Story of Tammi

Story of Tammi

Story of Tammy by Sangreal

I was always getting into trouble when I was a kid. I kept taking my clothes off! And wouldn’t you just know it, my parents, and the parents of my friends, thought I was doing something wrong! Jeez! Can you believe it?

I remember when we would be out playing, my friends and I would always scheme some way that I should take off my clothes. You know, I never minded. I liked being naked, then. Still do. Well, we’d be playing some game or other, and sooner or later someone would say something like, “I think Tammy should be a wild Indian, and run around without her clothes on!” or something like that. For me, that was all it took. And just like that, I’d be nude. Funny, I never thought what I was doing was wrong, and I was always surprised when one of the adults would fuss at me. Oh, they’d make me put my clothes back on, or maybe they’d send me home to my parents. But I never understood why it was such a big deal.

As I got older, I still would do things so that I would be out of my clothes whenever I could. I remember getting my mom mad at me one year when I was in junior high. She was doing the laundry and she came into my room and asked me why there was none of my underwear in the laundry. When I told her that I hadn’t worn any all week, you should have heard her! Oh. She got mad! “Tammy,” she scolded me, “young ladies can’t go around without their underwear! It’s not nice and it’s unsanitary! I certainly hope you wore your panties when you wore your dress, this week!” Well, I told her that I hadn’t, and she was almost beside herself. “Tammy, people could see you! What if the boys saw you without your underwear? What if your teachers knew?” The truth was I really didn’t care if anybody saw me, or if my teachers knew I wasn’t wearing any underwear. As far as I was concerned, I was comfortable, and for me, that was enough reason to leave my panties and bras in the drawer, where they belonged!

I guess, for as long as I remember, I was doing everything I reasonably could to be naked as much as I could. I would swim nude in my parents’ pool when they weren’t home. When they were out of the house, I’d strip, and run around the house naked. I’d even invite my friends over when my parents were gone and get naked with them. I mean, I’d get naked, they seldom would take off more than their tops. But you get the idea.

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One time I really got in trouble, though. I had gone to one of those summertime outdoor music festivals that became popular in recent years. There must have been five or six thousand people in this big field. Most of us had been drinking, many of us were stoned, I guess some people were even tripping, I don’t know. Anyway, we were all there, partying, having a good time, sweating our asses off. We were complaining about the heat when one of the guys in my group said how nice it would be to be able to get naked, to cool off. Well, you can just imagine what happened next. I said that I’d get naked. “No you won’t,” someone said. “I dare ya,” said another. Before the dare was even finished I was peeling off my clothes. So there I was, naked, in this sea of partying people. I never saw my clothes again. Somebody either swiped them or just hid them. But I was naked, and that was all there was to it. I mean, I was cool about it, but the Event Staff weren’t too happy with me. I got arrested. Boy, that took some explaining when I got home! You know, I don’t have any criminal record, except for that “indecent exposure.” Dammit, it has to be a sex crime, too!

I guess by now you get the idea that I might have an independent steak in me. I guess that’s true, but I really am not hard to get along with. Most of my friends would describe me as very willing to help and go out of my way for the other person. I try to be generous and thoughtful. I really love my friends and I’d do anything for them. It’s just that I always tend to go do my own thing. And sometimes that shocks people, I suppose. I don’t do things just to be shocking. It’s just that some of the things I like to do, well, most people find…shocking, I guess.

I had gotten too old to be living in my parents’ house, and I needed to move out. But I really didn’t have any job skills, so I had no real money, and no good prospects to making any kind of salary that could support me. I was lucky, though. My boyfriend was working and making pretty good money, he had a cool apartment in town. It was close to all the clubs, so we went to a lot of shows, together. Well, he said I could stay with him. Mom and Dad weren’t thrilled, but they knew they couldn’t stop me, so they gave me a bunch of cool stuff for my new home. I got a bunch of kitchen stuff from them, plus some furniture they said they didn’t need. I was psyched!

Jeremy was real happy to have me live with him. Actually, I think he was happy that he’d be getting sex off me regularly! But it was cool. And we had a lot of fun together.

Now that I had a place away from my parents, I was naked almost all the time. Some days, if I didn’t have to go out, I never got dressed. Jeremy thought that was way cool. I was always naked when we were home alone. I even would have friends over and get undressed. We had parties, too, where I would be nude. I was having a great time.

One day, while Jeremy was working, I shaved my pussy. I wondered what his reaction would be when he got home. When he came in and saw me without my bush he was surprised, but it really turned him on! That night he ate my pussy until I had one of the best orgasms, ever! After he licked my snatch, he fucked me like crazy. I had two of those deep, vaginal orgasms! Wow! I guess I made the right decision, huh?

Well, having my pussy free of hair didn’t even prevent me from continuing to go naked. I was proud of my new look and I wanted to show off, a bit. So, the next weekend, we invited some friends by for dinner. I’ll tell you, my new naked quim got its fair share of looks and comments. Of course, I enjoyed every bit of it.

I had so much fun when I shaved my pussy, I decided that I need a new haircut, too. I went to the place where I get my hair cut, regularly. I told the girl I wanted something new, something short and stylish. I’d always worn my hair kinda long. It was past my shoulders when I went in for my new “do.” What we agreed on was a short, spiky look. I wanted something new, and by god, I was going to get it. So she went to work on me. I had the tips lightened and slightly colored red. Well, it certainly was a new look! If you didn’t know me you wouldn’t have thought I was the same girl! It was way cool!

I couldn’t wait to show Jeremy. I hoped he would like it, too. You know, Jeremy is such a sweetheart. He’s so supportive of everything I do. Of course, he liked it. You know, I think he really loves me. It’s just so cool, being with him. I think he would have liked it even if I had shaved my head!

Well, Jeremy and I have the best times together. We can talk and laugh about everything. We go out to shows, have parties, everything. I get to go naked as much as I want. Jeremy has never said I had to get a job. I clean up around the house and take care of stuff for him, so he’s just happy I’m around. Of course, the fact that I fuck him also makes him happy!

One day, we were talking about everything, as usual, when I started talking about getting my short haircut. I thanked him for being so cool about it. I joked with him that I thought he would have been happy if I had shaved my head. He laughed, but said that, yes, he would like it if I shaved my head! Wow! I think he was serious.

“Really?” I asked, “You’d really like it if I shaved my head bald?”

“Tammy, that would be so cool, if you’d do that. You’d really look great, I bet.”

I couldn’t believe it! He really wanted me to cut my hair off!

“I guess I could…I mean it would grow back, if I didn’t like it, right?”

“Sure, and who knows, you just might like the hairless look. After all you keep your pussy shaved, you might keep your head shaved, too.”

“Jeremy, this’ll be so cool! You wanna help?”


So Jeremy and I got scissors and clippers and razors together for my new “super do!”

I used the scissors to cut most of the length, but I made a real mess of my hair. It didn’t really matter, because it was all coming off, anyway. Then Jeremy used the clippers to get my hair to a short stubble, then he lathered me up and started shaving my scalp!

What a sensation, the razor zipping off my hair was indescribable. As Jeremy was working on my scalp, I told him to be sure he did my eyebrows, too. He did a great job. Soon, I was as hairless as an egg. When Jeremy finished, I went in and took a thorough shower. I didn’t need any shampoo or conditioner, this time!

When I came out of the shower, I toweled off and presented myself to Jeremy, who by this time was incredibly horny for me. I barely got in the room with him before he was dragging me to the bed. I thought sex was great when I shaved my pussy, and he gave me that great orgasm. But Jeremy was like a wild man, now! We fucked each other for what seemed like hours! By the time we were through, neither one of us could move! We were just too exhausted.

The next day when we awoke, it was all I could do to get Jeremy to leave me to go to work. When he came home, we fucked like crazy again!

“I wanna go out, tonight,” I told Jeremy. “I wanna go out where we can be seen.”

I put on a slinky silk dress, not much more than a slip, really. Of course, that’s all I wore, except for my shoes. I wore nothing underneath, and I practically showed through this dress. With my bald head and this nothing of a dress, I was nearly as naked when we went out, as I was at home. We went to one of the restaurants we go to frequently. We saw some of our friends there, and invited them to come sit with us. They were all amazed with me. And you know, I loved every minute of it. I had a great time that night. On the way home, Jeremy and I planned a party so I could show off my new hairless look.

I think Jeremy was right about me wanting to keep my head shaved. If I’d known it was this much fun, I would have done it long ago. I bet I really would have gotten in trouble with my parents if I had shaved my head back then! I can’t wait for them to see me now!


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