Melanie’s Diary

Melanie's Diary

Melanie’s Diary by Melanie Jenkins

Monday, May 25th 1998

Dear Diary,

After spending the weekend at the beach-house with my parents and my sister I had to go to school again today. This time I was really eager to go back to school, because I hadn’t seen Nathalie and Phoebe for a few days. The three of us are inseparable. Some people even call us the three musketeers.

I have known Nathalie all my life. She and her parents used to live next door to us. We grew up together. A few years ago she and her family moved to another house, but it’s still quite close to where I live.

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We met Phoebe when we first went to high school together. Right from the start we liked her, and very soon the three of us became close friends. Now we do everything together, really everything.

This morning I was very surprised when Nathalie walked into the classroom. I noticed she had cut her shoulder-length hair into a short bob. Her hair was cut in a straight line, about halfway her ears, and all the hair underneath that line was clippered very short. Wow, she looked great! What a transformation!

I felt something that I couldn’t explain. I felt turned on. Somehow Nathalie’s haircut aroused me. I don’t know what was happening to me. This had never happened to me before. Is this normal? I don’t know. I feel confused. Is it really possible to be turned on by a haircut? Am I going crazy? I think I will go to the library after school to read up on this. Maybe there have been other people experiencing the same.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

Your Melanie


Tuesday, May 26th 1998

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I went to the library after school. It took me a while to find what I was looking for, but in the end I found it. That what I’ve got is called a hair fetish, and I’m certainly not the only one. I found some pages in the internet about this subject. There are many people who get turned on by seeing hair being cut, or by having their own hair cut.

So it seems that I’m not the only one, but I’m still not sure if I should tell anybody. It’s actually the first time in my life that I’m keeping a secret from Nathalie and Phoebe. I hope you understand that I’m not ready to tell anyone, not even my best friends. I want to keep this to myself for a while.

When I got to school we started talking again about Nathalie’s haircut. I told her that she had been very brave, having her hair cut this short, but that she looked great. Phoebe agreed. She usually agrees with me. We think the same about a lot of things, so this didn’t come as a surprise to me.

What did come as a surprise was the next thing Phoebe said. She said that ever since she saw Nathalie with short hair, she had been thinking about having her own hair cut as well. She actually had been there when Nathalie had her hair cut. Phoebe’s mother owns a salon here in Melbourne, and she always gives Nat and me a discount when we go there.

Usually we go for a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. Last Saturday, when I was at the beach-house with the family, Nat told Phoebe that she wanted to have her hair cut short. Together they went to the salon, and half an hour later Nat was in the chair, waiting for Carol’s (that’s Phoebe’s mother’s name) scissors. Oh, I wish I could have been there. I’d love to have seen that: Nathalie in the chair, covered with a white cape, and Carol’s scissors cutting. Her long brown hair falling down on the cape and on the floor.

The thought of this turned me on. Why did I have to be at that stupid beach-house? Why couldn’t I have been there to watch? Nathalie lost at least 7 inches of hair. How I would have loved to see Carol use the clippers on Nat’s neck.

But when Phoebe told us she wanted to have her hair cut as well, I woke up from the dream. This is my chance. I have to be there when Phoebe’s hair is cut. I just have to be there!

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Your Melanie


Wednesday, May 27th 1998

Dear Diary,

I won’t write very much now, but I have good news. Phoebe will have her hair cut at her mother’s salon this afternoon after closing time, and she asked me and Nathalie to come along for moral support. Wow, I’m so excited!

I’ll tell you more after we come back from the salon.

Your Melanie


Wednesday, May 27th 1998 (continued)

Dear Diary,

We just came back from the salon. Phoebe went through with it and she looks great! She lost more than a foot of hair, and she’s still smiling. Phoebe had gorgeous long blond hair, reaching halfway down her back, and now she has got a chin-length bob, with a very short buzzed nape. But let me start at the beginning.

When we arrived at the salon, Phoebe’s mother was still under the impression that her daughter only wanted a trim. She was visibly shocked when Phoebe told her what she really wanted. At first Carol tried to talk her daughter out of it, but when she realised that Phoebe was determined, she gave in.

She asked Phoebe to sit down in the chair, and draped the cape around her. Then she started combing her daughter’s long blond hair one last time. I loved that sight. Phoebe’s hair was shining. It was so beautiful and… about to fall. That was what really turned me on. So this was what people call a hair fetish.

Carol turned the chair around, so she could wash Phoebe’s hair. Then she started combing the wet hair again. This turned me on even more. Carol divided her daughter’s hair into sections, and pinned them up, except for the lowest section. She combed that section again, and took the scissors. She asked Phoebe if she was really sure about this.

Phoebe nodded, and Carol started to cut. She placed the scissors at chin level on the right side of Phoebe’s head, and then she started to cut in a straight line. Fourteen inches of hair fell down on the cape. I could hardly believe it. I felt I was getting wet between the legs. This was such a great feeling.

Carol cut the hair all around Phoebe’s head to chin length, and then combed down the next section. She cut that at the same length. More and more hair fell down. I couldn’t help myself. I picked up a wet strand of hair and started playing with it. Nathalie noticed, but didn’t say anything.

Soon all of Phoebe’s hair was cut at chin length. Carol wanted to take the blow-dryer to style the hair, but Phoebe made it clear that it wasn’t short enough. “I want to keep the hair at the front at chin length, but I want it shorter at the back, buzzed close up to the top of the ears.”

After a short hesitation Carol took the clippers and switched them on. That was a sound I loved… I saw her place the clippers at the bottom of Phoebe’s neck and slowly push them upwards. More hair was falling and I got more and more excited. So much I couldn’t hide it from Nat anymore. She looked at me and smiled.

When the haircut was finished, I volunteered to sweep the floor. Seeing all that cut-off hair on the floor turned me on again. I ran my fingers through my own long hair. What would it be like to be in that chair and have my hair cut short? The thought excited me.

Before anyone could say anything I jumped in the chair and said: “I’m next, Carol. Cut it all off, please! I want it short!” I saw the surprised look in Carol’s eyes, and Phoebe was surprised too. Only Nathalie wasn’t. She had realised that I had a hair fetish, and she knew that I wanted this.

Carol draped the cape around me, and washed my hair. I loved the feeling when she combed my wet hair. That was so erotic. She sectioned my hair, and started to cut at the bottom. I loved the sound of the scissors. I looked in the mirror, but couldn’t see anything yet, because it was all happening behind my head.

Soon all the hair at the back had been cut. The sides were next. Carol started at the left side, and this time I could see her cutting the hair. Long, wet strands of hair, almost a foot in length fell on the cape. More and more hair fell down. I’d never felt so excited before in my life.

When Carol started at the top, tresses of about 18 inches were falling down. Again I reached for a strand of hair to play with. In the mirror I could see that Nat was still smiling at me, and by now Phoebe too had realised what was going on. She smiled at me as well.

Fifteen minutes later Carol removed the cape, and I ran my fingers through my short hair. It was about 2 to 2.5 inches all over. Wow, I loved my hair like this. Why hadn’t I done this earlier? I was happy to be rid of that long hair. But the cutting itself had been the best. I had never felt so exited in my life, not even when seeing Phoebe’s hair being cut.

Well, my dear diary, after this exciting day, there is only one thing left that I want to do: cut someone’s hair myself… I don’t know how I will ever get a chance to do this, but one day I will.

Your Melanie


Saturday, May 30th 1998

Dear Diary,

Yesterday morning I was on the internet again. I found a hair fetish page with a chat room and decided to try it out. I had told Nat and Phoebe about my fetish. They said they understood it, and they were very supportive, but it would be great to talk to someone who had the same fetish. Someone I could really talk too.

This morning in the chat room I met Thomas. He’s a married man from the United States, but in spite of the difference in age we have become quite good friends. I told him all about our haircuts, and he understands how I feel about it. It’s so good to finally have found someone who’s in the same situation. Of course he wanted to see pictures of us before and after our haircuts. I sent him some pics, and he told me where I could find stuff on the net.

Thanks to him I found a piece of video of a young girl having her long strawberry blond hair cut into a chin-length bob. Wow! That was incredible. I told him the girl made me think of my sister Mendi. Oh, how I would love to cut Mendi’s almost waist-length hair into such a chin-length bob. But I will have to face it that it will never be more than a dream. Mendi would never have her hair cut, let alone by me.

Well, at least I made a good friend today. I will talk to him again next Friday morning. I can’t wait.

I’ll talk to you later,

Your Melanie


Friday, 5th June 1998

Dear Diary,

This morning before school I talked to Thomas again. I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning. In the USA, where Thomas lives, it was some time in the afternoon. He told me about his daughter. She’s a few years older than me, and she has lovely long brown hair. I’d love to see a picture of her and fantasise about cutting her long hair into a short crop, like my own hair. Next time I will ask him for a picture.

Thomas is a great guy. He gave me a wonderful idea. He told me to organize a slumber party, and then late in the evening come with a pair of scissors and ask for a volunteer for a trim. I love this idea, and I talked about it to Nat and Phoebe. They like the idea too, and think it might just work. Now we have to think about who to invite. Guess who’s at the top of my list? Mendi!

We planned this slumber party for next Friday. Then our parents will be away for the weekend, and Mendi and I will have the house to ourselves. I just can’t wait. One whole week. That’s sooo long.

Your Melanie


Monday, 8th June 1998

Dear Diary,

I got a big disappointment today. My parents won’t be going away this weekend, which means I have to cancel the slumber party. Well, at least postpone it. Probably my parents will be away NEXT weekend, but that’s not certain yet. Thomas will be disappointed too. I’ll have to send him an e-mail and tell him it has been postponed. We’ll have to wait another week.

Your Melanie


Wednesday, 10th June 1998

Dear Diary,

Yes! My parents will be away next weekend! And I got permission for a slumber party on the condition that Mendi and her friend Shannon will be there to supervise! Things couldn’t be better. As you know I want Mendi to be there. And Shannon has beautiful long hair too. Wow, wouldn’t it be great to use the scissors on that hair. That would be a dream come true.

Well, I have to go to school now. I can’t wait to tell Nat and Phoebe about this.

Your Melanie


Friday, 12th June 1998

Dear Diary,

Only one week to go to the slumber party. I can hardly wait! I told Nikki, one of my other friends, about the real purpose of this Slumber party. Only Phoebe, Nathalie and Nikki know about this. The others still think that it’s a normal slumber party.

And you know what’s the best thing? Nikki has beautiful waist-length hair, and she said she will consider letting me cut it! I can’t believe it! Nikki has the most beautiful hair our class, maybe even in the whole school, but she says she would like a change. This sounds like a dream come true. Oh, I can hardly believe it.

Your Melanie,


Saturday, 13th June 1998

Dear Diary,

Some time ago, just before I got my hair cut, I sent a few pics of my sister and me to one of those digital makeover pages. You know, where you can see what you look like with a different hairstyle, without cutting your hair. Today I received an e-mail that the requested pics were ready.

It’s great to see myself with all those different hairstyles, although most of the styles are longer than my hair is now. There were a few pics of me with bobs and also a few short styles. One of those short styles actually looks a lot like the haircut I have now.

But the best thing about this are the pics of Mendi. Now I’m absolutely sure she’d look great with a shorter style. My favorite is a chin-length bob with bangs, slightly curly. That’s the style I want to give her. If only she would agree to this… Wow!

Love, Your Melanie,


Wednesday, 17th June 1998

Dear Diary,

The slumber party is coming closer, but today we realised we couldn’t wait that long. We decided to do something today as well. After school we went to the chemist’s to buy some hair colouring products. You know, those colours that slowly fade after washing your hair a few times.

After the shopping we went to Nathalie’s place to experiment with them. That was so cool. It’s not as good as cutting, but it got me aroused anyway. I decided to go for a bright red colour. I had seen myself with red hair on one of those digital makeover pics, and it looked good, so I decided to go for it.

I sat down and Phoebe did the honours. After the colouring she blow-dried and styled my hair. There was no mirror here, so I couldn’t see myself until it was all finished. Then I went to the hall to look at myself in the big mirror. Wow! I loved it! This looked great. By the looks on their faces I could tell that Nat and Phoebe loved it as well.

Nat was next. She decided to go for black, because she already had quite dark hair, and a lighter colour could not be achieved with those non-permanent colourings. Well, it was a very good choice. She looks very sexy with her new black hair.

And last but not least it was Phoebe’s turn. She decided to go for a colour that was somewhere in the middle between auburn and brown. As her original colour was blonde (almost white) this was quite a dramatic change for her. But after seeing herself with the new colour she was very enthusiastic about it.

All three of us are very happy with our new colours, and we can’t wait for the reactions at school tomorrow. As I said before, we do almost everything together, including this, so nobody will be really surprised that we all did it at the same time. Now we only have to wait for Saturday.

Your Melanie,


Saturday, 20th June 1998

Dear Diary,

Where should I start? So much has happened yesterday and this morning that I don’t know what to tell you first. I’m so happy, and I’m still very excited about all that has happened.

Most of the girls from our class were there, and of course Mendi and Shannon. Altogether there were about ten of us. We had a great time sitting around in our pajamas, talking about boys and eating lots of potato crisps.

Around ten o’clock we started to talk about our haircuts. Mendi said that, although she was very shocked at first, she liked my new haircut now. “Do you want to have your hair cut as well, Mendi?” Phoebe asked. “My mother will even give you a discount.”

“No way! I like my hair the way it is,” Mendi said, “Although I could do with a trim. I’ve got some split ends.”

“Me too,” Shannon said suddenly. “I could use a trim too.” That was my chance. “I’ll do it for you, if you want,” I said to her.

Shannon tried to tell me that she appreciated the offer, but that it was not necessary. She would go to the salon next week. I still don’t understand how I did it, but I talked her around. Ten minutes later she was sitting on a stool in the middle of the room, with a big bath towel dressed around her shoulders.

Shannon’s thick, wavy auburn hair came 12 inches below her shoulders. I started combing it slowly. The girls were all silent. They were all looking at us. Shannon told me that I could cut off about 1 inch. That was not much. I wanted to cut more.

I continued combing her beautiful shiny hair. Then I took the scissors and I was ready to cut. I placed the scissors about 1.5 inch from the end of Shannon’s hair, when I decided to be naughty. This was probably my only chance to cut someone’s hair, so it had better be good, even if it could get me into trouble.

I moved the scissors up to Shannon’s shoulders, hesitated for a split second, and closed the blades. A 12 inch long tress fell to the floor.

I can still hear her shouting. I’d never seen her so angry before. Of course, I don’t blame her. I would be angry too, but I just couldn’t resist cutting her hair shorter. Shannon stood up, and looked like she wanted to kill me. She walked in my direction, and I hid behind Nikki.

Phoebe started to defend me. She tried to tell Shannon that she would look great with her hair shoulder length. “My mother owns a salon, so I know what I’m talking about,” she said. “When your hair is a bit shorter it will look much fuller and much healthier.”

After listening to Phoebe for a few minutes Shannon realised that she was right. She sat down again, and told me to go on with the cut. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I sectioned Shannon’s hair, like I’d seen Phoebe’s mother do it a few times, and cut the hair section by section. Ten minutes later, Shannon’s hair was all one length, just above the shoulders. Like Phoebe predicted, her hair looks much fuller now and much thicker.

Even Shannon had to admit that I did a great job. When she stood up, all the hair that had been in her lap and on the towel fell on the floor. Shannon looked at it, not knowing what to say, but after looking in the mirror she started to smile again. “I should kill you,” she said, “but I think that I like my hair like this. It’s not too short.”

Shannon promised not to tell my parents that this haircut was not her own choice, because she knew that I would be grounded for a very long time if they found out. Shannon is great. I really like it that she would lie to my parents to protect me, even after what I did to her. My sister is very lucky to have someone like her for a best friend.

What happened after that was even better. Nikki (the girl with the waist-length hair) came to me and said that she had made a decision about her hair. She told me that she wanted me to cut it into a chin-length bob. I couldn’t believe my luck. This was incredible.

I asked Nikki if she was really sure about this, and she said that she had been thinking about it for a week, long enough to be absolutely sure. I still couldn’t believe this. I had expected her to go to a mid-back style, maybe even a bit layered, but never THIS short.

There was only one condition, she said. She wanted to keep the cut-off hair, so I had to braid it and cut off the braid. That was no problem. I asked Nikki to sit down on the stool where Shannon had sat not long ago. I put the towel over her shoulders, and started to brush her hair.

After brushing it for more than ten minutes I started to braid it. Wow. The braid was almost two inches in diameter and reached almost to her waist. I took the scissors and started to cut just above shoulder level. It took me a lot of effort to get through the thick braid, but after a few minutes it came loose. When I handed it to Nikki, I couldn’t help noticing a tear in her eye.

But she was also still smiling. She assured me that she was all right, and that I could go on. I prepared to continue with my second cut. It became easier every time. I sectioned her hair, and starting with the lowest section I cut her hair to chin length. I was surprised to see how easy it was, and how straight I could cut it.

Soon Nikki’s bob was ready. I looked at her, but I realised that there was something missing: bangs. She agreed, and I took the scissors again. Straight, not too thick, bangs at eyebrow level. Nikki looked great. When she saw herself in the mirror she couldn’t believe it. “Oh, wow! I’m so happy I went through with this. I love it!”

By this time I was completely wet between the legs, and I hoped nobody noticed. This was so great. I didn’t want the evening to stop here. I asked if there were any other volunteers. Shannon pushed Mendi forward, but Mendi started to shout. She said that she wasn’t ready for such a big change. She said that maybe she could be persuaded to cut her hair, but not yet. Maybe in a few months. I was very disappointed. Cutting Mendi’s hair was what I wanted to do most…

The next morning, when I woke up I didn’t know where I was for a moment. Then I realised that I was lying on a mattress in the living room. Phoebe, Nathalie, Nikki and my other friends were also there. Mendi didn’t want to sleep on the floor, so she was in her own bed. Shannon was in my bed.

When I woke up, I heard someone tapping on the keyboard. It was Shannon. When I asked her what she was doing, she told me she was in the chat room, looking for Thomas. She wanted to talk to the guy who had put the idea of the slumber-party into my head.

Thomas wasn’t there, but she was talking to a guy named Ray. She said she told him all about what happened last night. He could hardly believe it, but he wished he’d been here to see it. I told Shannon to warn me if Thomas came on, and then disappeared into the bathroom for a hot shower.

After showering I got dressed and started blow-drying my hair. It used to take ages, but with my new short haircut it only took ten minutes. Then I wanted to go downstairs again. I walked past Mendi’s bedroom door. She was still sleeping peacefully, her beautiful hair spread out on the pillow.

Then I got a very naughty idea. What if I cut a few tresses while she was sleeping? Then when she woke up I had to cut the rest as well. No, I couldn’t, could I? She’d kill me, wouldn’t she?

I went downstairs, looking for the scissors. I told Shannon what I wanted to do. To my surprise she didn’t do anything to stop me. She didn’t encourage me either. She said nothing and smiled. I took the scissors upstairs and tiptoed into Mendi’s room. I stood there for a moment, not sure if I should go on.

This was what I wanted to do most, but I also knew that I would be in heaps of trouble. My parents would kill me, if Mendi didn’t do it first. I hesitated. I noticed Shannon and Phoebe in the doorway. I had to act quickly, because if more people came to see what was going on, Mendi might wake up.

I took a handful of hair, and without Mendi noticing anything I cut it off. I took another handful, and cut again. Then I decided to get out as quickly as possible. Mendi was still sleeping. I walked down the stairs. Phoebe and Shannon followed.

In the living room there was a lot of noise. The other girls were awake too. I showed them the handful of Mendi’s hair. For a moment they didn’t know what to say. Absolute silence. Suddenly the silence was shattered by a cry from upstairs: Mendi.

She came running down the stairs, looking for me. The look in her eyes said enough. I had to hide quickly. Nikki and Phoebe stepped in front of me to protect me, while Shannon tried to calm Mendi down.

Mendi looked quite strange. Long, messed up hair on one side, shoulder-length, quite uneven hair on the other side. She still looked angry, but she was no longer trying to strangle me. Shannon told Mendi to calm down. Yesterday she had been in the same situation herself, and now she was trying to calm someone else down.

In the meantime I went upstairs to get the printed pics of Mendi’s virtual makeover. I wanted to show her that she would look great with shorter hair. The plan worked. When Mendi saw the pics, she calmed down.

Finally she told me to go for it. She gave me the pic of her with the chin-length, slightly layered and curled style with bangs. That was my favorite, and obviously hers too. She told me that, since there was no way back anyway, I could cut her hair like it was in the pic. After seeing what I did with Shannon’s and Nikki’s hair she trusted me with the scissors.

Mendi sat down and I started to cut again. The bathrobe Mendi was wearing was completely covered with her long hair. She was still not feeling completely at ease. Very understandable. I kept on cutting, and by the looks on the girls’ faces I could see they liked Mendi’s new style. Mendi still couldn’t see it herself, as there was no mirror here. When I finished, Phoebe walked out of the room and returned with the bathroom mirror in her hands.

Mendi looked at her mirror-image and liked what she saw. She ran her fingers through her short hair and smiled. “I’m still angry at you for doing this, but I think I can get used to this style.” I knew that Mendi couldn’t stay angry with me forever.

I only wonder what my parents will say about all of this, Dear Diary, I hope they won’t kill me…

Your Melanie



Later that afternoon my parents came back. Needless to say that they were very angry about what happened. I got grounded for a month, but when they caught me on the computer just after I sent an email to Thomas, they extended my punishment to 3 months.

Three months without TV, not seeing my friends outside school hours and no internet. I wasn’t allowed to do anything. I couldn’t even go to Carol’s salon to have my hair cut, because my parents knew I’d like that.

By the time my punishment ended, my hair had grown to about 4 inches. I went to Phoebe’s mother immediately to have my hair cut. This time even shorter (much shorter) than last time. Now my hair is 1.5 inches on top and 1 inch at the back and sides. I also got it dyed again. Red, like last time, but this time a permanent colour.

When I was allowed back on the internet I found out about the short story contest. I decided to edit my diary and send it in for the competition. I have left out all the parts that weren’t hair related, and I’ve edited the rest a bit to make it a logical unit again.

I hope you all like it, because nobody ever got to read my diary before, not even Nathalie and Phoebe.

By the way, Nathalie, Phoebe and Mendi still have the same hairstyles. They get it trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. Nikki has cut her hair really short now, almost as short as mine. Shannon has decided to grow her hair out again.

And I? Some time ago I met this girl Helen in the chat room. She’s about my age and she’s addicted to haircutting as well, just like me. I promised her that we would cut each other’s hair if she ever comes to Australia. She wants to see me in a short bob, so I decided to grow my hair out a bit. When Helen comes to Australia she gets to cut my hair into a short bob. And then I’ll get to cut her hair too. I’m sure Helen and I will be the best of friends.

Helen, if you read this, this is dedicated to you. I love you.



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