Milestone Summer

Milestone Summer

A Milestone Summer by Suzy

The age of l5 was a milestone year for me. It was the year I changed from a skinny flat-chested little girl into a shapely slim teenager. My long dishwater blond hair was, I thought, one of my very best features. This was also the year that boys began to notice me. I enjoyed their attentions, and soon became a very talented flirt. This was also the year I met my true love.

My mother was a widow and even though her job kept her busy, she always managed to be there for me. She, who, up to this time in life, had always been my best friend, suddenly became very critical of me. She wouldn’t allow me to buy the mini skirts that I looked so good in, wear the dark lipsticks and dramatic eye makeup that I wanted to wear, or enhance my natural beauty in any way. She said I was too young. However, despite mother’s attitude, the boys began to call me and come over to the house.

It was the May and school was about to let out for the summer. This was the summer that mom decided to ship me off to my grandparent’s farm for the summer. I was very upset about this… I felt betrayed by my own mother. For one thing, I never much cared for my grandparents. They were grumpy and rigid. In fact, I often wondered how my mother’s childhood must have been, being raised by people that strict. I pleaded and begged my mother to let me stay home so that I could enjoy the summer with my friends, but she flatly refused.

My grandparents lived on a farm about 100 miles from us. I liked being on the farm when we went there for visits because I loved the animals and the beauty of the country. But the thought of not talking to my friends for 3 months and just having the old folks for company was more than I could handle. I thought about this for the entire drive to the farm… silently staring out the window, feeling alone & betrayed.

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My grandparents were happy to see us and greeted us warmly.. Grandmother had made a big home-cooked dinner for us. After dinner, mom sat with them talking while I wandered around the farm. As I came in the side door, I heard my grandmother’s voice saying, “She’s much too young to be flirting around with boys. You best put a stop to it, or she’s going to end up pregnant.” Their conversation went on quietly, and I paid little attention. I was too busy thinking what I was going to do with myself for the next 3 months. Mom finally left, kissed me goodbye, telling me to obey my grandparents..

The next morning, as the sun was just rising, my grandmother poked her head in my room and said, “Wake up Suzy, honey… time for breakfast.” I looked at the alarm clock. It wasn’t even 6 am. I groaned as I forced myself up, wondering how I was going to put up with this all summer long.

At breakfast, they announced that we were all going into town to run some errands. I mentally gave another groan. They treated me like a two-year-old! But, I just got dressed and sat in the back of the car on the way to town, wondering what my friends would think if they could see me now.

As we pulled into town, gramps pulled right up to the barber shop. This little place with a red and white striped pole out in front of it. “Gotta get our summer haircuts!” my grandmother said to me with a smile. My heart just about fell to my feet!

“I don’t want my hair cut!” I said.

I felt like I wanted to sink into the ground and die, or maybe just run away. But then, mom’s words came back into my head… “Do as you’re told…”

As they were getting out of the car, I said, “Please, don’t make me cut my hair!” My grandparents just looked at me blankly, as if I were the silliest child in the world.

We walked into this small old-fashioned barber shop. There were two hair cutting chairs. An old man was cutting a man’s hair in one. The other one was vacant. The old barber seemed to know my grandparents. “Hi, Peter and Julia! In for your summer cuts? And this must be little Suzy.” (Everybody knew everybody around here.) I thought I’d die of humiliation. My own grandmother goes to a man’s barber for haircuts! What a thought!

Then, coming out from the back room was the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen. He looked to be about l9 or 20 and had dark brown hair which was cut in a short crew cut, steel blue eyes. When he looked at me, my tummy did flip-flops. The older barber said, “Oh, this is my nephew Jim… he just finished barber college and is working with me now. When I retire, Jim is going to take over the shop.”

Jim smiled at us and said, “Next.”

My grandfather got up and went and sat in Jim’s chair. They spoke briefly and Jim caped gramps and took out the clippers, attacking my grandfather’s head. I watched with my eyes practically popping out of my head. “He’s making him bald,” I thought to myself. As Jim was finishing gramps’ head, the older barber’s chair emptied and grandmother sat down in it. She said to him, “Give me something nice and short for the summer.” He didn’t blink an eye, and began cutting grandmother’s hair. He cut her hair above her ears and along the nape of her neck with scissors. She calmly sat as if she was enjoying it. I could feel my face burning and my heart beating as I watched both my grandparents losing their hair. The old barber took the clippers and began to buzz the back of grandmother’s head practically half-way up her head. I thought I was going to lose it.

By this time, grandfather had about a half-inch crewcut and Jim was shaving his neck and around his ears. He brushed gramps off, lowered the chair and took off his cape. I sat there feeling like I was going to die. Then those intense blue eyes looked over at me smiling. “Come on beautiful, you’re next.” I was mortified!

“NO, I am not getting my hair cut off… no way,” I said, practically in tears.

By this time the old barber was finishing up grandmother’s haircut. It was very short, tapered in the back and sides to about 1/2 inch and about 1-1/2 inch in the top. She actually seemed to like it! The old barber was lowering her chair and brushing her off. He looked over at his nephew and said, “Jim, I’m going to get a bite to eat.”

Jim just looked at him and nodded… and then he looked back at me. “Well, your grandparents want that hair cut. Now are you going to come and sit down in my chair or am I going to have to come after you?” He said this in a serious tone, but his eyes were smiling. When he looked at me, my tummy did flips and my panties began to feel wet.

Grandfather said, “Your grandmother and I have other things to do in town. We don’t have all day!” I felt panicky, as if I were trapped!

Jim continued to stare at me. Without breaking his gaze, he said to gramps. “Go ahead, I’ll take good care of Suzy.”

I could feel myself blushing. My grandparents seemed pleased and, smiling, took off, leaving me alone with Jim. Now were it any other circumstances, I’d have used every bit of feminine charm I had. I thought he was a fox, but here I was in danger of losing my hair!

“Please don’t cut my hair,” I said to him when we were alone.

“Well, little girl, you’re getting a haircut today whether you like it or not.” Then he walked over to me, put his hand under my chin and lifted my head up so that I was looking into his eyes. He looked at me and softly said, “With that gorgeous face of yours, I think you’d be a knockout in a short haircut.” I was hypnotized.

The next thing I knew, I was being caped in the chair. As he raised the chair, I began to get that trapped feeling again. When he turned me away from the mirror, I really freaked. He seemed to sense my fear and softly said, “Calm down… trust me… you’ll like it when I’m finished.” His voice had a way of soothing me… that is, until I felt the blades of the scissors right at the nape of my neck.

As I heard the scissors crunching through my hair, I gasped. He continued chopping around my head until I was left with a short bob, my entire neck was exposed! “Oh my God,” I moaned, tears flowing down my face. “What have I done to myself? I’ll be so ugly.”

He softly chuckled, saying, “You wouldn’t be ugly if you didn’t have a hair on your head.” As he soothed me, he continued to cut. Soon I realized that my ears were exposed. I reached my hand out from under my cape and felt my hair. There was none on my neck. He cut it above my ears! The side he finished cutting was no more than an inch long… I was practically bald! I knew it was too late… the hair was gone. At that point, I just sat there silently, with tears rolling down my cheeks, submissively putting my head down when he began to clipper the back, tilting my head any way he pushed it. I realized he was using the clippers along with a comb, but not clipping to the scalp as he had gramps… he was leaving me a bit more hair. He cut short wispy-like bangs across my forehead. As he was putting the finishing touches on my hair, his hand slipped down on my neck. “It’s a shame to cover a neck like this.” His hands then touched my ears. “And such pretty small ears.” As he touched me, I could feel sensations going through my body which I’d never experienced before. I realized that I was breathing harder. He drew back, as if he just realized how turned on he was. He turned me to the mirror and I looked for the first time. Outside of the swollen eyes from crying, I almost didn’t recognize myself. My eyes looked bigger. My face showed. My hair was gone! I felt an initial shock.

“It’s so short!” I said, as I felt my clippered neck. It was so short at the nape, I couldn’t even grasp it.

I looked up at his face, and he was smiling at me. “You’ll get used to it.”

By that time, my grandparents came back into the barbershop. They both liked what Jim did to my hair. They told Jim what a good barber he was, but he kept looking at me as if he wanted me to tell him. I didn’t say anything, but as we were leaving, I turned back and looked at him. I flashed him a dazzling smile. “It was nice to have met you Jim. Hope to see you again.”

He looked at me with his killer blue eyes and smiled. “You will… count on it.”

The Beginning………..


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