Too Hot for Hair!

Too Hot for Hair!

Too Hot for Hair!

It was only the beginning of the summer and it was already hotter than blue blazes. Janice and I were sitting together in the last class of school, just waiting for the bell to ring and for summer vacation to start. We were both looking forward to the summer, relaxing by my mother’s pool and sipping gin and tonics behind my mother’s back, but hot was hot and this was wild! For the last seven days the temperature had been in the nineties and today it was pushing one hundred degrees. The sweat was dripping from my hair, which was piled up on top of my head to keep it off my shoulders. I couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable Janice was as she lifted her hair away from her back and held it up to give her glistening shoulders some air. Over the last couple of days several of my friends had surrendered their hair to the summer heat, but Janice and I swore we wouldn’t cut our locks off no matter how hot it got!

The first full day of the summer Janice and I spent exactly as we promised we would, on the side of the pool, basking in the sun and sipping drinks, till we got silly. We had always been very close friends and lately our friendship had taken a more serious turn. I wasn’t going to give up men, yet, but this was very nice for now and we both enjoyed each other’s attention. After we were good and sloshed, I noticed that Janice needed some work on her bikini line.

“Hey girl, don’t you trim that up for the summer?” as I grabbed a couple hairs and yanked getting the desired reaction. Janice grabbed my arm and pushed me over onto my back to examine me. I was more than prepared for her. She pushed my bikini bottoms over to reveal absolutely no hair at all.

The night before I had shaved completely down there. Janice was ecstatic and asked me to do her the same way. Soon we were in the bathroom, naked, Janice sitting on the edge of the tub lathered and ready to be tonsured. I picked the same razor that I had used the night before and started to shave it all off. Soon we were both bald as babies. After that we retired to my room and played all afternoon.

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As we were recovering Janice broke the news that she was going to give in and get her hair cut shorter for the summer. I argued with her about our promise to each other, but the more we argued the more what she was saying made perfect sense. Not only did she get me to approve of her cutting her hair, but she had also talked me into getting mine cut as well. This was no small matter. We had both been growing our hair since grammar school and were both quite attached to our waist-length hair. Somehow the whole idea of cutting my hair aroused me, a lot! Not only that but the shorter the style we talked about the more aroused I became. Of course the heat justified anything we did but it was quickly becoming a secondary concern for us. Janice had already made an appointment for the next day at the salon but I thought it would be more fun to have it done together, even facing each other so we could watch as the other’s hair was cut off. Janice loved the idea and thought that she could probably get us both in at the same time the next day. We kissed and went our separate ways for the rest of the evening, leaving me to ponder what the next day would bring. I spent a little extra time that night brushing my blonde tresses, knowing that it would be the last time for a long time. I knew deep down, that my hair would be quite short this time tomorrow.

Eleven o’clock rolled around quickly and there was Janice waiting for me in front of the salon, but I had a wager to make with her first. I had had all night to think about it and it was a foolproof way to make sure we both got clipped, but good! The bet was, the one with the longer hair at the end of the visit had to get a tattoo of the other’s name on her left buttock. Janice agreed but not being one to be outdone added that the name would be inside a red heart as well as on the right breast and the left buttock. As we shook on it one thing was for sure, one of us would be leaving the world of men behind for good. As we entered the salon a chill ran down my spine. There were two chairs facing each other as we had discussed the day before. We sat down looking longingly into each other’s eyes.

Two young women came out of the back room and took their places behind the chairs. Janice was asked first how she wanted it cut. “Let’s try it off the shoulders to start.” fluffing her hair out behind the chair. My palms were sweaty as the beautician leaned down to speak, because I knew what I was going to start with.

“How would you like yours dear?” She ran a brush through my hair from crown to end several times before I got the courage to say “Brush cut! I want a one inch brush cut.” I couldn’t believe I had let the words out of my mouth but there they were, hanging in the room. Janice’s eye’s widened as she heard me, and the poor beautician was shocked.

“Are you sure, honey, that’s pretty short for a pretty girl like you!” That was all it took. “Definately a brush cut only make it a half inch long instead of an inch.” I winced as I said it but boy was I hot. wow!! Janice was busy getting about a foot of her hair cut off when I heard the clippers snap on behind me. There was a stern look on the face of the beautician now as if she was determined or something. She had the half inch guards on the clippers as she ran them up under my hair in back and placed them at the nape of my neck. There was a slight hesitation as if to give me one last chance to back out and then I felt the clippers dig into my hair, before they had reached the crown of my head I could swear that I had an orgasm right in the chair. Then another swath was mowed next to the first. I could start to feel the unfamiliar sensation of coolness on my scalp as each pass was made. Soon all of my beautiful blonde hair was lying at our feet. Janice had since finished with her cut for now and was watching mine. She made a comment that I wouldn’t like the way my ears stuck out from my head. I reached up and felt the bristled head that was now mine and the ears that were now so prominent. The beautician then pushed my head forward so my chin rested on my chest and with a much smaller guard shaved the back up about half way, blending it into the top as she pulled the clippers away. She did the same for each side but as she did the left side something came over me again and I suddenly reached up and placed my hand over hers and forcefully guided the clippers over the top of my head. She could see the huge smile on my face as I let go so she wasn’t upset but merely began to even it out all over and then to my surprise and delight removed the guards completely and did my whole head again, shearing it down to a sixteenth of an inch. No one was saying a word, especially Janice whose jaw was on the floor. The beautician then fumbled around in a drawer for a moment and came up with a can of shaving cream and a razor. Once again without asking she lathered my head and began to shave it bald! I was in absolute ecstasy as the blade scraped smoothly over my scalp. What had I done! I was going to be totally and completely shiny bald. As my lily-white scalp was wiped clean, I turned and looked at myself in the mirror for the first time since we came into the salon. What a Shock! I instantly ran my hands over my now silky smooth head and grinned and then laughed. Suddenly I heard the clippers snap to life again. Behind us Janice had grabbed the clippers that just sheared me and ran them smack down the middle of her head from forehead to nape. I sat back down and watched as she shaved her own head down to stubble. When she had finished I grabbed the shaving cream and the razor and shaved her beautiful head bald myself, while the two beauticians giggled in the front of the salon, making sure no one came in during our tirade.

As we left the salon, bald as cueballs we knew what we had to do. I took Janice’s hand and we walked the two blocks to the tattoo parlor.

“A breast and a buttock for two please!”


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