Chemical Haircut

Chemical Haircut

Chemical Haircut by Buzz

My girlfriend has been coloring her hair for a couple of years now. Soon we’re getting married so I suggested maybe she could put some curl in her hair for the wedding.

I have always had this thing for bleached blonde women and my girlfriend, whose hair is naturally dark brown, said she would try blonde streaks. That was two years ago.

Little by little she allowed me to help her put the streaks in her hair – she knows how much messing with her hair turns me on. I started out putting little thin streaks in her brown hair. The results were nice, but I yearned for the big bleached streaks. More and more streaks were added over time till her hair was basically blonde. I suggested that maybe she should try a bobbed style. My girlfriend, whose hair had always been below the shoulders, looked good, but I felt a shorter cut would look good on her. She was in a silly mood back then and even suggested that maybe I could cut her hair off straight, all the way around from one corner of her mouth to the other. I nervously maneuvered the scissors from the left side of her long hair all the way to the right side. It was neat to watch almost 8 inches of hair just fall from her head. The finished cut looked pretty good – mind you, I cut it a bit crooked around the back – but the overall cut looked great. My girlfriend left her hair in a bob pretty well from then on, but did have it cut a bit higher in the back to fix my lack of a steady hand.

Over time my girlfriend continued to streak her hair to the point where it was basically all blonde. Then one day, coming out of the mall, I happened to point out this older woman with her hair bobbed off just like my girlfriend’s hair, only it was bleached right out – almost pure yellow. It looked great. My girlfriend asked me if I would want her hair the same color. I quickly agreed, and we turned around and went back into the mall to purchase the strongest bleach I could find.

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Over the last two years, my girlfriend’s hair has been bleached to death, but the pure white color makes her look great, especially with her eyebrows shaved and drawn on with a dark pencil. It gives her a tramp look, just the look I like. I enjoy the stares from other guys when they see her with her bleached short bob and highly arched brows; she wears bright red lipstick and with her light green or blue eye shadow, looks very sexy.

Unfortunately, over the years of bleaching and letting her dark roots grow between bleaching, the hair near her scalp is a darker shade of yellow, where the new growth of hair comes in. The ends of her hair have been breaking, but overall the look is one of pure sex.

Which brings us to today. I asked her to put some curl in her hair and she decided to put a “Tony” in her hair. We bought a perm kit at the store, and without reading the box, I bought an old-fashioned “Tony” perm kit. The label said for hard-to-curl hair, but I figured if I got that one, it would make the curl last longer. My girlfriend and her friend from work came over last night and she helped my girlfriend curl up her hair in these little plastic rollers. My girlfriend looked kind of neat with her hair all in pink rollers, and just a hint of dark root showing. They proceeded to pour on the funny smelling solution and we waited for 30 minutes till the curl had taken. After rinsing her hair with cool water, my girlfriend’s friend removed all the pink rollers.

My poor girlfriend’s hair was like mush: very curly, yet I think it was ruined. I watched in horror as great chunks of bleached hair fell out from her mass of curls. My girlfriend was hysterical and started screaming that I ruined her hair by insisting she perm her hair. After her hair was dried, the remaining hair was like a Brillo pad, and it was all different lengths. I watched in horror as the beauty salon lady brought the clippers up to my girlfriend’s head and proceeded to buzz all that bleached fuzz from her head.

I think the wedding is off.


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