I Did the Wrong Thing

I Did the Wrong Thing

I Did the Wrong Thing – Chi4242

Bob and Linda were married for 15 years. Bob was a very successful businessman who made tons of money, Linda was a very attractive woman, she was 5’10 and slender of build, she had auburn thick hair that was just a little shorter than shoulder length. Linda had big hair, but it was in a bob style with a very deep side part. Linda just had it layered to give it a softer look. Linda loved to spend money, her marriage to Bob was not what it used to be, but there was no way she was giving up the money.

It was the summer and Bob had a business trip to Japan, he was gone for 10 days. When the 10th day came Bob called Linda and told her that he needed to go to Dallas for a few days, and he would not be home until that Friday. It was Thursday and Bob was in Dallas when his business meetings got done a lot quicker, so he hopped on a plane and started home.

Bob got to the house at around 4:00 p.m., Bob went straight to the back yard to check on the new tree he planted, when he got to the back of the house he heard a laugh coming from upstairs. Bob quickly went into the house, and went up to the master bedroom. Bob was shocked to see his wife Linda and the summer help college student in bed together. The kid who was just 19 years old quickly got up and ran out of the room, Bob in shock, just looked at Linda and quickly turned around and left. Bob jumped in his Benz and drove and drove and drove.

Bob got back to the house about 10:00 p.m. that night, Linda came down to see him, but he just told her to go away. Linda went upstairs crying, all she could think of was losing her status, the money, and the marriage. Bob just sat and stared at the wall, when he looked down and saw the VISA bill, he picked it up just to glance at it when he saw something that triggered and idea. Linda spent 1 day a week at the salon, either to get trims, shampoos and sets, she spent 350 dollars last month on her hair. Bob always knew that Linda loved to look great, and he always looked the other way when she would spend 300-400 dollars per month.

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The next morning Linda came downstairs, Bob was drinking coffee, when he said to Linda that they need to go for a ride. As they w ere driving Bob told Linda that he might not ever forgive her, but that time might heal some of the wounds, but in order for the marriage to continue we need to do what he was about to make her do. Linda said whatever it takes, she did not want to lose the money. The car pulled up to a beauty salon called Carol’s, Linda knew she was in trouble.

Both Bob and Linda walked into the shop, which was a very traditional place, Carol was expecting Linda, because Bob had made the appointment earlier that morning. Linda just went right for the chair, she knew she was in for a haircut. Carol asked Linda what she wanted, when Bob interrupted and said give my wife a nice short older style, you are the expert so just cut it short and conservative. Bob then left to go pick up some things. When Bob returned his wife’s hair had been cut, and Carol was in the process of blow drying and styling it. The side part was gone, her bangs now were short and curled under. Carol started to explain to Bob that she was going to give his wife a nice short bob, but as she started to style it, her hair being so thick started to curl under naturally, so she stopped and continued to cut more, which is what it looks like now. The look was a mushroom/cap look, Linda’s hair was mid ear length curled under and the back was straight at the hairline, but the thickness and volume in the back made it curl thick in the back, it just looked like a big cap cut. Bob just looked at Linda and knew he had made his point, Linda was sobbing, her hair was gone, she looked ten years older, it was a haircut that Linda would laugh at when they were at parties. Bob gave Carol 200 dollars for the haircut, and made an appointment for Linda in 4 weeks, and told Carol that his wife would be a regular, and Carol could decide on Linda’s hair styles. Linda said nothing and just headed for the car.

Bob and Linda stopped for lunch at a small cafe in town, they never really talked at all, and Linda played with her hair a lot. About 5 minutes after they got there, Bob noticed that this guy from the other side of the cafe was focused in on his wife. Bob was pissed. Bob thought that the new Linda still looked too good, he needed to do some more things to her appearance to teach her a lesson. Bob grabbed Linda’s arm and dragged her to the department store across the street, where they both went to the make-up section. Bob quickly told the lady, “I will give you 100 dollars to strip my wife of any makeup she is wearing.” The girl quickly put Linda in the chair and took off all the makeup. Linda now looked older with her haircut and no makeup, her age really showed.

As they left the store Bob noticed another man looking at his wife, again Bob got pissed, and said to himself, it has to be the hair, so he quickly took his wife to the barbershop across the street. Linda was now pleading with Bob, but Bob had gone over the edge. The barbershop was a two chair operation, and because it was mid afternoon there was no activity. The barber, an older man that was about 300 lbs. put down the newspaper that he was reading and asked if he could help. Bob just pointed to the chair and told Linda to have a seat. Bob told the barber that his wife wanted a regular man’s haircut, to which the barber replied nice and tapered in the back and clean over the ears. Bob said yes, and quickly the cape went on, the tissue went on Linda’s neck and the chair was spun around. The barber commented on the thickness of Linda’s hair, and then pushed her head down and took the clippers right up her neck, hair was flying everywhere, the barber peeled her back short and tapered it high and close. Linda was in such shock, she looked up briefly to notice a sign on the wall that said, “A haircut should only take 7 minutes, and it should be a haircut, no sissy looks allowed.” Linda knew she was in for the haircut of her life.

Soon the back and sides were done, clipper cut short and nice and tapered, as the barber began the top, a young man walked in and sat down next to Bob. He said to Bob that this was kind of cool, because he had never seen a women get a flat top before, as soon as he said that Bob said to the barber, “Give her a flat top, short.” Linda was now bawling, but what could she do as the clippers raced across the top of her head, clipping off her hair into a nice squared-off flat top. Soon the shaving cream was put around Linda’s ears and nape, and cut with the straight razor. The barber took one more look at his cut, put his hand on Linda’ s nape and moved his hand up and down. Without even saying a word he grabbed the clippers one more time and starting clipping her nape again, Linda could feel the razor burns, then it was all over.

Linda was a new owner of a very squared-off flat top, Bob told her she looked like a bristle brush. Linda just cried she was in shock, now as they walked down the street and men looked at his wife, Bob knew they where just laughing at her.

Bob quickly took Linda back to the department store, and again went to the young lady, and told her that he would give her 500 dollars, and he wanted his wife to have heavy purple eye shadow, huge eyelashes, shave off her eyebrows and paint them in and give her tons of lipstick. When the girl got done Linda looked so horrid, as they walked to the car Bob handed Linda divorce papers, and part of the divorce was that Linda needed to keep this exact look to get any money at all. I wonder where Linda is today?


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