Donna’s Unexpected Haircut

Donna's Unexpected Haircut

Donna’s Unexpected Haircut – Caped Victim

Donna Parker walked down the hallway of Sacred Heart School for Girls. She was being led to her new room where she would meet her new roommates. Donna nervously walked next to the teacher. Her long waist-length curly blonde hair swished down her back every step she took. She was an attractive girl, quite thin, pretty face, which was capped off by her fabulous head of flowing blonde curls.

Finally they reached her new room. “This is where you will be staying Miss Parker. You have tonight to settle in, then a big day tomorrow. I advise you get some sleep in order to get up early tomorrow.” The teacher opened the door. “See you tomorrow morning, sleep well.” With that, Donna walked in and closed the door. She heard talking from another room and decided she should try to get off on the right foot and introduce herself.

She entered the room to see a girl her age seated in front of a dresser. Didn’t really look like a girl, just her tiny head sticking out from underneath a bright blue haircutting cape that reached the floor almost. All that was exposed were her strappy shoes with little feet. There were 2 girls, one in the chair and one standing right beside her snipping precisely at her hair. They looked up to see Donna.

“Umm hi, I’m Donna,” she said nervously.

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“Oh you must be our new roommate? Hi I’m Sally and this is Nikki.” Nikki was the girl receiving the haircut. Both the girls had very similar short bobs, Nikki was blonde and Sally brunette. The girls all talked and got to know each other, they seemed to be getting along well.

“I like your haircuts,” said Donna.

“Thank you, yeah we both like our bobs. As you can see we both keep them fairly well trimmed regularly.” Sally continued to trim Nikki’s bob close to her face, snip, snip, snip was the only sound in the room. Donna watched about half an inch of blonde hair find its way down the cape to the floor.

“So what are you going to do with your hair Donna?” asked Nikki.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, they are going to give you a haircut tomorrow.”

“Who is? No one can cut my hair… can they?”

“Well yeah, it happens to every new girl with hair past her collar. Whether you like it or not, it’s coming off.”

Donna sat there in silence for 5 minutes whilst the haircut continued, she watched snippets of Nikki’s hair float down and make its way to the floor thinking it could be hers tomorrow. “Surely they can’t do that to me,” she thought.

Just then Sally undid the cape and dusted off Nikki’s neck and face with a make-up brush she had. She then removed a tissue that had been there and threw it in the bin. Donna watched this and wondered why they used a tissue. She had never seen a tissue used under a cape before in a salon. “Must be just more comfortable,” she thought. Sally grabbed the cape by the two ends and slowly lifted it off Nikki then shook the clippings onto the floor. Nikki stood up out of the chair and admired her new haircut in the mirror. Donna noticed there was some hair of Sally’s already on the floor so she must have already had her hair cut.

Sally looked over to Donna with cape in hand. “We could give you a haircut of you’d like. Trust me sweetie, I’d much rather have it cut here than what you’re going to go through tomorrow.”

“What do you mean? What are they going to do tomorrow?”

“You’re gonna have your haircut by the school barber in front of everyone at assembly. It’s so humiliating, I cried my eyes out when it happened to me. The woman that will cut it has never had a girl in her chair for an induction cut that hasn’t cried. Every girl ends up bawling their eyes out, in front of the whole school whilst she is stripped of her locks. So the choice is up to you…”

Donna couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “They couldn’t do that to me, surely not, not my hair,” she thought to herself. “I bet these to girls are just trying to her their hands on my beautiful hair, they are making the whole thing up.”

“So what’s it gonna be babe,” said Sally, still holding a cape in hand. “Our chair or the barber’s chair?”

“I think I’ll take my chances and wait till tomorrow, thanks anyway though,” said Donna.

The girls laughed and then said, “Hehe ok, see you in the morning.”

That night was a very restless one. Donna felt her blonde curls on her face. “Could it be true? No way, my parents wouldn’t send me to a school where I have to get my hair cut, they love my hair.” With that last thought Donna was reassured and fell asleep.

Next morning Donna woke to the sound of the radio which Sally and Nikki had playing. She was still confident from last night thinking about her parents. She got up and headed toward the shower. Donna had a quick shower, got dressed, dried her hair and put it up. She walked out to see Nikki and Sally waiting for her. “Let’s go to assembly,” said Nikki. The two girls laughed amongst themselves.

As they walked into the assembly hall they had their names checked off at the door. Nikki and Sally walked through before her. Donna walked up and got her name checked off. “Oh Miss Parker, yes you will be required to go around the back of the hall, the side entrance. There will be a teacher waiting there for you ok?”

“Umm, what for?” said Donna.

“Just a welcoming for the new girls, darling.”

Donna walked around to the side of the hall where she saw a teacher waiting for her. “Miss Parker? Ah yes, how are you liking your new school darling?” The girl and teacher chatted briefly about the new school and her fitting in. She could hear the assembly starting and talking from the microphone. After a good five minutes the teacher ushered Donna onto the stage where she looked out. It seemed there were about 1 million female eyes beating down on her. There was a huge applause for as she stepped onto the stage. The principle began to start talking about her; Donna wasn’t really listening, just trying to take in the surrounding environment. She noticed in the centre of the stage, behind her, there was a big object, covered in a sheet. “Must be a big trophy or something they are going to display,” she thought.

Just then the Principal turned to Donna, looking her in the eye. “And now that you are here with us at Sacred Heart Donna, it is time for your induction haircut.” Every girl in the hall cheered and whistled. Donna couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

“What? You can’t cut my hair,” she said.

“We can and we will, sweetheart. Take a seat,” the principal laughed.

Donna looked behind her and saw a tall skinny woman dressed in a tight white singlet and matching pants with white platform shoes. She had a short bleach blonde do, similar to Cameron Diaz’s. She had a grin from ear to ear and Donna watched her as she removed the big white sheet of the object to expose a barber’s chair. Donna froze and wanted to run, but couldn’t. The barber produced a big red cape and shook it out. “This cape has your name on it sweetie, take a seat and let’s get started.” All the girls in the hall screamed and cheered. Donna turned to run but was immediately stopped by the principal who dragged her to the chair. The barber was standing behind the chair and grabbed the fighting Donna by the shoulders and pulled her back. While she held Donna down the principal tied her arms and legs down with some belts, then one more around her waist. She was completely trapped.

The barber walked around with cape in hand, she had a microphone in her other hand. “So girls, are we gonna give this girl here a haircut?” An ear-piercing scream and cheer came from the crowds of girls in the audience. The barber laughed and put down the microphone on a desk behind the chair where all her cutting tools were. On the bench was a comb, scissors, a pair of clippers, a spray bottle, a pink hair duster, a box of tissues and a roll of neck tissue. She walked behind Donna who was busy struggling in the huge chair. “So, darling, it looks like they want you to have your hair cut. Too bad, babe.” With that she shook out the cape and draped it in front of Donna, it then settled over the girl completely covering her, head to foot. She drew the ends back and let it rest on her shoulders. While the cape sat there the barber walked behind her and pulled out the roll of tissue. She pulled a long strip out, tore it off and fastened it tightly around Donna’s neck, then the cape was also drawn tightly around her neck. Donna felt herself rising up higher as the chair jerked and ascended, the barber continued to pump the pedal on the chair until Donna was at the desired level. The barber began to unpin Donna’s beautiful curls. It cascaded down the shiny red cape. The long blonde locks were amazing and glistened under the lights. The barber played with the hair and began combing, until it was ready for cutting. Just then the barber produced her scissors and snipped them quickly in front of Donna’s face. Donna began to cry, tears rained down her face. “Aaw, poor baby doesn’t want a haircut. Girls don’t usually cry until I start cutting their hair. I usually have to tease girls a bit more before I get some tears out of them.”

The audience began chanting “Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!” The barber grabbed Donna’s curls in a long ponytail and began to sink the scissors into her long hair. Her hair was thick, but was no match for the barber’s scissors. In no time her hair had been cut at her shoulders. The barber threw the loose ponytail into her lap where it fell apart and slithered down the cape. The crowd went crazy, and a roar of excitement went through the whole hall.

The barber walked behind the chair where Donna couldn’t see what was happening. She was forced to look forward into the audience where every girl except her was loving her haircut. Donna sat still, then would have jumped out of the chair if it weren’t for the restraints as the hall filled with the buzzing sound of the clippers. “Ooh, scared you darling,” the barber mocked. She spent a few minutes teasing Donna with the clippers, drawing them closer and closer to her precious hair, rubbing them up and down her cheek. The barber then stood on the right side of Donna and held her still by grabbing the left side of her head. She plunged the roaring clippers up the side of Donna’s hair. Donna let out a shriek. The hall erupted with applause and approval of the shearing. Minutes passed as the barber continued to run the clippers up the right side of Donna’s now white scalp. After the side was done, her head was forced forward and her neck was now sheared in a repeated method. The buzzing continued and Donna cried so much she barely had any tears left. As her head was forced down she could only see her feet sticking out of the cape on the footrest. Hair, piles of hair, kept falling down in front of her, eventually finding its way down the hair covered cape.

Her head was roughly pulled back up to normal level. Now finally the left side was a bit to be cropped the same as the others had been. Hair continued to pile up on her shoulders, but was knocked to the floor by the cord of the clippers, which swung freely as the barber repeatedly shaved up her temple.

Last but not least was the top of her near shaven head. The barber stood in front of Donna, clippers in hand. She looked at the audience, who cheered. She placed her head behind Donna’s head and mowed a strip down the middle of poor Donna’s crown. The buzzing kept going until there was nothing left to buzz, she had been completely shaven with a number #1 guard. “You’re lucky I even used a guard, you owe me one, sweetheart hehe.”

The barber bent down and kissed Donna’s forehead. She held Donna’s jaw in her hand and began to dust her head and neck. The barber laughed. “Do you want me to blow dry it, darling,” she laughed mockingly. The chair was lowered and the cape undone. Her neck was once more dusted and the tissue strip removed and thrown to the floor with the rest of her hair. The cape was then also removed and shaken out. Piles of hair fell to the floor as the cape was shaken out. The barber put the red cape over her shoulder and removed the restraints. The crowd chanted, “Baldy! Baldy! Baldy!” The barber handed Donna some tissues. “Dry your eyes honey,” she laughed. Donna quickly ran out of the hall and back to her room where she cried her eyes out.

Sally and Nikki walked back to their room after they were dismissed from assembly. When they walked into where Donna was, the floor and her bed were covered in used tissues. Donna had cried her eyes out solidly for half an hour. “Don’t say we didn’t tell you so….”

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