Swimming Sisters

Swimming Sisters

Swimming Sisters, Part One – LadyBarber

Well it had always been my long desire to have my hair clipper cut real short and even shaved smooth at by good old-fashioned barberette. These dreams and desires seemed to be so far away, as I was scared how society would react. For the last 5 years I have kept my blonde hair in shortish bob styles.

I had just moved in with by my best mate Sharon, who also had a fetish for short hair. Sharon is more open and confident about expressing herself, whereas I panic and worry about external reactions. Sharon has short cropped black hair which expresses her open confidence.

In the last few weeks Sharon has taught me to express myself more openly. Although her hair isn’t shaved, she keeps it clippered short in the sides and back and the top short but long enough to gel back.

Well one Friday she rang me at work and wished me a very happy birthday and asked me to stay at work as she would pick me up for a special night out. I watched every minute tick over until it was time to pack and leave.

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Not keeping me waiting for longer than 2 minutes, Sharon pulled up and picked me up outside the entrances of my office. She told me that she had a real surprise installed for me. When I asked, she replied, “Just sit back and relax.” She spoke little and kept a firm concentration on driving, whilst I got nervous. Suddenly she parked the car on a little street that ran off a smaller area shopping district. She got out and told me to hurry along. As I got out of the car, she quickly grabbed my hand firmly and walked ahead.

We walked for a good 5 minutes passing many stores and restaurants. I wondered which cafe or restaurant we would stop at to celebrate my birthday, until I suddenly noticed her leading me right toward an old-fashioned barber shop. I skipped a breath as she walked and dragged me right in to the entrance without even asking me or telling me what was happening.

On entering the barber shop, we were greeted by an old man introducing himself as Max and along his side was another barberette introduced as Sylvia. They were both mid-aged, about mid-40’s, and may have even been married. Max asked how he could help. I gulped, however Sharon quickly replied, “Oh, my sister needs a haircut.”

Sylvia told Max, “It’s okay Max, you hurry along as I can do the cut and close up.”

Max replied, “Well, good night ladies.”

Sylvia then locked the door behind him and flipped the closed sign. She then looked me in the eyes and said, “Come on dear.” I looked at Sharon and realised there was no turning back as I gingerly walked toward the big red-cushioned chair.

As I sat and sank into the red chair a big red and white cape was whisked and tied around my neck. Sylvia picked up a large black comb and began to comb my hair back. I was scared and probably shaking when Sylvia said, “So what are we doing with this?”

I tried to respond but Sharon said, “Oh my sister Jenny is a talented swimmer and will be trying to impress national selectors in tomorrow’s competition and therefore we need get her head shaved really smooth.”

Sylvia replied, “Well that’s dedication for you. I suppose you have had this done before then.”

Sharon replied, “Yes we both have as we are both swimmers, aren’t we Jenny?”

I gulped out, “Am yes ma’am.”

Sylvia then picked out a large set of clippers (attached with a very small gaurd) from her top drawer and plugged them into the nearby power point. Upon placing them on her top work bench, Sylvia then proceeded to comb my hair back over my head, and comb the shaggy bob down over my nape. She then picked up the clippers. “CLICK!” She clicked them on and quickly filled the air with a “HUUMMM”. These clippers were bigger than the ones that had previously been used to denude my nape whilst I had my bobbed styles in the past. They were almost silent compared to the ones I had seen and heard buzz in the past, instead they hummed really loud.

Sylvia pushed my head down into my breasts and kept one hand firmly pushed on the top of my head so I couldn’t move. As I closed my eyes I heard the HUUUMMMM get louder until I felt the humming sound became a cutting sound.

This humming, cutting sound moved up the back of my neck and head. Another pass followed to the side of the first, hair came tumbling off my shoulders. She was clipping my hair short like a military recruit. My head was not allowed up as Sylvia continued at my nape pass after pass. I couldn’t see, but I knew it was short as I felt the cool air tingle at my nape. She finally released my head and I attempted to look up before her firm hand tilted my head to the left as she mowed the clippers up the right side of my head. My hair was being cut to half an inch. With the last stroke on the right side, she pushed the clippers over the top of my head. Then, she walked around to the left side and finished the cut.

These big clippers cut my hair shorter than I had ever had. I was now breathing deeply. “CLICK!” The humming stopped. Sylvia placed the clippers on the work bench, picked up the hair duster. She brushed clipped strands of hair from my face.

“What do you think? Nice and short for you. Well, settle back, we still got some work to do,” she said. Sylvia finished dusting off my short clippings and again turned a little before returning with those big clippers again. With them in hand she took off the guard and walked to my right side. I turned my head to look at her. “CLICK….. HUMmmmm…..”

Her left hand turned my head to face the mirror, and I watched the clippers, without any attachment, as they were brought to my head. Slowly they were pushed over my head cutting the half inch away.

Almost bald stubble was left in the path made by the clippers.

Slowly more bald stubble remained as the clippers clipped away my hair. As Sylvia worked the clippers faster and faster over my head, there was soon nothing but an even cover of almost bald stubble all over.

Clippers finished they were put to rest. I was looking at a face I knew, but the hair was NOT there. Sylvia was again brushing my head with the hair duster, tossing clippings in the air like star dust.

I thought my adventure and desires had been completed and ended, as Sylvia removed the cape. As I was preparing to myself to get out of the chair, I however quickly realised there was more action awaiting me, as I noticed Sylvia turn toward the sink behind me. Upon daydreaming at my new reflection in the mirror, I was distracted at the sound of wood hitting against wood. I looked at Sharon for the first time as she had a cheeky grin on her face. Sylvia took something from a small cabinet under the shelf. Steam rose from the wash basin. She then turned again toward me and tucked a large white towel in the blouse around my neck, as my eyes slowly caught the reaction of Sharon. She looked surprised but also looked more relaxed than I had ever seen her.

Her eyes moved away from mine as Sylvia placed a warm moist towel to my shorn scalp. I almost jumped in surprise and shock when Sylvia whispered, “This will be a little hot. But it will cool in a few seconds.” The feeling of the warm moist towel caused my head to roll back in pleasure. Quickly the hot turned to cool as she rubbed my scalp with the towel. A low click followed by a soft winding sound did not distract my pleasure as my eyes remained closed.

Before I could settle and enjoy the sensation of the moist and cooling towel, Sylvia had again turned toward me. Her hand took the cool towel off my head, tossing it back into the sink. In her left hand had a pile of very warm (almost hot) white soft shaving cream. Gently she began applying it to my scalp.

First, just smoothing it on to cover the short stubble. Then, rubbing to work it between each clipped fuzzy strand of hair standing on my scalp.

She again moistened the hot towel and wrapped my head with it. “This will make it easier to remove the stubble.” Wow, I was in disbelief as it was only now that I had realised how far my desire had become a reality. This was easily my best birthday present, however I was still nervous about walking in public with my new look.

As the warmth cooled down, my eyes opened this time as I heard Sylvia again turn toward me from her small cabinet beside the sink. With something in her hand, she opened it and spread oil over the shining part of it. She closed and placed it in the pocket of her blouse, and turned and removed the towel from my head. She put more shaving cream on my head, this time she rubbed the first covering in. Then, she piled a gentle layer covering all the stubble until my head was a pile of white shaving cream.

After wiping her hands of shaving cream, her left hand took hold of the leather strap hanging from the right arm of the chair. Her right hand removed the object she had placed in her pocket. With a flick of the wrist the shining part of the object jumped out and straight. Slowly she moved the shining part over the leather strap, up-down-up-down. With each movement the edge of the shining part sparkled. I was hypnotized by her movement, but was woken again as she let the leather strap go and pushed the silver standing arm forward. I was too mesmerized or drunk to realise she was in fact stropping her straight razor with which she would shave my head nice and smooth.

I lost myself in the mirror as my chair was slowly lowered, coming to a bump stop. I could see only my head in the mirror, it was covered with white shaving cream. Just as well I could no longer see my face, as I had a look of amazement in my eyes. Sylvia was so focused on her work that she probably didn’t notice my sensual pleasure of this dream come true.

Again without saying a word, Sylvia began removing the white cream with her straight razor. Each shaving stroke was slow but long, slowly removing cream and stubble. My pale scalp began to show. Pale from being covered by hair all my life. As more cream and stubble was removed I could feel the cool breeze of the air conditioner. Slowly my scalp became present. My head was tilted and shaved.

I couldn’t believe that I had let this happen. I began to wonder if this was what I wanted? I looked at Sharon and realised she was probably enjoying this as much or even more than me. Again I was snapped back from my glimpse of Sharon, as Sylvia was wiping my shaven head, her fingers searched my scalp. She turned and turned the water on again. The towel was being soaked with the hot water, my head was wrapped again with it. The winding sound of the dispenser sounded, filing Sylvia’s left hand with soft and very warm shaving cream. She removed the towel and covered my smooth head.

After wiping her hands she again turned to her cabinet and returned with one of those new Mach3 safety razors. I had recently begun using this new Mach3 razor to shave my legs and my sex below. She moved it under hot running water. Before I could get myself ready, she was shaving my head with the safety razor. Each stroke was shorter than with the straight razor. It felt like an hour before she was finished. Slowly she moved the tips of her fingers over my head, searching for unshaven hairs. When they were found they were quickly shaved by the razor. When she could not find any unshaven hairs the safety razor was put to rest.

She wiped my scalp of shaving cream, and patted it dry. As she removed the towel from my blouse, I looked around to her to get up and walk toward Sharon. Again I was taken back as I saw Sylvia turn toward her sink and again return with her left hand filled with a blob of white moisturising cream. This cream was rubbed all over my shining smooth scalp. I almost lost control there and then, as its coolness was rubbed into my hot head. My ears and head were hot and I’m sure Sylvia must have now sensed how excited I was as the cool cream quickly warmed on my burning head.

I was again hoisted up as the chair brought my face back in line with mirror. My face was almost a stranger as I had NO hair, it was smooth and pale skin showed where there was once hair.

As I got out the chair Sharon stood up and took a few steps towards me. I raised my hands to my head and brushed them over my bald head. Sharon’s hands also joined mine discovering the sensual smoothness as she commented, “There Jenny, no one will ever swim faster than you with your aerodynamic edge. Not even me.”

I smiled back at Sharon, before I saw her walk toward Sylvia where she was tidying and sweeping the floor of my previous blonde tresses. Sharon almost made me faint from surprise when she asked Sylvia, “Do have time to do the same for me? I thought I had lost my interest in swimming, however I need to race against my sister to bring out the best in her.” Sharon turned toward me and said, “No advantages for you dear sis.” Again she looked at Sylvia and said, “I too need to be smooth so I can glide as fast as her in the pool.”

Sylvia looked at her and said, “Well come on dear, let’s not waste time.” I was again surprised as our barberette seemed to believe we were really sisters getting our heads shaved for the sake of swimming faster.

Sharon was led into that big red barber chair. This was amazing as it was like I was beginning to watch a video of me being clipped and shaved all over again.

My heart begin to beat a little faster as I watched Sylvia begin brushing her already short black hair from a center part on top of her head. My thoughts were of Sylvia and her magic charm and skills. How would she deflower Sharon of her hair? Would she be forceful as she was with me? Sharon sat comfortably, as her reaction to the cutting was not like mine. Her eyes were not fixed, as were mine.

Then, without a word, Sharon did not notice what Sylvia was doing behind the chair. Sharon was brushing her fingers through her hair, when there was a click followed by a steady humming sound, one I knew very well. A sound telling me the clipping was to begin.

Still looking at her short hair she did not notice Sylvia bring the humming clippers over her head. When she did notice the sound, it was too late. Sylvia began pulling the clippers, with the half-inch attachment on it, back over Sharon’s head. Strands of hair were pushed over her head onto the floor behind the chair.

Her eyes popped open with disbelief, as Sylvia seemed to be determined and almost hurrying with the hungry clippers.

She was watching, staring in the mirror, as Sylvia brought the clippers back to the front to begin another path backward. Sharon closed her eyes and relaxed to enjoy this sensation that I had just experienced.

I found myself sitting up straight, my arms crossed under my breast pushing them upward. Hair fell as the clippers were worked over her head. Standing on the right side Sylvia started working her way around Sharon’s head. When her head was tilted downward Sharon opened her eyes staring at me, but I could not see what her expression was.

Was it disbelief, or one of pleasure?

With the last upward movement hair fell into her lap. Sylvia began brushing over Sharon’s new brush cut. Her hand removed the attachment and tossed it to the shelf behind the chair. This time the clippers did not stop humming.

Sylvia took another brushing over Sharon’s head with her left hand. It stopped at the back and tilted Sharon’s head forward and downward. Standing behind the chair Sylvia pushed the humming clippers up the back of Sharon’s head.

My eyes opened wider, as I watched in the walled mirror behind the chair, as Sylvia brought the attachmentless clippers up the back of Sharon’s neck and head. Slowly the humming became a cutting sound. Sylvia slowly pushed the clippers up the left side of her neck, coming to a stop where the head started the arch over the top of her head. Slowly Sylvia worked the clippers, and herself, around Sharon’s head.

Her head still tilted downward, small hairs begin falling on her shoulders. My heart began to beat faster with pleasure as the clippers came over the top and around her ear, the little remaining pile of hair fell downward into her lap of hair.

I was now sitting with my hands grasping the chair I was sitting in. Sharon took a BIG deep breath, causing her breast to rise and fall, as Sylvia began pushing the clippers over the top of her head. When the clippers came to a halt, at the back, Sharon closed her eyes as the clippers were again brought forward over her head. Like myself Sharon did not open her eyes until Sylvia had walked around her left, right, top and back side of her head had made sure that her head had been clipped to no more than tiny stubble.

Dark stubble. My thoughts were ahead of the action as I was thinking of the shaving cream, the razor removing her tiny dark stubble. How smooth would Sharon’s scalp feel?

With the last humming sound, Sylvia put the clippers to rest. She picked up the hair duster and began dusting Sharon’s head, neck, and face. Sharon pulled her right hand from under the cape and with a smile she seemed to wipe away little tears from her cheeks.

There was the sound of wood hitting wood, a sound I had heard myself. A white towel was tossed into the sink of running hot water. With one hand Sylvia unclipped the cape and let it fall down Sharon’s right shoulder. With the other hand she was tucking another towel into the collar of Sharon’s blouse. Quickly the cape fell down and the towel was tucked into the left side. Sylvia reached over Sharon’s lap, took hold of the cape and pulled it slowly back across her lap as some hair strands fell down on Sharon’s crossed legs.

Sylvia wrapped her head with the warm wet towel, it covered her head like a turban. The winding sound of the shaving cream dispenser filled the shop, as Sylvia would soon lather her head completely with the warm shaving cream.

With the same skill she used on me, she removed the cool towel from Sharon’s head and tossed it into the sink. Slowly she applied the shaving cream, a little at first to be rubbed into her dark stubble. Then, a thicker pile to cover her fuzz completely.

I was not sitting relaxed, as Sharon had when I was being lathered. I had seen other women get haircuts, I had seen myself get a haircut, and finally my head shaved, but for some reason my body was feeling different as I watched Sharon go through the same as I had.

Sylvia wrapped Sharon’s head with another warm towel. She let it sit awhile, then she began rubbing Sharon’s head with it. Her head moved freely. Sylvia removed it and tossed it to the floor behind her. The dispenser piled more shaving cream in her left hand. She began applying the shaving cream to the back of Sharon’s head. Sharon’s head moved freely as Sylvia rubbed the cream over her head.

When her head was a pile of white Sylvia wiped her hands of shaving cream, she took the straight razor from her top pocket.

She took hold of the leather strap and slowly moved the opened straight razor up and down over it. The blade began to shine, as it had when I sat waiting for it to remove the last of my hair. As Sylvia brought the razor up to begin its work, Sharon slowly, but softly, closed her eyes as if receiving pleasure. A feeling I had felt when Sylvia shaved my head.

Sylvia took slow and long strokes with the razor, exposing virgin scalp that shined. There was a mixture of dark spots in white spots. Sylvia’s fingers began searching the scalp for a smoothness, shaving unwanted stubble when found.

Was Sharon feeling the same pleasures I received as Sylvia shaved my head smooth and bald? I watched as Sharon sat staring at herself in the large mirror behind me, being shaved. A look I had just seen on myself a few moments ago.

The razor finished its first cleaning. Sylvia wrapped Sharon’s head with the warm towel. More shaving cream was applied after she removed the towel. Again she was searching the drawers for a new Mach3 razor. A new Mach3 razor to bring Sharon’s scalp freer of all her remaining stubble. Smoother to the touch, a bald beauty to join me.

Sharon sat more relaxed as Sylvia began shaving her head with the razor. Sylvia took short strokes, searching with her free fingers as she had when she shaved my head. Tilting Sharon’s head to the left, forward, to the right, to remove ANY hint of stubble.

Sylvia was finished her shaving, powder was being shaken onto the hair duster. Quickly she was dusting Sharon’s freshly smooth scalp. Sharon closed her eyes with a pleasing smile, as Sylvia polished her smooth head with the cool white moisturising cream. This cream made her smooth head glisten. Sharon, like myself, seemed to be in another world of ecstasy as she too struggled to hide her satisfaction.

Like I had done, she stroked her shaven scalp to feel the pleasure of the first touch. I walked toward her and placed my hands on her shoulders and placed a soft kiss on the back of her head. She raised her head backward in pleasure. Sylvia looked at us in the mirror, then went back to sweeping Sharon’s former black hair into the cabinet closed, with my former blonde tresses.

Sharon paid Sylvia $50 and told her to keep the change, as she grabbed my hand and led me back to her car.


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