What I Always Wanted To Do – EnjoyCut

She had to be there at one o’clock sharp to help out Joni. Her mother was very ill and Joni as her oldest daughter felt she should be there for her mother as much as she could. Pauline worked six days every week for the last three weeks, because of covering up for Joni, so she was glad to have at least this Tuesday morning for herself. It was not that she didn’t like the work, but…. “Ooueeeaahhhh… eight-thirty already… oooohh.” Pauline got out of bed and fixed herself some breakfast. Under a cup of tea she was listing the things she should do this morning. The list was huge, so she decided to set some priorities. FOOD! Due to the load of work she had used almost all the fast food meals she had stored in the freezer.

After finishing her tea she went upstairs for a shower. Pauline always took very good care of her hair. Being a barber you can’t allow yourself not to have your hair perfectly trimmed and in good health. But she never had it trimmed in her own barbershop. “This is a man’s place,” she always returned when the subject was brought up by her colleagues.

She blow-dried her hair, dressed, put on her make-up and she went to her car. Pauline had expected it to be much busier, so after buying some groceries and bringing priority-one stuff to the car, she sat herself down on the terrace and ordered an early lunch. As usual she had some white wine with it and decided to sit for a while and bring the stuff home afterwards and then go straight to work. It was a beautiful day and she ordered some more wine. Pauline always enjoyed looking at the people hurrying around. Then her eyes were caught by a young woman just leaving the salon right in front of her. This woman looked stunning with her hair cut short. Kind of boyish cut… around the ears… perfectly sharp-edged shape… very neat. Pauline was fascinated by the view, but surprised by the feelings this brought to her. By the different tints of the woman’s skin Pauline concluded that she had gone into the salon with a lot more hair covering the top of her body than she came out with. With the portrait carved in her memory she started fantasizing about what must have happened inside the salon. Being so tired the alcohol must have struck her harder. She came even without touching her ‘tools of enjoyment’.

She finished another glass of wine and paid. Walked to the salon and opened the door. She did not even have the intention to have a haircut, but she sat herself down just hoping to get a chance to see a haircut like the one she saw coming out of the shop 15 minutes ago. To her disappointment at this moment there were only long-haired women in the chairs, who apparently were staying long-haired. Nice fancy haircuts, though. But not what Pauline had come into this shop for. She decided to wait, because there were some others waiting. She closed her eyes, wishing to hear one of the next customers ask for a short haircut. Her fantasy and the alcohol took her to some place else when one of the stylists gently touched her and told her it was her turn.

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“Excuse me, madam, you’re next.”

“Oh, thanks… Sorry, I was…” Pauline felt embarrassed, not knowing how to respond.

The stylist just smiled and said, “It’s ok, don’t bother. Do you have to work a lot lately? Or did you not sleep well last night?” Pauline was struck by the friendly caring words of the stylist and didn’t feel comfortable telling her that she didn’t come for a haircut.

“Sometimes I myself feel I could sleep all day, you know,” she went on, walking to her station with the cape in her hands, winking Pauline to come over to her. Pauline wanted to run, but was captured by the friendliness and the beauty of this stylist.

“My name is Sue. Please sit down.”

Pauline walked to the chair and sat herself down. Inside of her a voice was yelling, ‘Nooo…. Don’t…. Get away from this place…. Is this really happening?’ But she couldn’t move, the words got stuck, never to be heard.

Since there were very few words coming from Pauline, Sue took the initiative completely and started to suggest some styles. She showed some photos to help Pauline to decide. Pauline felt helpless and thought she would ask for just a trim when a page was turned over and a photo appeared of a haircut just like she saw on the young woman leaving the salon this morning. A shiver went through her body and she could not take her eyes from the sight of this perfectly-shaped cut… the smooth neck. Sue noticed Pauline’s interest. “You like the short cut, do you?” Pauline felt a blush coming to her face.

“You have the features to carry this cut, you know. This morning I did this haircut on a young lady. She really looked good with her long hair, but stunning with the short cut.” That was all Pauline needed to hear to complete the discussion going on inside of her.

“Yes. I would like to go for that style.”

“Alright then, let’s get started.” Sue caped her and sprayed her hair, so it was easier to cut. Pauline closed her eyes and fantasized about what was going to happen.

Sue combed her hair and complimented her on it. “Your hair is so healthy, and shiny, it is almost a waste to cut it. How long have you been wearing it long?” But she didn’t wait for the answers as if she was afraid Pauline would change her mind.

SsssnniCKKK! Pauline now felt very aroused. She couldn’t see the result of the first cut, but she felt it was close to the hairline in the back. Sue combed it through again and made a second cut. Ssnickk… Sssnick… Sssnickk…

Now Pauline could get an impression of the cut looking in the mirror. Long strands of hair fell on the cape and found their way to the floor. When the left side was done she noticed half of her ear was exposed. Sue worked very quickly and showed to be a skillful, experienced stylist.

‘POP’ hummmmmmmmmm… Pauline was startled, hearing this familiar sound. She never thought clippers would be used in a salon. In the barbershop she worked you could hear them all the time. And somehow she always wondered how it would feel to have them used on herself. She found herself getting wet. She was really turned on by this long-awaited experience. She moved her head in anticipation to the clippers. Tried to look from the corner of her eyes to get a glimpse of the clippers at work. A sigh… watching her reflection change in the mirror. Closing her eyes, concentrating on ‘the feel’ of the vibrations on her skin caused by the humming, hair-mowing machine.

Sue attached the number 2 guard and started at the right side. Pushing the clippers against Pauline’s cheekbone she moved it upwards into the sideburns to her temples. Again and again the clippers were pushed upwards to reduce the hair to a quarter of an inch. An avalanche of hair was coming down. Pauline gazed at the sight of the healthy, shiny, well-kept hair raining down to the cape. And when there was too much it just tumbled down silently to the floor. She came again and tried to hide the roaring inside, moving her hands between her legs, slowly stimulating her soaking groin.

Sue changed the guard to a number 1 and started the same ritual. She didn’t move as high as the first time. The white skin was showing like it was on the young lady this morning. Who could have guessed that Pauline would sport the same cut within two hours later. Sue took off the guard and finished up the neckline reducing the length to practically none.

Sue put down the clippers and started to reduce the top. The short hair fell naturally in its own position as it was combed through. She cut it to one and a half inches all over. Then she tidied the neckline and scraped away the stray hairs with a straight razor. She put some gel on top and uncaped Pauline. Sue complimented her on the new style. Pauline blushed again, and paid.

“Be back in three weeks for a trim,” Sue said when Pauline left the salon.

“What has happened? What have I done? Is this a dream?” Pauline couldn’t believe what she saw in the shop windows.

But her confidence grew when she became aware of the admiring head turns of people passing her. It felt so light. She felt the softness of the bristles at her neckline and sideburns. She had to touch it over and over again. Suddenly she realized she had to hurry to be at work in time.

“Ohhh Pauline, what have you done?” her colleagues cried out to her when she entered the barbershop. But after the first shock and a closer look they all thought it looked great.

After she told Joni to say hello to her mother for her, Pauline dressed up for work in the back room and came out to invite her first customer to the chair.

“Who’s next?” It was a young man who was a regular customer. The man sat down and stared at Pauline’s hair. He smiled. And she returned his smile. She watched her hair in the mirror while caping the gentleman. He didn’t say a word. All he could do was gaze in awe. Looking in the mirror Pauline had strong feelings again remembering her own haircut this morning. She felt aroused again. The man still didn’t say a word. “What will it be?” Pauline asked, softly gazing in the mirror…. No response. Then she looked him straight into his eyes. “Would you… like me… to shave your head?” The man in the chair just gazed and then very slowly nodded his head. “Alright then, let’s get started.” POP… Hummmmmmmmmmm.


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