Monica fiddled with the ends of her long, blonde hair. Pulling at a split-end, she commented, “I need to get my hair trimmed so bad.” “So why don’t you go get it cut?” Mary, her dormmate, asked from her position on her bed. “I have no money whatsoever, that’s why,” Monica replied as she pulled the rubber band from her hair. The blonde locks fell down around her shoulders, reaching just past her breasts. Her thin bangs curled down just passed her eyebrows. She ran her fingers and a brush through her mane several times.

“Well, if money’s a problem I can do it,” Mary told her as she sat up on the bed.

“Huh?” Monica replied.

“I can cut your hair if you want. It’s no problem. I do mine and my sister’s all the time. And some of my friends’ back home. I’m pretty good, in my own humble opinion,” Mary assured her. She began to look through the drawers of her desk, and eventually pulled out a case that held some scissors and a comb in it. “What do ya say?”

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“Uhm,” Monica hesitated. “Okay, I guess. Just be careful.”

Mary moved behind Monica and took the brush from her hand. She ran it through Monica’s golden curls a few times, parting them down the middle, before plopping it onto the vanity. She picked up her scissors and slid them into Monica’s hair, just above the shoulders.

“Wait!” Monica practically shouted. “That’s too much! I just want it trimmed!”

“Oh, come on,” Mary replied. “You’re in college now. Long hair makes you look too young. Trust me, this’ll look great.”

And with that, Mary lopped off the first ten-inch lock of Monica’s hair. The young woman gasped as she watched her hair fall over her shoulder, past her waist and land softly on the floor. Another clump of her hair followed, and soon there was a steady rain of golden curls falling to the floor. Monica bit her lip as Mary cut her way around Monica’s head, slowly shearing through the thick curls in the back and slicing her way across the locks on the right. When she was finished, Monica had an uneven, unattractive bob that hung just above her shoulders.

“Don’t worry,” Mary assured her, “I’m not done yet. I’ll take off a couple more inches to even it up.”

Monica felt the cold scissors against her neck, right at her hairline, and they began to snip away at the remnants of her hair. Mary moved in front of Monica and cut away at her hair. Three inch curls fell into Monica’s lap as her hair was cut just below her ears. When she was done, Mary pulled Monica’s hair behind her ears, giving it a fuller, thicker look, but Monica’s long bangs fell into her face. “Let’s get rid of these,” Mary said as she combed the long bangs and held them in her hand.

“No, leave them alone,” Monica said.

“We can’t,” Mary told her. “They’d look stupid.” And with that, she sliced off seven inches from the bangs, leaving Monica with blunt, thick bangs that stretched all the way across her forehead, just under her eyebrows. Deciding that didn’t look right, Mary snipped off another inch, leaving them above Monica’s eyebrows.

“There. That wasn’t so bad. You look a lot better now.”

Monica looked at herself in the mirror, and had to agree. She looked a lot older, too, but as she glanced down at the floor, she couldn’t help but yearn for her hair back. It had been her pride and joy for eighteen years, and now she had less than a quarter of the mane that she had an hour ago.


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