Puff of Smoke

Puff of Smoke

A Puff Of Smoke – Sh_Aver

I had never visited this house before. The customer – I did not even know her name – had rung the previous evening and asked me to come round straightaway. I apologised and explained that it just wasn’t possible, it had been along day and I was tired and needed to get home and rest. She told me that she would wait, she knew that I was one of the best home haircutters in the area and she would be happy to wait. So it was, 24 hours after her first speculative call, my finger pressed the doorbell. All that I knew of my unseen customer was her address, a rather large, detached house in the more affluent side of town. Although I trained as a stylist it was not my “main” job, merely a skill I used to earn me some extra money – mainly it financed my socialising and shopping trips. After leaving school I trained for 2 years and then worked in a busy ladies only salon, a job I left after 5 years to pursue a new career. It was only in the last 18 months I drew upon my hairdressing skills to give me a bit more money in my purse. I had built up a healthy number of clients through word of mouth; what started through friends had grown to friends of friends and then to the work colleagues of friends. Most of my clients were generous and tipped well in excess of my fees, probably because I spent more time on them than they would get in a salon and most appreciated this. As well as hairdressing I had also started to offer a wider range of beauty treatments.

The chimes from the bell died down and I saw someone approach through the frosted glass, through which I saw a hand reach towards the catch and the door was pulled open more quickly than I expected and I must have looked pretty startled when my new client greeted me.

“Hello, you must be Rachel.” I regained my composure and nodded to her as I said good evening. “Well come in, it looks like you have got all you need there.” She gestured down to my leather sports bag in which I carried around my equipment. As she led me into a lounge she continued to chat away. “It was a shame you couldn’t make it yesterday, but it has given me more time, and I have enjoyed the wait.” Her last words struck me as being strange and I wondered what she meant. She pointed to a seat and as I sat down she sat opposite me, she leant across to the coffee table and picked up a pack of cigarettes, took one out and placed it between her lips. She raised her lighter and as she lit it her eyes closed, she breathed in deeply then exhaled. Through the hazy blue smoke I saw a large smile spread across her face. She presented the open packet to me, and despite sworn intentions to give up I was happy to take a cigarette and she leant forward to light it for me. After we had both had long enough to take a couple of drags, she spoke. Again, what she said surprised me. “I suppose you wonder why you are here?” Strange question I thought as I assumed I was here to cut hair! “Well, I got your name through a friend. She said you were good, very good in fact, experienced and discreet, so I thought I’d see what you were like and what you did.”

“Well, I’m experienced and I like to think I am in touch with the latest fashions and techniques.” I was pleased that at last I managed to contribute a little to the conversation.

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“Oh, I am sure you are,” she continued. “I know that you were employed in a salon and have many satisfied professionals amongst your clientele. I am also reassured that whatever happens tonight won’t go any further”

The whole scene was starting to feel very strange and I started to feel uneasy. I was glad of the cigarette to steady my nerves. Suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed as if she realised how strangely she was acting. She drew on her cigarette again. I noticed how she lingered over each breath in, as if savouring the sensation. The way she blew out her smoke suggested she found the whole experience a very sensuous one. “Oh God, you don’t even know my name,” she suddenly realised how strange the situation was. “I’m Jenny, by the way. One of my friends recommended you,” but that was as far as her explanation went. “I know how much you charge and I will pay you $100 for the cut -” This was way beyond what I normally charged. “- but I demand total privacy and secrecy of what I ask.” I felt that Jenny expected a reply and I heard myself agree to what she said although I can’t remember making a definite decision.

“Good,” she said. “May I take a look in your bag?” and without giving me time to answer she reached down and picked it up and placed it on her lap. She unzipped it and began to rummage through its contents. Of course I knew what was in there but she appeared surprised by its contents. She paused her exploration to light another cigarette and with it between her lips she continued to explore, this time selecting items and taking them out of the bag.

I was becoming used to her strange manner and for the first time I was able to take a look at her and begin to evaluate what she might want done with her hair. Her hair was long, and naturally a light brown, as this was the colour of her hair near her roots. At one point in the recent past she had bleached her hair, streaked as it was with blonde highlights that darkened to a gingery brown as it neared her scalp. She wore her hair back, swept off the face and restrained by a black Alice band. Each of her ears was adorned with multiple piercings, a combination of studs and rings with three or four in each ear. Her make-up was basic, as in truth she did not need a lot, her features were well-defined and angular. She wore a loose, long-sleeved top and white pedal-pushers that showed off a golden tan. As I looked at her I became conscious of the feelings I was experiencing and I sat up quickly to bring my thoughts to a premature end. I leant across to put my cigarette end into the ashtray and noticed what Jenny held in her hand. She was holding my set of clippers and she was gazing at them with a look of what I interpreted to be excitement and wonder.

“Do you use these?” she asked

“Yes, on occasion, when the cut demands.”

“But I thought you only cut ladies’ hair?”

This was true, as I was wary of visiting men at home. “I do, but there are some cuts that are best achieved with the clippers.”

Jenny fell silent, as if lost in thought. “Of course,” she whispered quietly. “I see.” Like me some moments earlier she quickly sat upright, as if realising how her thoughts had wandered.

“Rachel.” She leant forward as she spoke to me. “I do want you to cut my hair. I have given it a lot of thought, especially since last night and I don’t think I could trust myself with a better person.”

How she could come to such a conclusion after 10 minutes I didn’t know, but $100 was $100 after all.

“Again all I ask is that what we do remains confidential and a strict secret, you must do what I ask of you at all times, and carry out my wishes without question.”

I thought what was there about a hairstyle I could question? And I began to think of the possibilities: at worst I was expecting her to ask me to dye her hair to disguise her roots, and I had no problem with that. Maybe she wanted it coloured in a more exciting and radical way, which, given the latest trends and advances in colouring, wasn’t a problem either. I had a wide range of colours in the car. A trim was certainly needed – I had already noticed how her hair was rather dry at the ends and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some major split ends. Her hair cascaded down to her shoulders and then curled up again, so it bounced off her shoulders in a natural wave. A classic bob would look good, as would a style taking it over her ears, keeping most of the length but just cutting enough off to improve the condition and the appearance.

Satisfied that I could handle whatever she wanted I agreed. “Yes, whatever you want, you’re the customer,” I said and smiled to her.

Most of the contents of my equipment bag lay arranged around Jenny as she sat. She paused from smoking and issued her instructions.

“Obviously, I want you to cut my hair, but I am afraid I do not have a single idea of what style I want. I do know I want you to use these -” she held up the clippers. “- they look like they mean business. I bet they could sort this mess out in a few seconds.” She was careful of the cigarette as she moved her other hand through her hair. I’m sure I saw a glint in her eye as she spoke. She continued, “You must think I am strange but I will thank you for indulging me. Now we must go and get ready.

“I suppose you will want to wash my hair. I’ll have to put this out then.” She waved her cigarette in the air, its glowing tip leaving a trail of blue smoke as she danced it through the air. Virtually from the first time I had seen this woman she had been smoking, as one cigarette died, she lit a new one to take its place between her well-manicured and plum-coated fingernails. From what I know now maybe a lot of this was down to her nerves and it was her way of “burning off” her nervous energy, she certainly put a lot into her smoking and seemed to derive great satisfaction from each puff.

“I’ll just go and put on something more suitable.” Her voice trailed off as she walked into what I presumed to be her bedroom. She soon re-emerged wrapped up in a dark green silk gown. Her hair was freed from its band and I noticed how long and slender her tanned neck was, her skin was free from blemishes and I failed to see any signs that betrayed her age, that I had estimated to be early 40s. Her new attire seemed to relax her and she began to chat as I washed her hair.

By the murmurings she made I could tell she enjoyed feeling my hands massaging her scalp, and I took a bit longer to wash and rinse than was necessary. Soon I had to finish and I gently towel-dried her hair.

“Good, I guess its time for you to cut now, Rachel?” Jenny enquired as I started to run a comb through her hair.

I had decided on a chin-length bob, but I had not told her of what I had chosen. I parted her hair in the middle and combed it out so it hung all around her. I held up the scissors, carefully lining up the first cut. There was about 3 inches of hair that hung below the level of where the scissors’ blades would soon meet. As they met, her wet hair fell away and landed on the floor. I continued to cut on her left side, working along a line level with her chin. As I cut backwards toward the ear I was aware that Jenny was trying to keep her eyes on me as much as possible, and it unnerved me slightly which made the precision of the cut all the harder. Soon I had the left-hand side of her hair to the desired length.

“It feels better already,” Jenny said, then, “you don’t mind, do you?” as she lit up another cigarette. “Do you want one, Rachel?” I declined her offer, knowing that it would be wasted as I had my hands full with my equipment and it was not the best idea for me to keep stopping as I cut. The haze of blue smoke appeared again as I moved behind her and began cutting the hair at the back of her head. I had soon cut this to the required length and the scissors continued their journey, working back towards her face. Jenny seemed to synchronise her smoking with the snips of the blades. As more of her hair fell to the floor she exhaled and produced more smoke, as if each cut enhanced the satisfaction she felt.

I soon had 75% of the cut complete, all I had to do now was cut the fringe in. Long ago I had decided to reveal her face, as I didn’t think it would suit her to have to wear her hair behind the ears. I began my cut, moving the scissors into a position where I would cut a fringe level with her eyebrows. As I positioned the scissors her face was hidden from me. My face was about 6 inches from Jenny’s and she had paused her smoking to allow me to get nearer her. The first cut revealed her right eye, and again I was conscious of her looking right at me as I cut. With each snip more of Jenny was revealed, as was a broad smile.

“Excellent work, Rachel.”

“I’m not done yet, I need to dry it off for you,” I replied.

“Oh, that can wait,” she reassured me. “I’d like to try another of your treatments. I believe that as part of a facial you would re-shape my eyebrows.”

She had rather luxuriant eyebrows, which in all honesty would benefit from a few selected tweaks with the tweezers here or there, and gently pulling her head backwards I rested her head on my breasts as I carefully plucked away to reveal a more defined shape to her brows.

Once I had finished Jenny sat up. Her hair was almost dry and I was pleased with my work. I thought that my work was finished for the day when she offered me another cigarette before taking yet another one for herself. Jenny sat upright and as I held a mirror for her she ran her hands over her head and through her hair, she bounced the hair on her hands before pausing.

“It’s very good, there’s no denying that, and my eyebrows look so much better, but…”

But? I waited for her to continue.

“You did not do as I asked.”

“No?” I was confused.

“Rachel, you failed to use these.” Pointing, she continued, “The clippers, I specifically asked you to use the clippers.” She had, and I had forgotten, what could I do now? It was clear she wanted the clippers used, but what style?

“I’m not sure how I could use them now, I’m afraid, there is little else for me to cut, without ruining the style.” I tried to explain, but I had a funny feeling I was wasting my breath.

“Well, you’ll just have to re-style, using the clippers, do you have any idea what you could do?”

“I could undercut the bob, but as your hair is so fine it would ruin all the shape, your hair would hang down, close to your head. It wouldn’t look good.”

“But you must be able to cut it?” Jenny was almost pleading with me now.

“Well, I could, yes.”

“Excellent, that’s it then, please start cutting again, but don’t tell me, I want to be surprised.”

I could guarantee she would be.

Picking up the clippers in my right hand and the comb in my left, I started to comb at the back of her head. I took the guard of the clippers, and blew on the bare blades to clean them of any hairs,

“Remember Rachel, surprise me, you can cut how you wish.”

Turning the clippers on I placed them at Jenny’s neckline.

“Oh, that feels funny,” she said. Wait until I do this then, I thought as I pushed the clippers up her nape. Hair flew from the blades, and the clippers cut her hair far easier than I expected. Soon they met the line of the comb that I held at a line level with the occipital bone. Below the comb there was a 2-inch wide strip, devoid off all hair, save for the finest fuzz. I continued to shave the rest of her nape in the same way, marvelling at the efficiency and speed of the clippers in reducing Jenny’s neck to baldness.

“Right, that’s short, now I just need to style it, so front and back fit together.”

“How much did you cut off, Rachel, it felt like there was a lot.”

“There was,” I assured her. “I don’t think I could have got it any shorter.”

“Really, well that’s what I asked you for. I did say do what you want and I did say use the clippers.”

I set about cutting more of Jenny’s hair. I modified her existing cut, so the line of the bob sloped down to chin level, up to a line high above her ears. It required me to use the scissors to cut off quite a bit to blend in the sides. I finished off with the clippers, buzzing over each ear to blend in with her shaven nape.

“Get the mirror, show me what you have done,” she said excitedly. I did as she asked and held it so she could see her new haircut, and its new, high hairline. Her eyes opened wide.

“That looks…” and her fingers rushed to her nape.

“Bald.” I finished her sentence

“Yes, but there is some left,” she confirmed, as her fingers brushed over her shaved stubble. “It feels so soft, not at all how I would have thought.”

I was really pleased with the cut I had just done, it was the most exciting cut I had given in a while. The contrast between the shaved neck and the hair on the rest of her head was quite striking, very sexy and sophisticated. Lighting up her latest cigarette, Jenny sucked in eagerly.

“These can really do the job, can’t they?” Jenny said of the clippers.

“Well, yes, but I did use them without the guard on, so they cut pretty close to the skin straight away.”

“It was a very strange feeling as you cut, the first time I felt it I was all nervous, but as you cut more away I really got into it,” Jenny spoke excitedly, “so they get used a lot on men?”

“Because they have shorter cuts, it’s a lot quicker, you can remove a lot of hair quickly.”

“Yes, I have seen what you mean. They must be ideal for crew-cuts?”

“That’s mainly what they are used for, but like I said I don’t cut men’s hair, so I’ve never really cut hair as short has I have on your neck there.” I only meant to gesture towards her neck, but my fingertips touched her bare skin. She shuddered. I was shocked by how I felt at the touch, her skin felt so soft, so vulnerable.

Jenny held out her hands, requesting the clippers, again she inspected them as closely as she had before.

“I see the guard would go on here.” She indicated towards the teeth

“Yes, without them there is nothing to stop the blades from going wild.”

“Of course,” Jenny said and switched them on. “They buzz a lot don’t they, doesn’t it have an effect on you?” I knew what she meant and gave her a knowing smile.

Suddenly Jenny’s hand moved she held the clippers, still switched on against her forehead. Before I could say anything her arm had moved backwards, the clippers had moved into her hair and she had cut four inches back from her forehead. Her pale scalp was clearly visible. I was shocked, but she remained calm.

“Oh dear, what have I done?” She spoke as if she knew exactly what she had done, I knew she meant to. “What can you do now Rachel?” she asked. There was little I could do, there was no way to disguise it. The only thing to do was to continue what she had started. So I told her.

“I thought that might be what you had to do, go on then.”

As I passed the bared clippers over her head, the rest of her hair showered around her head, before falling to the floor. Jenny’s cut had been a close one, she had angled the clippers in such a way that there was little hair left. As I passed the clippers over the rest of her head it was still obvious where she had cut, and I was also struggling to blend it in with the hair I had shaved from her neck.

“Jenny,” I said nervously, “it’s not working, the cut you made was so close to the skin, there really is no way I can disguise it.”

“Then don’t,” she said, very matter-of-factly, “you’ll have to shave it all off.”

“But, that will make…”

“Me bald, yes I know, it’s what I want, it’s what I wanted since you walked through my door. It’s why I was prepared to wait for you. My friends had described you, they said you were an excellent hairdresser and they were right, they said you were reliable, and you were, they said you were discreet and I believe them. What they didn’t tell me was how attractive you were.”

I blushed at her compliments, especially the last. “I never told you what style I wanted, I tried to steer you towards it, but I suppose you didn’t know how far I was prepared to go, how far I wanted you to go. The minute I felt those clippers on my neck I was itching for them to run wild all over my head, clipping off all my hair. You didn’t notice me blush as you shaved my neck did you? The buzzing might not have been strong enough for you, but it hit the right spot with me.”

My first feelings about Jenny being strange had been borne out.

“I’m afraid I was playing with you, the two cuts you gave me were excellent. I really did enjoy them, and I will pay you for each one, but now you have one last haircut to give me, and that is I wish you to shave my head. After all, everywhere else on my body is shaved,” and she pulled her gown to one side to reveal a smoothly shaven pussy. “I shaved just before you came, I wanted to see how it felt to have an area usually hairy shaved smooth and bald. It felt so good, shaving and being shaved that I knew it was the right thing for you to shave my head. If I had asked you straight out to shave my head, I don’t think you would have stayed five minutes, would you Rachel?”


“Probably not. Anyway, you have stayed, and you shaved part of my head, I just finished what you started. And now I want you to make my head as smooth as the rest of me. If you need some foam and razors they are through there.”

I walked into the room she pointed at and returned with a can of foam, razors and a hot flannel. I wet her head and covered it in foam before slowly shaving her remaining stubble. As I shaved Jenny made no secret of her masturbation, I could clearly see her fingers disappearing between the shaven lips of her labia. As I shaved her I was aware that I was becoming as excited as she was. Soon my scraping had finished and her head was smooth and bald. She took her hands from between her legs and ran them over her head.

“Oh, God, that is so good, you feel, Rachel.”

I allowed my hands to be guided to her smooth head. Jenny continued to rub and feel her head.

“Wait a minute, you missed some,” she said. I looked to where her hands were at her temples, but so sharp were the razors there was no sign of any hair.

I touched her skin to confirm.

“I don’t see any hair left,” I told her.

“Look here,” she said, pointing to her eyebrows.

“Surely you don’t want me to…”

“I’m not going to be hairless unless you do, and there’s no need for that,” she said taking away the foam. Taking the finger she had just stroked between her legs she ran it along each eyebrow, before licking it with her tongue. “There, that she ease the razor’s path,” she smiled and closed her eyes. As I moved the razor to her brows and removed each line of remaining hair, Jenny once again played with herself.

Once I had completed the shaving Jenny stood up, allowing the dressing gown to fall away. She stood naked and hairless in front of me. Although a strange and peculiar sight, it was one that intrigued me. Never did I ever dream of cutting a woman’s hair so short, never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined cutting hair in such a strange manner. Jenny’s nakedness displayed all her hairless features: her smoothly tanned legs, her freshly shaven pussy, the mound of her vulva, and her arousal evident, the pink lips of her pussy, visible, freed from the veil of pubic hair. Her smoothly shaven head, her eyes accentuated by the absence of eyebrows. She stood there smiling, feeling herself all over. She supplied herself with another cigarette and, inhaling, she made the tip light up. “Mmmm,” she moaned lightly, before exhaling and surrounding her bald beauty in blue smoke

The smoke cleared, and she took her cigarette from her mouth and flicked her ash to the floor. She let her hands stroke over her head, down her body to her shaven pussy. Smiling again she spoke to me.

“Your turn now, Rachel,” and she beckoned to the chair.

To be continued……..

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