Truth or Darend Payback Too

Truth or Darend Payback Too

Truth Or Dare & Payback Too ~ShavurgUrl

It was Friday night and all six girls were settled in at Carley’s place. It was a slumber party and her parents were out of town until Wednesday. Carley knew 17 was a little old for “sleep-overs” but she preferred to think of it as a “party without the adults.” Her five buds were Mindy, Charleen, Candy, Rachel, and Tammy. They had known each other ever since the third grade. After swallowing seven pizzas, and drinking at least two beers each, they sat down to play a game of Truth or Dare.

“Okay, here are the rules,” said Carley. “You must tell the absolute truth or you will be damned to hell. You must accept the dare or face ‘Carley’s Code.’ Okay?”

Everyone knew about Carley’s Code, it had been used at all her parties for as long as anyone can remember. So Carley, with her ass-length blonde hair, was ready to start. Mindy also had ass-length blonde hair. Tammy had very bright red ankle-length hair, it was almost as long as she was tall. Charleen, on the other hand had shoulder-length auburn hair, while Candy and Rachel had frizzy blonde hair to their waists.

“Okay, I will choose Rachel: Truth or Dare?” asked Carley.

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“Well, I’ll choose Dare,” she answered nervously.

“Hey Candy?” said Carley, “Do you have the bag?” Candy nodded yes.

“Okay I dare you to let me cut a lock of your hair….”

“No big deal,” said Rachel.

“You didn’t let me finish. To let me cut a lock of your hair, blindfolded!”

“Um, I…”

“Well, it’s either that or MY codes!” shouted Carley.

“Okay, okay go ahead.” Rachel whispered.

“Okay, Candy, hand me that pair of shears, and blindfold me,” Carley said while pointing at Candy’s black bag. Candy carefully unzipped her large black bag and pulled out a pair of what appeared to be garden shears. Then she pulled out a bandana and tied it tightly around Carley’s head. Then she stood Carley behind Rachel.

“Okay, on three,” said Candy, “One, two, three!”


A huge hunk of Rachel’s frizzy, blonde hair was now in Carley’s hand. It was cut very close to her head and it was very noticeable.

“Oh my God!” sobbed Rachel.

“Rachel, chill out,” she said as she pulled the bandana off her face. “It’s your turn, and you can’t tag me back.”

“Okay, I choose Candy, truth or dare?” she asked in a very stern tone.

“Um, well, uh, dare!” Candy shouted.

“Hmm, let me see your little black bag.”

Candy passed her the large black bag. She began to rifle through it. Pulling out everything, she was most fascinated with a small tattoo gun and pair of cordless clippers.

“Well, Candy, I dare you to let me shave your pussy and tattoo a skull there!” said Rachel triumphantly.

Everyone was shocked! They were in awe, and their mouths were open so wide, they hit the floor!

“Come on Candy, everyone is waiting.” She glared at Candy as she waved the clippers in one hand and the tattoo gun in the other.

Nervously, she began to speak. “I… Um… well…”

“Well what?” shouted Rachel.

Candy sighed. “Okay.”

“Carley, help me. Bring that table in here and clear it off. Mindy, get me some rope and tape.”

Mindy rifled through the kitchen drawers and grabbed a ball of rope, and a roll of tape. Carley dragged the table from the kitchen and threw the placemats off it.


“What?” cried Candy.

“You heard me, I said strip!” yelled Rachel, “Now!”

Slowly Candy took off her tube top to reveal a lacy white bra. Then she removed the bra to reveal her ample breasts. As she moved to unzip her jeans, her breasts bounced around like jello. She pulled down her jeans and then her panties. She stood up straight and then lowered her head in shame.

“Lie down!” demanded Rachel. “On the table.”

She walked to the table and lay down on her back, as Rachel moved toward her.

“Mindy, tape her mouth and tie her hands.”

“Is this really necessary?” Candy whined.

“Yes!” snarled Rachel.

Mindy taped her mouth shut and then tied her hands behind her head. Rachel spread her legs apart and had Tammy and Charleen hold them. She started right away at her handiwork. She flicked the cordless clippers to on, they popped alive. She started at the left and worked to the right, six, seven passes with the clippers and Candy’s beautiful bush was reduced to hard stubble.

“Give me a straight.”

Carley handed her a straight razor and a can of cream. She lathered her stubbly pussy and began to shave it. Pass after pass the rasping sound of the razor against her skin continued. After she was finished, she smacked a strong masculine aftershave on, causing Candy much pain.

“Mmm!” Candy cried in agony.

“Aww, the worst part is yet to come, I don’t have drugs for this tattoo and neither do you!” snickered Rachel.

Within an hour, Candy’s tattoo was finished. She barely moved off the table. She was so sore from the tattoo.

“Okay,” said Carley, “Pick someone.”

“I… I… I choose Tammy!”

“Uh, I think I…”

“Truth or dare?”

“I… I…”

“DARE!” someone shouted.

“Alright, I dare you to…”

“Hey! I didn’t…”

“I dare you to a hand of poker!” cried a sore Candy.

“I guess that’s okay.”

“Wait! You didn’t let me finish! The loser faces the ultimate alteration,” snickered Candy. “I deal!”

Candy and Tammy sat down at the table and Carley handed them a deck of cards. Candy pulled them out and began to deal. The game was five card draw.

“I’ll take two,” said Tammy. As Candy handed them to her, she smugly smiled.

“Okay, bitch, what do you have?” she asked, glaring at Tammy.

“A… a… three of a kind! Queens!” she shoved the cards down on the table.

“Oh… Uh… that’s… well… not good enough!” she snickered. “I’ve got a royal flush!” She laughed uncontrollably as she threw the cards onto the table.

“Okay, okay, first things first! I’m going to give you the ultimate alteration!” she began to laugh again. Then she pulled a chair from the kitchen and sat it beside the table. She grabbed the tape and the rope that was sitting on the table. She then grabbed Tammy by the wrist and shoved her into the chair. She tied her hands to the chair and her legs to the chair legs.

“Oh, the hell with it, forget the tape.” she said as she threw the tape to the floor. She grabbed her little black bag and began to rifle through it. She pulled out everything and lined it up on the table behind the chair. After a few minutes of pondering she set to work.

“Okay, to start, I’m going to have my way with those ankle-length red locks of yours!” she snickered and then grabbed the large garden shears.

“NOOOOOO!” cried Tammy. “You can’t! You wouldn’t! Oh my God!” Tammy cried. “It took me 17 years to get my hair this long!”

“Well, here goes seventeen years!” Candy laughed. She grabbed up all of Tammy’s extremely long hair in her fist and ran a brush through it. Then she put it in a small scrunchy at the base of her neck. She picked up the shears and began to hack through the thick pony.

“Hackity-hack! Hackity-Hack!” went the scissors as they sliced through the extremeley long, thick ponytail. After five minutes of hacking, the pony fell limply into Candy’s hand. Candy held the pony from the top and waved it in Tammy’s face. By now, Tammy’s face was drenched in tears, and she was still sobbing uncontrollably.

“Aww, poor Tammy, lost her locks to a lost game!” Candy snarled.

“You… you… you bitch! If I wasn’t tied down, I’d whoop your ass so hard, you wouldn’t be able to sit down!” she growled from the chair.

“Aww, Cool it! I’m just getting started!” snickered Candy. She picked up another tool off the table and set back to work.

With a loud pop a pair of cordless clippers came to life! Tammy couldn’t believe her ears! Clippers? This was all a really bad dream and it would all be over soon.

“Okay, bitch! Hold still!” growled Candy. She began to push the clippers against Tammy’s head. She started to maneuver the clippers through Tammy’s head. She started with a quick pass up the middle. She started at her nape and pushed all the way to her crown. Then she continued left from there. She pushed the clippers up against her nape and then to her crown. She got very close to her left ear and then buzzed the clippers behind it.

To Tammy, the loud noise of the clippers filled the room, the house, and even the planet! The sound was in rhythm with her tears, flowing non-stop. Soft red locks billowed into her face. Her face was so wet from the tears that the locks stuck to it. This made her cry harder. She tried to catch a few of her limp locks from where her hands were tied, but it was useless. Her hair was landing gently on the floor, but to Tammy it thudded louder and louder with each passing lock. The tears welled up again.

“Aww, poor Tammy,” snickered Candy. Her transformation was coming along quite nicely. She was surprised, after only twenty minutes, Tammy had gone from a beautiful head of long soft red hair, to a short stubbly red mess. Candy was loving it, she had never really liked Tammy, and that hair of hers had always made her jealous.

After a half an hour, Candy had finished clipping and shaving down Tammy’s hair to nice shiny baldness.

“Okay, next I’m going to add something that will prevent your hair from ever getting that long again!” Candy howled as she pulled the tattoo gun out of her little black bag.

“No! Noooooo! You can’t give me a tattoo! I’ll… I’ll…

“You’ll what?” asked Candy. “Throw your hair at me?” She laughed again. “Shut up and hold still, I want this tattoo to look good, not like you had a boy dip on your head!”

Candy cleaned the tip of then gun and began to tattoo across Tammy’s head. She flinched in pain, and began to scream and cry.

“Damn it!” cried Candy. “Get the tape!” Carley rushed over to her and taped Tammy’s mouth shut. Candy pushed Carley out of the way and continued with the tattoo. She tattooed a huge rose on Tammy’s head. In the middle of the red rose, in big black letters she wrote the word: BITCH. After an hour of tattooing, she was finished.

“Are you done yet?” demanded Carley. “I want to get on with this game.” She glared at Candy.

“Chill out, Carley.” She walked over and hugged Carley. “I’ve only got a few more things to do. Carley nodded and told her to finish up. Candy grabbed up her little black bag and began to rifle through it again. After pulling everything out and fooling with it, she grabbed two interesting things. A piercing gun and a box. In the box were over 50 studs. But these studs were different from most. They each had a little lock in the back.

“Okay, Tammy, strip!” demanded Candy.

“What?” This caused Tammy to explode into tears. “What?”

“You heard me! Strip!”

Tammy began to pull off her shirt. It landed on the floor at her feet. She covered her bra, so that no one could see. She undid her pants and pulled off her panties with no problem, but she was holding tight to her bra.

“Aww, what’s the matter, get the damn bra on the floor! We’re all women! It’s not like you’re doing a streak show!” snarled Candy.

“I… I… can’t.” sobbed Tammy.

“What the fuck are you trying to pull?” She walked over and ripped the bra off her chest. “Oh my god!” Candy rolled on the floor and started laughing hysterically.

“What? Huh?” asked the other girls. “What’s going on?”

“Tammy… she…” between laughs “…she wears a push-up bra! She ain’t got no boobs!”

This was amazing news to the girls, ever since they had turned thirteen, Tammy had always had the biggest boobs. A size D she used to say. Now they knew the truth! They were pads and push-ups!

“Okay, boobless!” Candy tried to speak but was laughing to hard to come out clearly.

“What?” sobbed Tammy.

Candy grabbed Tammy and pushed her onto the table. She tied her arms and legs down.

“Oh, wait, Carley spread her legs apart.” Carley walked to the other end of the table and spread her legs wide apart. This now displayed a full view of Tammy’s thick blonde bush.

“Okay, Carley, I’m sorry this is taking so long, but I’ll be done in about a half an hour, I promise.” said Candy. Carley looked at her and nodded.

“Alright, here goes nothing,” said Candy. She picked up her piercing gun and pulled Tammy’s tongue out of her mouth. She motioned for Mindy to come to her. Mindy held her head up.

“Okay, this won’t hurt a bit. Well, not to me anyway!” she snickered. Candy pulled the gun back and drove it through Tammy’s tongue. She nearly came off the table. Her eyes began to flood with tears again.

“Okay, I’ll just lock this thing in place and, hmm, what do I do with this key?” Candy tossed the key in her hands.

“Please, please,” cried Tammy as much as she could with her new tongue ring.

“Okay, please throw it out or please run it through the disposal?” snickered Candy.

“No! no!” cried a very sore Tammy.

“Okay, number two!” Candy walked into the kitchen and dropped the key into the disposal. She turned it on. Tammy listened in horror as the key went “crink, crank, smash.”

“Just a few more to go. But first, let me shave that pussy for you, so it doesn’t get in the way later,” Candy laughed.

“Mmm! No!” Tammy whined.

Candy picked up the clippers and popped them to life. They buzzed loudly again filling Tammy’s ears. Pass after pass. Each one reducing Tammy’s beautiful bush down to nothing. She then lathered up her stubbly bush and scraped a straight razor across it. After fifteen minutes of shaving it clean, her pussy sparkled bright red and there was even a little blood.

“Okay, Carley, just ten more minutes.” She glared at Carley. Carley nodded in acceptance.

“Okay, now I’m on a piercing charge. Here goes nothing!” howled Candy.

After nearly an hour, Tammy was covered in locked studs, never to be removed. Each nipple was pierced, her eyebrows, nine different holes on each ear, her naval, and three studs on each side of her vaginal lips.

“All right, I’m done,” said Candy as she flopped down on the couch. By now it was close to midnight.

“Okay,” said Carley, “Tammy, I’ll help you. Who do you want?”

After a few moments of crying, Tammy pointed to Mindy.

“Okay, Mindy!” said Carley, she was speaking for Tammy. “Truth or Dare?”

Mindy was a little nervous, but she said, “Dare.”

“Okay, Tammy what do you want me to do to her?” Tammy tried to speak, but it was too difficult.

“Wait, I’ll get you some paper and a pen,” said Carley as she walked into the kitchen. She returned with some paper and a pen. Tammy began to scribble a bunch of things all over the paper. After several moments, she thrust the paper into Carley’s hands. Carley began to read the paper to herself. She burst out laughing.

“What?” demanded Mindy. “What does it say?”

“Now remember, if you decline you face what I’ll do to you!” Carley stated.

“Yeah, I know!” She rolled her eyes. “Let me hear it!”

“Okay, I dare you to have the word bitch tattooed onto your forehead, and then cut off all your hair except for two short pigtails, which will be dyed green. Then you get a tattoo on your ass that says ‘I am THE BITCH!’ Then I will shave your bush and give you a lock-stud down there!” Carley again burst into laughter. “Well, do you agree?”

“I… I…” stammered Mindy.

“Well, it’s either that, or you’ll face my codes!” she glared at Mindy. Mindy knew that Carley was a lot worse then a shave, tattoo, and a stud or two.

“I…” She collapsed weakly on the couch. “I agree.”

This caused Carley to burst into even more laughter. Charleen joined her, and then Tammy tried to force a smile. But it was very hard due to her new tongue ring.

After several minutes of laughing, Carley brushed the hair off of the table and had Mindy sit on top. She began to brush through her ass-length blonde hair, for the last time.

“Enough, is enough,” said Carley, “I’m ready to get started.”

With that said, Carley took the brush and put it on the table. She found two rubber bands and brushed up two small pigtails, one on each side of her head. They were very high up on her head, and nearly hit her waist.

“Hand me a clip, no two,” she motioned to Charleen. “I’ll clip these pigtails up, so they don’t get in the way.”

She pinned the left one up first, and then the right one. She grabbed Candy’s little black bag. She pulled out the clippers, a straight razor, some shaving cream, the tattoo gun, a can of green dye, and the piercing gun.

“Okay, bitch!” growled Carley.

She popped the clippers to life, and they roared with the sound of revenge, she sat them on the table and clicked them back off.

“I’ve got a better idea,” said Carley she scooped up a pair of scissors from the table and grabbed all of Mindy’s hair.

“Hack! Hackity-Hack!” went the scissors as they sliced through the thick hair. It was nearly all the way through, and with a final slice, the long hair fell limply into Carley’s hand.

She raised her hand above her head for all in the room to see. It still dangled down to her knees.

“Here, Mindy, you can have your precious hair!” snarled Carley as she tossed the hair to her. Mindy grabbed at it, but Carley pulled it away,

“Girls, should I give her the satisfaction?” grinned Carley. “I thought not!” With that, she ran to the kitchen and grabbed her lighter, and lit the hair on fire!

“NOOOOOO!” cried Mindy, as her tears exploded all over the floor. The flames moved quickly up the hair, almost to Carley’s fingers. As it reached her fingers, she tossed it to the ground and stepped on it to smother the flame. All that was left was a long black clump of burnt hair.

“You, you…”

“I what?” taunted Carley.

“You just wait until it’s your turn!” cried Mindy

Carley then proceeded to pop the cordless clippers to life, being careful not to come near the pigtails.

“Oh, wait,” said Carley. “These were supposed to be short.” After saying that, she grabbed the scissors and hacked away at the two pigtails, making them ultra-short and stubbly. “There, that’s better,” she snickered.

Pass, after pass. Nape to crown, nape to crown, crown to forehead, crown to forehead. After 15 minutes, her hair was reduced to stubble. Carley then picked up a straight razor and shaved her head bald.

“Okay, the paper says next that these two pathetic pigtails should be dyed green.” She turned to Tammy who was holding the can of green dye. “I’ll be taking that,” she said. “Okay, apply thickly through hair and let stand 15 minutes, rinse out. Okay, easy.” She opened the can of dye, and scrubbed it through the two pigtails. Then she washed her hands off.

“Okay, I’m telling you now, this will be painful, so sit still, or I’ll make it worse! Lie back on the table while I tattoo your head, or no, wait, first you should strip ’cause then I have to tattoo your ass.”

Slowly, Mindy began to strip. She lay down on the table and was very tense.

“Okay, hold still.” Carley just grinned.

“OWWW!” Mindy howled in pain as the tattoo gun hit her head. After a half an hour, Carley was finished.

“Okay, now roll over.” She shoved Mindy over on her stomach, then she proceeded to tattoo the words: “I am THE BITCH” on her ass. After an hour, she rolled her over again, which caused Mindy much pain, and pulled out the piercing gun.

“Okay, I’m almost done, now, don’t move!”

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” went the gun as it fired five studs into her vaginal lips.

“Okay, you’re done… get… oh wait you can’t move, stay there.” Carley told her. “Okay Mindy your turn,”

“I… I… I choose you!” she pointed.

“I’ll say dare,” she snickered.

“Okay, Carley, I dare you to face everything that we’ve faced!”



“You heard me!” laughed Carley, “I said no!”

“Okay, then face your codes!” cried Mindy, but she knew it was no good, for after all, they were her own codes.

“Okay.” Carley ran to the closet and pulled out a black hat and drew a piece of paper from it.

“Shear Trivia,” she laughed. “I need a volunteer.” she grabbed Charleen.

“Okay, I ask you three questions, the first one you get wrong, you lose half your hair, the second one wrong, you are reduced to stubble, and the third, you go completely bald!”

“I…” stuttered Charleene,

“You’re playing!” screamed Carley.

“Okay first question, What is my middle name?” she asked.

“Jean,” she answered.

“Okay, what is my cousin’s first name?”

“Uh, Mary?”

“WRONG! It’s Marley!” She grabbed the scissors and hacked Charleen’s hair to an ear-length bob.

“What is my Dad’s name?”

“Um… Jon?”

“WRONG! Jonathan!” She popped the clippers to life and shaved her head.

“Last chance, girl, What is my mom’s name?

“This one I know, it’s Lynne.”

“WRONG! It’s Lynnette!” She grabbed a straight razor and shaved the rest of her hair away. Just as she was about to grab another beer, her mom and dad came through the front door!

“Mom! Dad! You’re home early!” Carley cried in surprise.

“Yeah, our flight got canceled and… Oh My God! What the hell happened?”

Tammy scribbled down the events of that night and gave them to Lynnette. She was shocked!

“Okay, everyone, um Jon, can you take these girls home?” she asked her husband.

“Of course,” the girls followed him out to the car.

“Look, Missy! You have a lot of explaining to do, and you will be severely punished!” shrieked her mom.

The next day, all of the girls were called back to Carley’s house to receive a handwritten apology from her. When they saw Carley they were shocked! She stood nude on her table in the living room, completely bald! She had a long written apology tattooed on her head, a tongue ring and many other face studs and several studs where her bush used to be and many other embarrassing tattoos such as a big purple dinosaur on her ass that read, “I love Barney”. So in the end, payback hits you, even after truth or dare!


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