Ingrid’s Initiation

Ingrid's Initiation

Ingrid’s Initiation

My name is Ingrid, and this is my story of how I went through an awakening and transformation in my first semester of college in sunny southern California. I came from rural Minnesota farming country, a line of fair hair blue eyed Nordic immigrants now four generations old. My siblings, three sisters and two brothers, all bear the strikingly fair characteristics of light blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Under my mother’s domain, all four girls were never allowed to cut our hair. Except for an occasional trim at the ends, we suffered through childhood with lovely long blonde tresses down to our waist. My mother always believed that a young girl’s most important asset was her beautiful hair. I do have to admit, that myself and my sisters were the epitome of the classic fairy tale princess, but I had other things in mind. From about the age of twelve years I started to notice pictures in various magazines of girls with short hair. Some thing about the short look attracted me. Sometimes I would pull all my hair back in a tight pony tail and try to visualize the shape of my head, It was beautiful. Occasionally I would see a girl with a short haircut, or a punk look that was short, or even shaved, and I would drool with envy. I wanted to chop off my locks so bad, but mother would have none of it. “As long as you are under my roof young lady, you will wear your hair the way I tell you to!” mother often exclaimed to my pleading for a niece short haircut. Finally I wore her down a little, and she made a deal. If I got top marks in school, and got a full scholarship to college, she would let me cut my hair after my eighteenth birthday. “After that I don’t care how short you cut it!” she relented. School work was always easy for me, and it was no problem to be first in my high school graduation class. I had no problem either, finding a school that would underwrite my four years of education. I had lived up to my part of the bargain. So here I sit in the airport waiting for my flight back home to see the folks for Christmas, and ready to give my mother a big surprise. However before I continue, let me take you back to the beginning of my story, when I left for college and my whole transformation began.

It begins in another airport, back home in Minnesota. Father, Mother and the whole clan are here to see me off to school. I still am just seventeen, since my birthday is in the middle of September, and of course I still have my gorgeous waist length blonde hair. As my Mother gives me the final last minute instructions, before my plane leaves, I can sense a sort of foreboding on her part knowing that I will soon be eighteen, and worse yet, far from her watchful eye. Being the oldest of the brood there is a lot of doting, with me being the first to go to college and all. As I wave good-bye, and get on the plane, I experience the mixed emotions of sadness of missing my family, and joy of a new found freedom.

I settle in quickly to the routine of school, and find the work load no problem. About the third week, there is ‘Sorority Open House Week’. My dorm-mate and myself decide that we will go and make the rounds, and see if any of the houses appeal to us. We spend the day visiting the various Sororities on campus and, we’re finally at the last one. So far for me none have really impressed me. I haven’t felt a certain connection, or affinity with any of the women in the houses so far. My dorm-mate Judy found one that she found interesting, and was going to pursue pledging. We were walking down the road approaching the last one, Sigma Sigma Sigma, or Tri-Sig for short. As we approached the house Judy, started to balk a little.

“Ingrid, I don’t think I want to go in there.” she said.

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I questioned her, “Why not, we said that we were going to go though the entire Sorority row?”

“I know, but I heard that the girls there are well, kind of weird.” she answered.

“Nonsense!” I replied, “If you don’t want to go, fine, I’ll see you back at the dorm.”

I said good-bye, and walked up to the house. I rang the bell, and a few seconds later a girl opened the door. She was a tall statuesque woman, not unlike myself, in fact she could almost pass as a high fashion model. She had a stylish outfit on, and the most interesting aspect was her hair. She had lovely auburn hair cut in a bob. She looked me over for a second, smiled, and said, “Hi, my name is Sandy welcome to Tri-Sig.” She explained a little about the Sorority to me on the way in. It was a small house, only six women, but they were looking for three more for this year’s pledge class. As we entered the room I noticed I could pick out the sisters without a problem, they all had the identical hair style as Sandy. They were all just as gorgeous, but all of different races and nationalities. A sort of a bobbed United Nations. Another fact that seemed strange was that all the prospective pledges had long hair at least to their mid-back or longer, like my own. I sat and talked to the sisters, I enjoyed their company, and kind of got a warm fuzzy feeling being with them. In fact before I left I told Naomi, a beautiful Afro-American women, who was the head of the pledge committee, that I would be interested in pledging their house. She smiled, and told me, if I was chosen, that invitations for a screening interview, would be at our dorms tomorrow afternoon.

The next day during classes I was sort of pre-occupied with whether or not I would get an invitation or not. After my last class, I rushed back to the dorm. Upon entering the room a saw a small white envelope on the floor. I picked it up , it was addressed to me. I opened, and read it: Dear Ingrid, The Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority invites you for an interview at 7:00 PM tonight. Please ask for Heidi. Thank you the Pledge Committee. I was excited, it was the first step toward acceptance.

It was 7:00 PM when I rang the bell at the Tri-Sig house. A lovely exotic girl , who looked like she could have been a Queen from ancient India, answered the door, and said, “Hello, you must be Ingrid, my name is Rani, I will show you to Heidi’s room, follow me please.” As I walked behind her, could not help but notice her dark Indian hair, cut in the same bob hair style as the others. I was directed to Heidi’s door and I knocked. “You may enter,” was the response, to which I turned the door knob, and opened the door. Heidi was sitting in a chair in the room, and beckoned me to take the seat across form her. She was obviously German from her look, and the slight accent in her voice. She had beautiful features and blonde bobbed hair. I sat down and we stated a conversation. It started out mostly with girl talk, talking about our likes, dislikes and such. At some point, the conversation came around to hair, and hairstyles. Heidi pulled out some pictures of woman with very short hair styles, and even some women shaved bald. We started talking about the different looks. I started commenting on how good these women looked, and how I was thinking of cutting my hair. I related the story about my mother and our little deal. This seemed to perk up Heidi’s interest, and she asked, “So how come you haven’t just cut it off yet?” I replied, “I kind of don’t know exactly what I want, It’s been long like this for so long, I need something to push me over the edge.” She smiled and asked me if I minded if she brushed my hair. I said it was no problem, and she walked over and started to carefully run a brush down the length of my elegant long blonde locks. As she stroked them, I noticed that she kind of was getting a little turned on. She put down the brush, and with her fingers started to massage my scalp. She moved her graceful fingers all around my scalp, from the front to the back, the nape and the sides. The sensation of her fingers rubbing my scalp was great, and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience. A few minutes later she stopped. I said, “Wow, that felt great, I really enjoyed it.” To which she replied with a sensuous sigh, “No, thank you my dear”. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek and a hug, I left.

The next day when I returned to my dorm room, I found another note under the door. It read: The Sisterhood of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Invite you to become a pledge. You will report to the Sorority house at 6:00 PM this evening. I was excited with the acceptance, and curious to learn more about these intriguing women. I arrived at about 6:00 and was lead upstairs into a room, and I was locked in with two other girls. I sat down and we immediately started talking amongst ourselves. The first girl, Connie, was Asian, and whose family came from Thailand, the second Maria was of Latino origin. We all of course were quite beautiful, about the same height ,and had about the same length hair. Connie’s hair was beautiful black Asian silk, Maria’s was full, thick, dark, and slightly wavy, and mine of course was that blonde dream stuff that kept our Viking men of old turned on. We became instant friends, and the more we talked we discovered that we were so much alike. We even all shared the same desire to cut off our long hair. An hour must have passed, but we were having so much fun talking, that we failed to notice that Naomi walked in the room. She was carrying three white robes. We were instructed to remove all our clothes including our under garments and to put on the robes. About 5 minutes later Rani comes in with a comb in hand, and has each of us sit in a chair. She starts with Connie. She combs out Connie’s hair and parts it in the middle. She then separates it into two lengths except for a small amount at the hair line, by the nape of the neck. She braids the two large sections into two pig tails. The smaller section at the bottom is then braided into a small braid. The process is then repeated with Maria, and then myself. We look at each other and kind of giggle amongst ourselves, we look a little silly. Rani then remarks, “Well my little pledges, you better get used to looking that way. This will be your only hair style for the whole month of pledging.” We are all given a candle and lead out of the room downstairs to the pledge induction ceremony. We are instructed to stand with the Sisters in a circle around an altar. The ceremony begins, the details of which I’m sworn to secrecy, but the results were very powerful and magical. I felt a very deep bond between my new pledge-mates and the Sisters. At the end of the ceremony three of the Sisters stand behind the new pledges. Heidi behind me, Naomi behind Maria, and KimLee, a Chinese Sister, behind Connie. These women will be our Big Sisters. The Big Sisters then each take out a pair of scissors, and bringing them close to the scalp of their respective pledge, snip off the small braid. They then repeat in unison, “This be the first sacred offering of the pledge.” We are then lead upstairs to the room, to put on our clothes. Before we leave ,Erin a fiery Irish redhead, gives us our schedules and instructions, and it’s true we have to spend a month in pig tails. I get back to the dorm and walk into the room, Judy is there studying. When she sees my pig tails she laughs and says, “I told you those girls are weirdos!” “Oh be quiet, I’m sure I’ll have a few laughs at your expense when you start pledging.” I reply.

The month of pledging flew by. Before we knew it, it was the night of our initiation, ‘Hell Night’. We reported to the Sorority house at 5:00 PM sharp. We were again lead to a room and told to undress. Three costumes, which would have looked great on us when we where about three years old, were brought in. We changed into them. We looked cute, and totally ridiculous. They tied little pink bows in our hair, and then brought in the makeup. A layer of white face, followed by exaggerated grease painted features, were supposed to make us look like little dolls. Actually I could describe the look, more as a cross between Raggedy Ann and Bozo the Clown. We then spent the evening traveling around the campus, visiting all the Frat houses, and even on the streets downtown. We were instructed to perform, on cue, little vignettes, provided by the Sisterhood. We are deposited back in our pledge room at 11:30 PM, one half hour before the final initiation at midnight. Our Big Sisters then come into the room, and help us out of the costumes, and with plenty of cold cream remove all the makeup. They then undo our pig tails and comb out our long hair. They proceed to braid our hair again into one long braid at the crown of the head. We are next instructed to strip naked, and are each given what looks like a white sheet with a hole cut in the middle. We were told to slip them over our heads, we of course obey. Again we look fairly silly, but it is all almost over now anyway. We are then lead into a room in the house, into which we previously were never allowed. Upon entering the room we face the six sisters, who were lined up in a row and all wearing white robes. An old grandfather clock in the corner chimed twelve times, signaling the beginning of our final initiation. Sandy, who was the president of the Sorority began to speak, “You have endured the month long test, and have proved yourself, it is now time for your final initiation and the final offering. You three have been selected from many, because you share a common bond with those in this Sisterhood. You three, like all of us, have a hair fetish. You derive pleasure from having your hair cut off. I now offer you the chance to make the final sacred offering, and to join us in the in the Sisterhood of the Shaven Scalp.” At that instant Sandy and all the rest of the Sisterhood grab onto the end of their bobbed hair and pull. The bobbed hairdos slide off their heads revealing that each and every one of them has a beautiful sleek and smooth bald head. In awe I study each of the members, now shown in their most lovely form. Sandy, is tall and statuesque, and is complemented by her smooth naked head. Heidi is teutonic excellence, un-encumbered by hair. Rani’s smooth hairless scalp is dark and exotic, like the Indian sub-continent. Lovely delicate Erin, has sacrificed her fiery tresses for a creamy white luscious pate. Naomi, is the picture of a shining African Queen. Finally demure KimLee, with her delicate soft hairless head, appears as beautiful as a Chinese porcelain doll. As I look at the Sisters I realize the total art and beauty of a smooth shaven woman, I too want to be that experience. The line formed by the shaven Sisters now parts in the middle, revealing the barbers chair that was hidden behind them. The image takes a second to click in my mind, I realize that I too, will soon be as hairless as my Sorority Sisters. The thought starts to turn me on. I feel the moistness starting to flow. My body is tingling with excitement at the prospect of my own shearing , and the thought of watching Connie and Maria being clipped and shaved. I look to both sides of me at Connie and Maria. I am not alone, both girls are getting very aroused. Connie is breathing very heavy now, and I can make out from under the sheet, the erection of the nipples on Maria’s ample breasts. I squeeze the hands of my pledge sisters and they reciprocate. We all know what we want, and it is the same thing. We form a circle and hug each other for the last time as pledges, we too will soon join the Sisters in the ranks of the bald and the beautiful. We walk towards the chair. As we pass the Sisters, we can tell that we are not the only ones that are excited, the anticipation of our imminent shearing is felt by all. We along with the others form a circle around the chair. KimLee now steps out of the circle to the center. She picks up a pair of Oster clippers, and beckons Connie to take her place in the sacred spot, the barber’s chair. Connie needs no prodding and quickly ascends to the spot of honor. Her sheet is lifted and arranged as a barber’s cape. Other Sisters in the circle raise up mirrors so that all, including Connie, can see the up coming ritual of pleasure. The Sisters now utter a prayer in some ancient and forgotten language. At the end of the prayer KimLee grabs Connie’s long silky braid and pulls it tight. The clippers jump to life, and with their buzz, take the room to a new level of excitement. Connie is smiling in anticipation, she is so excited that you can see that she is about to orgasm. KimLee slowly approaches the front of Connie’s head, closer and closer the vibrating steel comes. Louder and louder the buzzing echoes in Connie’s ears. KimLee finally touches the cold steel to Connie’s scalp. Connie moans in pleasure as she cums, in an explosion of ecstasy. The clippers move up Connie’s delicate head towards the top, pushing away the black silk, and leaving the white naked path that all present desire to see. The energy in the room builds as KimLee starts the second pass. The second pass of the clippers yields even more naked scalp, with Connie and all in attendance wanting more. A few more passes and what is left of Connie’s hair is hanging in KimLee’s hand. Connie looks at herself in the mirror. She sees her naked head and likes what she sees. KimLee cuts the last strand of hair and pulls the braid and the attached hair off of Connie’s lovely head. She holds it up for all to see. She puts down the braid, and with the clippers, cleans off any hair that remains on Connie’s head. Connie keeps moving her head from side to side, while gazing at her reflection, almost in disbelief that she is finally rid of all that hair. KimLee now takes a warm moist towel and wraps it around the freshly sheared Connie’s head. Connie relaxes with a broad smile of satisfaction. The towel is removed, and Connie is now lathered up. Connie looks cute with her stubbly head all covered with soft white lather. Carefully and slowly KimLee, begins to shave off the dark stubble covering Connie’s scalp. She scraps away the lather and stubble to reveal the virgin skin beneath. The short gentile strokes of the blade, and their desired result are enjoyed by all. When done KimLee lathers her fellow Asian beauty again, since she knows from her own experience, the dark hair will require a second shaving. Finally finishing with the razor, she checks Connie’s entire scalp with the tips of her fingers, to see if any spots were missed. Any remaining lather is wiped clean, and Connie’s bald head is massaged with oil. The sheet is removed, and Connie sits in the chair naked, from head to toe. All who watch, admire her, in her moment of rebirth. The bald Connie alights from the chair, and now dons the robe of a full Sister.

Next Naomi picks up the clippers, and motions Maria to the seat of honor. The eager Latina nearly jumps into the chair. She sits up as the sheet is fixed, leans her head back, and with closed eyes, and a dreamy smile, awaits her imminent de-tressing. Naomi, whose own head shines like polished ebony, wastes no time and switches on the clippers and brings them to bear on Maria’s hairy scalp. The powerful black cutting machine must move slowly, as it cuts a path through the dense black tropical jungle that grows on Maria’s head. Naomi lifts the ample braid in tension, as she close clippers the scalp underneath. The clipping machine is winning the battle, as the black jungle recedes, and the light bronze nakedness takes its place. Maria bends her head forward, as Naomi pushes the vibrating steel up the neck and back of the head. A single pass of the clippers is all that now separates Maria from hairless beauty. The clippers make the final run up the back of the head, and Naomi lifts high the large black braid in a sign of victory. The expression on the face of Maria tells all, she exudes joy, as she gazes at her naked scalp in the mirror.

Naomi quickly soaks the heavy stubble left by the clippers in the moist towel, and busies herself with squirting some shave cream in her palm. She now takes the puff of lather, and spreads it over Maris’s scalp, working it around in a sensuous manner. Taking a disposable razor Naomi begins to scrape the lathered stubbled remains of Maria’s years of hair growth. The short meticulous strokes begin to unfold the smooth experience for Maria. Maria bends her head forward again, so that the tight pulled skin at the back of the head can be shaved closer. Maria’s head also requires a second shaving, but this doesn’t seem to bother Naomi, who is enjoying the process completely. The moist towel removes any remaining lather, and Naomi performs the required scalp inspection for any unwanted hair. Passing the inspection, Maria’s head is oiled till it shines. The sheet is removed and a second fresh bald beauty alights, and assumes the robe of a Sister.

A silence falls in the room, as all eyes are fixed upon me. I am the only woman in the room left with hair. I can feel my heart pounding with nervous excitement. I slowly walk towards the chair as if magnetically drawn towards my hairless destiny. Heidi is smiling as I approach the chair. I step up, turn and sit down. I sink into the soft leather cushion. The sensation feels strange against my naked body. Heidi fixes the sheet around the chair. Heidi grabs my long yellow braid in one hand and pulls hard. I can feel the tension on my scalp. For an instant I wish that she would just rip the hair right off my head. I look at my reflection on the mirror. My head with its copious blonde hair. This represents my entire lifetime, from childhood to womanhood. All my experiences of the past, are woven in this yellow braid, but in a few minutes I will shed the past, and emerge a new woman!

Heide is silent, but I can feel her desire as she gazes at my blonde hair for the last time. It is the same desire that I sensed a month ago, in her room, as she ran her fingers though it, in subtle anticipation of this very moment. She has waited a month to experience the exhilaration of clippering off all these blonde tresses. I have waited eighteen years. As the power surges through the clippers, my heart paces even faster. As the clippers are brought to my head I feel my heart stop for a second. It has started. Finally my hair is being cut! As the vibrating machine pushes across the top of my head, I feel an exhilaration of electricity run up my spine. My blonde hair is being peeled back, yielding to the power of the oncoming vibrating blades. I see patches of whiteness on my head, the first glimpse of a long hidden and secret world. The vibrations are hypnotic and soothing. My head is starting to feel light and free. I can feel tension only in the back of my head now, so I instinctively lower my head toward my chest. Heide is now running the clippers from my neck up the back of my head. In an instant, the tension on my scalp disappears. Heide has raised high the long yellow braid. I no longer have my long blonde hair. A couple of passes with the clippers removes any hair missed previously. I now gaze at my image in the mirror. My thoughts go back to my childhood, and my pulling up tight my hair to imagine what my naked scalp would be like. As I gaze now , I realize that I have now surpassed all my former fantasies, my naked head is incredibly beautiful. With my light blonde stubble, I appear bald even before shaving. Heide wraps my head with the towel and fills her palm with shave cream. The towel comes off, and she works the cream all over my scalp. The white lather feels good, I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation. I soon experience another sensation, a gentile scraping at the front of my scalp. The short deliberate strokes of the razor pull taut the skin on my head, as Heidi carefully shaves me to smooth perfection. Each stroke moves further and further back across my head. I continue for a while just enjoying the sensual experience of razor meeting scalp. Finally my curiosity gets the best of me, and I open my eyes. My gaze in the mirror reveals a girl looking back at me with half her head smooth and white. I admire the sleek and shapely lines of my head. My ears are exquisite ornaments, which have been hidden for far too long. The way that my perfect head merges with my long subtle neck amazes me. I see that Heidi is ready to shave the back of the head, so I lower my chin to my chest, so that she can finish me to consummate baldness. After a few more strokes I am done. Once again the towel is on my head, but this time to remove any excess lather. Heidi has been so adept with the razor, that her fingers glide effortlessly across my smooth scalp. Her check for stubble is for naught, my head is totally smooth. The warm sensation of oil touches my scalp. Heidi’s subtle fingers smoothly massage my sensitive shaved area with the soothing liquid. I stare at my image in the mirror, the oil gives my head a delicate shine, I am more beautiful than I could ever imagine. It took eighteen years, but finally I have achieved perfection. I make a silent vow to myself that from now on, I shall keep my head clean and smooth. The sheet is removed, and I climb out of the chair. Heidi awaits me, and helps me into the ceremonial robe. We form a circle and perform more secret rites. At the end of the ceremony, the curtain on the back wall is pulled back, revealing the entire wall is covered with the hanging braids of past pledge classes. We are given our braids, and we go to the wall, and hang them in the spots that have been allocated for them.

As we leave the ritual room, we are lead to our new rooms in the Sorority house. The rooms are small , but comfortable, with each girl sharing a bathroom with another. I am tired and exhausted by this exciting day. I hang up my robe, and slip under the covers. The bed feels comfortable. My smooth head feels oh so good as it is cradled in the soft pillow. As my eyes close, a smile of satisfaction appears upon my face when I think of my recent transformation. With that thought in my mind, I drift off to sleep.

They are now boarding my flight, and I pickup my carry on bags, and walk towards the gate. I chuckle to myself as I wonder what expression will be on my mother’s face, when she sees me as I walk off the jetway in Minnesota. FINIS


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