Erotica – Amanda

I suppose it has been about three years now that my boyfriend and I have been together as a couple. We first met when we were freshmen in college. He was majoring in Physics and wanted to be a chemist. I was majoring in Sociology and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life. It turned out that we were in the same AP statistics class that met on Monday nights. I was having trouble and by mid terms, I was failing miserably.

His name was Richard. I called him “Richard with the piercing blue eyes.” I loved his eyes; they were by far his best feature. They were calm and soothing and you could get lost in them. He volunteered to help me with the class. Of course I accepted. When it was time for the finals, I passed with flying colors. When the semester was over, we decided that we should keep seeing each other. I loved his body; it was the perfect temple for such a holy being. We spent many night roaming around the campus, holding hands, making plans, and just falling asleep in each other’s arms. I knew from the start that it was love at first sight.

Back to now. We are juniors in college and we decided to buy a penthouse apartment together. It was a two-story dream house. The first floor had a living room and huge kitchen with a screen door and patio that led out into the garden. The second floor had a huge master bedroom and a bathroom and a stairway that led to the roof of the penthouse. On hot nights we would creep up to the roof and strip down to nude. We would lay on the cool tar and stare at the sky for hours just talking and whispering sweet things in each other’s ears. Sometimes we would just fall asleep on the rooftop, and wake up very late in the day, hoping that no one had seen us. Our favorite thing to do on the roof was to sit and skip stones into the creek below. He could always beat me. My rock would only go two or three times and his would always go six or seven.

One night I had just come home from work and I was sitting on the couch watching TV. I jumped in the shower and was now sitting by the TV waiting for my boyfriend to come in. It was getting close to seven when he came striding in the door. He ran upstairs without even saying hello, and then came back down. He looked at me and smiled.

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“I’ve been waiting for you,” I said in my serene voice.

“Honey,” he said with love in his voice, “I want you to share in this new experience with me.” I gave him a puzzled look and stayed on the couch. “Well, are you coming?” he asked.

“Coming where?” I asked.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

“I…” Before I could finish he started up the stairs. I jumped to my feet and followed him. I grabbed him around the waist and whispered in his ear, “Of course I do.”

We walked to the bedroom and he sat me down on the bed. He began to tie a blindfold around my head. “What are you…?” He put his finger to my lips, to get me to hush. He stood me up and guided me up the steps to the roof. I was totally at his mercy. I didn’t know where I was, except that I was on the roof. He guided me to the ledge and then helped me stand up on it. “Oh!” I shouted in surprise, for I thought I might fall. Again he moved his finger to my lips and hushed them. I could feel his faint breathing on my neck, under all my thick curly hair. He slowly started to undo the buttons on my top. It slid over my shoulders and down my arms to the ground. I shuddered. The air was cold and there was a slight breeze. His next move made me excited and scared. He unhooked my bra and let it slide to the ground. Oh my God! What if someone saw us? What if my parents decided to drop by for a visit? I was so nervous and yet so excited by his erotic gestures. Richard read my mind. He reached around from behind me and used his big warm hands to gently massage my ample breasts. He covered my nipples and most of the showing cleavage. This made me relax a little. Now I could focus on the sexual attitude of the moment.

Richard slipped his hands over my breasts a few more times before reaching for the button of my jeans. He started to unzip my jeans. They fell loosely to my ankles. He reached his hand into my panties and began to pet my bush. I was in ecstasy and trying to hold it. He slid my panties over my waist and down to my ankles. He lifted me off the ledge and out of my jeans and panties. He turned me around so I was facing him. He stood me on the ledge and carefully untied my blindfold. I stood completely nude facing him on the rooftop. He wrapped his arms around me and I embraced him. He began to squeeze my ass and I tried to moan, but he buried my lips in his shirt. He massaged me until I could hardly stand. I fell limply into his arms. He lifted me off the ledge and carried me cradle-style down the stairs to our bedroom. He laid me on the bed and quickly removed his jeans only to reveal his totally erect penis. He climbed onto me and inserted himself. No sooner then he had entered me he exploded within me. This went on for nearly an hour. When he stopped I was out of breath.

He took his hands and buried them deep in my mane of hair. It was thick and long. It was many inches past my shoulders and so thick, I needed a special 3-inch brush to brush through it. It was tight and curly, and bounced about with a blink of my eye. I looked up and smiled. He whispered in my ear, “Do you love me?” I smiled and nodded trying to keep with the silent motif. He got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. He returned a moment later hiding something behind his back. “Close your eyes,” he said. I obeyed.

He crawled up onto the bed and sat between my legs. He gently pushed them to a spread-eagle position. I was curious and aroused. I heard a small pop and then a low hum filled the room. He had found my vibrator. He pushed my body up a little so I was half sitting, half lying. “Okay,” he whispered, “you may open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes and gazed at him. His piercing blue eyes gazed back and he had a mischievous grin on his face. I stared at his hand. He was holding the blue pair of cordless clippers I had bought him last Christmas. Before I could say a word, he pushed them up into my thick, luxurious bush. He was shaving my pussy! It felt so good, but my bush, my beautiful mound was reduced to mere stubble within minutes. I was in shock. I had prided myself on my lovely bush; it was my crowning sexual glory, next to my boobs and my hair. He reached to the nightstand and picked up a spray can of whipped cream. He sprayed it all over my pussy, and made it very thick at my lips. He knelt his head to my vagina and licked me cleaned. Oh my God! It felt so good, I began to come, and my juices flowed like they had never flowed before. When he was done, he grabbed a can of shaving cream and lathered my bush up. He grabbed a razor this time and instead of his tongue, the razor made me clean. I was smooth, like I was when I was a child.

This new feeling had turned me on so. I aggressively forced him on his back and forcefully pushed his legs to spread-eagle position. I picked up the still buzzing clippers and began to shave him. With each denuding pass, his penis got more and more erect. I then took the whipped cream and sprayed his crotch. I licked him clean. Then I stopped to suck him down. He was thrusting so hard that I could hardly breathe in between swallows. Finally he removed his penis from my mouth and I lathered him up and shaved him clean. This again caused another erection, and immediately after, we had sex. He pumped and I moaned, but quietly because the silence was wonderful.

After he withdrew, I collapsed on the bed. Richard picked me up and carried me back up the stairs, totally nude, onto the roof. He rolled me onto my back and he caressed my breasts, and rushed his hands through my hair. I tried to rub his chest but I was so tired from all the sex and crazy events. He stroked my face, and licked my tits. I was in such pleasure, that I didn’t realize what my boyfriend was about to do. I looked up at him and smiled. He looked at me and then he pulled the clippers out from behind his back. They popped to life with a low hum. He positioned the clippers above my head. I tried to protest, but it was too late. CCCRRUUNNNNCCCHH! went the clippers as they plowed through my mane. My curls went everywhere. I couldn’t protest. I was totally powerless. My mane of twenty years was being reduced to curly stubble. A tear fell from my cheek, and Richard stopped long enough to wipe it away and give me a long and reassuring kiss. He continued to mow the clippers through my mane.

I suddenly realized how good this felt. I was actually being turned on by this clipping experience. I was in awe. I began to smile, and my boyfriend saw that smile. He stopped again, and this time he picked up some of my detached hair and dropped it on my chest. It tickled me and I laughed. He laughed and finished shaving my hair. It felt sooooo good. I loved every minute of it. I kinda hoped it wouldn’t end. When he put the clippers on the ground, he pulled me up to a sitting position. I grabbed him and he began to come, so he quickly slipped inside of me. I pulled my right hand to my head. Where my very thick curly mane once stood, a small soft, fluffy layer of curls lay in its wake. All over, my hair was about an inch long. It was completely curly and extremely soft. I loved it. I began to wonder why Richard didn’t do this sooner.

As he was pumping, I got an idea. I scooped up the clippers and popped them to life. I pushed them into Richard’s hair. It was thick and blonde. I pushed the clippers through his hair, and he looked up and smiled a confused smile. Then he began to realize that I wanted control too. He relaxed and pumped harder. I pushed the clippers up past his crown and down around his sideburns and then past his ears. I set the clippers and down and rubbed his fuzzy head. He smiled, and started to rub my curls. He pulled out and I rolled over.

It took us a good ten minutes to catch our breath. Then we realized that we were totally nude on the rooftop and had made love and done a few other things for over three hours. I grabbed the old blanket that I kept out here for midnight picnics. I pulled Richard close to me and offered him the blanket. He took it and then tossed it over the roof. I stared at him and just laughed. I got up and sat back down in his lap. His crotch was so smooth. I caressed his balls and he rubbed his hands through my waify hair. He held me tight and I kissed him. We kissed for an eternity and then we fell asleep.

When we woke, the sun was just beginning to dawn. We looked at the sunrise and kissed each other. I whispered into his ear, “Don’t ever leave me, promise?” He whispered back, “I promise, do you love me?” I looked at him, smiled and gave him a long and sexy kiss. I simply nodded my head. My shortly cropped curls bounced around and we kissed some more. I never grew my hair out again and neither did Richard. We are still together and on that same night one year later, he proposed to me, and all I could do was nod my head and smile.

The End


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