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“AP – NEW YORK Gillette and Company announced today that their new women’s facial hair management product called Vaniqa has passed final FDA trials and will be available on the market within three to four weeks.

Vaniqa is the latest development in a series of non-steroidal hair growth suppressing compounds the company has been developing over the last several years. This new compound is a topical hormone that has been proven to suppress hair growth within days of use and is 100% effective when used daily for more than one month.

The company says that Vaniqa suppresses facial hair growth, is not permanent, and that its effects wear off when usage ends. The product will be marketed to women of Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern descent who have facial hair, particularly upper lip hair, that is dark and difficult to control by traditional methods of tweezing and waxing.

Gillette and Co states that they expect to sell approximately $100M of the product and its derivatives globally this year.”

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Bill folded the paper and looked at his wife. He had known her since childhood and he adored her. Her maiden name had been LaPorta and even though her parents had been in the US for over 50 years, to this day had trouble speaking English. They were much more comfortable in their native Italian. Maria had always been self-conscious of her dark arm hair and fuzzy upper lip. Since she had their first child her “matron’s moustache” (her mother’s horrid phrase) had become much more pronounced.

It was to the point now that she had it waxed weekly and bleached just as often. Also since her first child she developed extended sideburns hair and some scraggles on her chin. She thoroughly hated them and on several occasions she asked Bill the dreaded, “Do you still find me attractive?” question.

He loved her through and through, but, as he looked at her playing with the baby he had to admit that the hair lip was beginning to get a bit much and had to go. This new product from Gillette might finally do the trick. He walked over and took the baby and handed her the folded paper. “I got her. Read this and tell me what you think.”

As he played with his infant daughter he observed his wife’s reaction. She finished the article and looked at him. “So what are you trying to tell me?”

“Now don’t start getting upset. How many times in the past five months have you complained about the waxing and tweezing and bleaching? You’ve been bitching about since you got pregnant. This looks like what you need. Am I wrong or not?”

“No, you’re right. I’m sorry.”

“Maria, you know I love you. I’d love you if you had a beard like mine or if you were completely bald. I’d love you no matter what and you know that,” he said with great passion in his voice.

She came over and kissed him on the forehead. “Thanks, hun.” She went to the kitchen and called her OB-Gyn and asked to speak with her. Surprisingly enough she was free. Maria spoke to her for a couple minutes and then called a female dermatologist she recommended. After another short explanation she had an appointment in three weeks.

“Bill, the doctor said to stop the depilatory treatments until I see her.”

He kissed her on the cheek. “Like I said, ‘fuzzy or bald.'”

They put the baby down on its play mat and embraced and soon after were making love.

The next month Maria had her Vaniqa and began using it. A month later she noticed that her hair lip was completely gone and her sideburns as well. Bill commented on her smooth look. The baby was now almost nine months and Maria had at last lost her 35 pound weight gain. She was fit and trim and Bill loved her all the more. She just had that motherly glow.

Maria wondered about removing her heavy arm hair and asked the doctor whether she could get more Vaniqa and if would it work. The doctor said it would and increased her prescription accordingly. The doctor told her that Vaniqa would work on any hair and that it was safe for bikini line use. “Can you change it so I have enough for my legs too?” she asked.

“Sure thing. I’ll let you in a little secret. I use it too and on my bikini line as well, so between us girls – go have fun,” the doctor said with a wink.

By the time the baby was eleven months old her thick black arm hair was gone, she no longer needed to shave her legs and her husband had a new-found joy in her perfectly smooth crotch. He was like a little kid with a new toy.

One evening after making love she asked him the question that all men hate. “Honey, do still find me attractive?”

He groaned. “Not this again. Not to be crude, but, I did just fuck your brains out and if that doesn’t say ‘I love you’ better than flowers I don’t know what does,” he said.

“No, I mean now that I’m smoother. I just figured that maybe you liked me better when I was hairy.”

“Babe, how many times do I have to say it. Fuzzy or bald I’d love you no matter what.”

She rolled in close and snuggled him. “Thanks.” She paused and took a deep breath. “About what you just said, are you really serious, I mean about the bald part?”

Alarms went off in his head and he became fully alert and rolled to look at her. “OK, you now have my full attention. Please don’t beat around the bush. In 25 words or less what are you trying to say.”

“I talked to the doctor about my Vaniqa prescription. She says it can be safely used on the scalp. I’d like to try it.”

He was thunderstruck.

“Bill,” she began with a confident voice, “I’ve been this hairy Italian woman all my life. I’ve had to shave my legs three times a week since puberty, wax my upper lip since I was 20 and after having Melissa I’ve felt like some kind hairy ape. Since I’ve started using the Vaniqa I’ve felt like a real woman for the first time in my life. I want to take it further. I want to be completely hairless from head to toe. I want to be free.”

From the position on his side Bill looked at her. “You’re serious aren’t you. I mean really serious.”

“Yes. I don’t want any hair left on my body – at all.”

“Let me see if I’m getting this, ’cause I’ll be honest, I’m waiting for the alarm to go off and wake me up. You’re telling me you want me to shave your head so you can use that Vaniqa stuff to stop your hair from growing.”

Maria sighed slightly, he obviously thought she was nuts and was trying to talk her out of it. “Yes, that is precisely what I’m saying.”

“All your hair, eyebrows too?”

She chuckled. “Well that I don’t know about. I’ll have to see what I look like bald.”

“Hun, I don’t know what to say.”

“Just tell me that you love me, hug me, and then take me to the bathroom and shave me.”

He broke her gaze and looked away into the distance. She knew this look. It was his decision look. Well if he said no she was damn well going to get up and do it herself.

Bill got out of bed and walked around to Maria’s side. “Get up, please,” he said with slight tone of command. She stood. He gave her a big enveloping hug. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ll love you fuzzy or bald. I’ve loved you for years fuzzy. So I’m willing to give bald a whirl.” He took her hand and led her toward the bathroom. “C’mon there ‘Ole Paint’, let’s get you shaved,” he said in his best cowboy drawl.

Once in the bathroom he fumbled around for his Braun beard trimmer. “Do you think that will work?” she asked.

“I guess we’ll find out,” Bill replied and flipped the small clipper on. He left the long beard grooming attachment on and began to clipper her hair at the back. It was slow going compared to a real set of clippers, but slow was probably more fun anyway. Her worked her nape in several passes running the small clippers up to the occipital. As an experiment he removed the long grooming attachment and ran bare clippers over the back of her neck. A very fine fuzz was left behind like a one day growth of his own beard. “I think this will work just fine.”

He then moved to the front of her. Maria commented on the bulge in his shorts. “Yeah, well, it’s an autonomic response.”

Bill turned the clippers over in his hand so he could cut through her thick hair. This left the front and sides in a ragged patchwork. After that he took the long attachment and ran it through from cheek to temple and then over her bangs.

Maria watched her slow transformation and was fascinated. She began to see the shape of her head form before her eyes for the first time. The shape of her eyes appeared to change and they appeared to get wider apart. She saw her ears for the first time without hair tucked behind them and they were smaller than she thought. She decided that she would need bigger earrings.

While Maria was daydreaming Bill had changed back to the closer attachment and had clippered the sides and most of the front of her head. What was left was the longest and thickest hair at her crown. “Bill, let me try that.”

Maria took the little clippers from her husband and left the long grooming attachment off and ever-so-slowly began to move them through the thick hank of hair. The clippers changed pitch when they encountered the thickest part. With the change in pitch the last of Maria’s hair began to fall to her shoulders. Bill was mesmerized. Here he was watching his wife shave her own head. All he could think of was the opening lines to all those ‘Penthouse Forum’ stories that always seemed to begin: “I’m from a small Midwestern town and I never thought I’d be writing you, but…”

“So shit like this does really happen,” he said, not entirely to himself.

“What – what was that?” she asked.

Bill chuckled, “Oh I was just thinking about how surreal this is.” He looked at her, “Maria, my love, to add to this surrealism would you mind terribly if I relieved myself?”

“Why, no my sweet,” she said as she clippered away the last of her hair. She rubbed her head. “Wow, does that feel good,” she thought.

Maria then began to run the naked clippers over her own scalp to even out the mess Bill had left. She was to concentrated on working backhanded while watching herself in the mirror to notice that Bill had masturbated into the toilet bowl. She enjoyed the feeling of the clippers and really began to appreciate how good she was going to look once all her hair was gone.

Maria finished the clippering and turned to Bill, “Hun, I don’t think I can shave this myself without drawing blood.”

“No problem.” Bill clicked a new blade into Maria’s ‘Lady Schick’ and lathered her scalp with her aloe-based leg shaving cream. The rest was anticlimactic. Bill worked the razor slowly in little patches, lathered her up again and finished with a series of long strokes.

When he was done she was as smooth as could be. She felt a little bit of razor burn so Bill applied some hand lotion to her hairless head. The final effect was nothing short of miraculous and perhaps a bit odd. Maria just sat and stared at her hairless reflection. The lotion left her head with an odd shine to it. That plus she didn’t like the ghostly white of her scalp compared to her olive colored skin.

“You like?” Bill asked.

“I love it. I’ll need to tan it a bit. This looks a little freaky just now. How ’bout you?”

Bill stepped in behind her, hugged her lightly and kissed the very top of her head. “I love it.”

Maria turned in his embrace and hugged him back. “The doctor says I should wait a couple of days for the razor burn to subside. After that I’ll start using the Vaniqa twice a day. Five weeks from now you’ll never know I ever had any hair.”

Bill kissed her again, picked up, and carried her to the bed room. It would be safe to say that they fucked like bunnies for the rest of the day.

Three days later Maria applied a liberal amount of Vaniqa over her 5 o’clock shadow when she got out of the shower. She did the same when she got home from work. By Friday of that week she noticed that the rough texture of her scalp had softened some. She decided to risk another shave and did so in the shower Saturday morning. There was no sense of abrasion this time so she spread on more Vaniqa after she dried off.

Maria noticed that her 5 o’clock shadow took till the following Saturday to return, a full week.

Over the next four weeks the synthetic hormone completed its work. Maria had shaved again three weeks earlier and there had been no new hair growth since. Six trips to a tanning salon had rid her of the ghostly white glow of her shaven head. That evening over a romantic dinner Maria told Bill she was now utterly hairless. “I have some news.”

“I figured as much. Is it what I think?”

“Yes. The Vaniqa has done its job. Come feel.”

Bill got up from his seat and walked around the table and touched her head. It was smooth as silk and utterly hairless. You couldn’t even see the dark spots marking where her follicles should be. He couldn’t believe it. Her legs, crotch, arms and head didn’t have a trace of hair. He loved he so much and told her so.

She stood and they hugged for a long time. “I love this so much,” he said. “Like I said fuzzy or bald I will love you forever. Truth be told, bald is much more fun than fuzzy.”

“I know,” she said into his shoulder.

They never did eat the meal she prepared that night.


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