Kelli’s Bet

Kelli's Bet

Kelli’s Bet – Kelli21257 & NJDave

Kelli knocks on the door wearing her short red skirt and tight tank, showing her stomach. Her pale blonde hair is done in a fashionable pull-up clip – very fashionable, preppyish style. The football game is open and Amber and Kelli are flirting around. Amber and Kelli have always been rivals over men, particularly these men. Kelli is cute with long blonde fashionable hair where Amber is a bobbed redhead with a pierced tongue and sarcastic personality. Kelli teases the men constantly throughout the night of drinking and joking. She teases them about their beer bellies and balding heads saying they are getting too old for a woman like herself. Finally the idea of extreme strip poker comes up. The extreme strip poker game sounds fun. As the game begins there are two women: herself (Kelli) and her friend Amber. Three guys including one of Kelli’s ex-boyfriends, Ryan, and two of his friends, Al and Paul.

Kelli has been drinking heavily through the night, and doesn’t notice the secret winks between the boys. But Amber does, and smiles to herself. Yes, this should be fun. She raises her voice so all can hear, and says, “Okay, let’s clarify the rules.” Everybody shuts up and listens to Amber. The boys are excited to be playing a strip game with Kelli and Amber, two of the prettiest girls on campus. And the idea of an ‘extreme game’ just adds to the excitement.

“First,” Amber starts out, “we play for clothes, and once lost, they stay off for the ENTIRE night. Next, after losing your clothes, you have to pay a penalty for each losing round. And that’s the extreme part…” She pauses for emphasis, then continues. “No matter what, right. I mean NO limits, do we agree?”

Heads nod in quick agreement. Including Kelli, who has just finished another shot of tequila. Just for fun, she pats Ryan’s semi-balding head, and says, “If it’s okay with Baldy, it’s okay with me.” They all laugh… except Ryan who smiles through clenched teeth.

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They can’t find cards, but do have two dice, and agree that the lowest roll (by combined point total) is the loser of each round. Amber rolls first, and gets a 5 and 6 (11), a good roll. One by one the boys go and also do well. Then Amber hands Kelli the dice, but just before that she switches them with ‘special’ dice. Kelli rolls a 3 (a one and two), and the guys lick their lips as Kelli reaches down and slides one of her sandals off. For fun, Amber says, “At least you’re not completely naked…” and the loves the effect: a slight blush on Kelli’s face.

The game progresses. Amber rolls a 6 and 4 (10), Kelli rolls a 3 and 6 (9), the guys rolls high and off comes Kelli’s sandal. Soon the guys lose a bunch of clothes: Ryan down to jeans and underwear. Al and Paul have only lost their shoes and socks, Amber has lost her shirt and sandals, Kelli has lost 3 times and has reluctantly given up her shirt as well. Everyone is pretty drunk and lots of teasing is going on, Al saying, “Kelli… so are you a B or a C cup? Guess we will find out soon.” Kelli teasing Ryan, “Wow… Baldy boy… you sure are losing… can’t wait to see some of those Dark brown curls you have under those jeans.” Ryan gives a sarcastic teasing smirk back.

Another roll. Kelli watches the dice roll to 1 and 3 (4) and gets nervous as everyone else rolls higher. All the guys and even Amber laugh and tease as her red skirt is handed over to Ryan who was the high roller in this case (another rule in the game… he owns the skirt now and Kelli paid $58.00 for it). Kelli sits slightly blushing as she is forced to stand and show what she has left on – everyone does – her red bra and panties cover the last of her attributes.

Ryan, Paul and Al enjoy watching Kelli slowly spin around, dressed only in her lacy underwear! They were surprised how shy she had become, as her shortage of clothes increased. Even beyond the drunken state she was now in, her (clothed) manner was always outgoing, and cocky. And now, she shyly sits with one arm nervously crossed over her bra, and the other covering her thong. If anything, that was even more of a turn-on.

And Amber noticed too, and couldn’t wait to strip her of EVERYTHING. Her mind raced at the possibilities, and couldn’t believe her rival could be talked into a strip dice game, where the dice were rigged and the stakes were raised to the Ultimate.

For the next round, Amber passed Kelli the ‘special dice’ once again, impatient to have her topless. The boys rolled middle to high numbers, and Kelli once again rolled a 3. “That’s your Bra, Kelli” Ryan spat out. Kelli looked down numbly, the effects of tequila slowing her perceptions, and reached behind her to work the clasp. The boys watched as the bra fell forward, and a bright red blush spread from her face to her upper chest. She raised up her arm again, until Amber reminded her that there was no covering up. Actually she just made the rule up, but Kelli bought it, and lowered her arm exposing two round firm 36C breasts, with nipples so hard they had little raised bumps throughout her areola.

They gasped at the tit show, and Kelli sat there topless. Amber loved the humiliation she had inflicted on her rival. So much so, that the next round she again slipped Kelli the special dice… another 3. “Looks like it’s not your night Kell,” she said soothingly.

Kelli saw the 3 and said, “Oh my gosh.” The boys laughed now, knowing they had stripped their first victim! Kelli stood unsteadily, and hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her panties, and started to lower them. She stopped after an inch, and looked down. Her blond bush had winked into view, and she was too embarrassed to lower them further.

“What’s the matter, Kell?” Amber asked.

“The boys can see my pussy hair!” she exclaimed.

“Well,” Amber said. “Maybe in a future round we’ll snip it off.”

“What?” Kelli asked. Had she heard Amber correctly? “Snip off my pussy hair?” she thought. “OHMYGOD!” And there she stood, panties exposing one inch of pubes, with the boys leering at her… and more extreme penalties to come.

Kelli was obviously nervous to show her dirty blonde bush. Finally exasperated she threw her arms up in the air drunkenly, walked to Al and told him to help himself. He grabbed the sides and pulled them down her legs, exposing her completely. She stepped out of them, totally bright red from embarrassment.

“Enjoy them,” she said to Al who now owned her panties.

Amber was gleeful, in disbelief that Kelli was nude now in front of all, even her ex. “Remember Kelli, no covering. You gotta show what was exposed,” she said with a smirk. “On the table and spread ’em.”

Kelli was in shock, but she was drunk and blushing. She reluctantly sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs enough for all to be revealed. All the guys smiled, particularly Ryan. Amber wanted Kelli more embarrassed before she revealed the next step of the bet that Kelli already lost. “Nice, Kelli. Wow, what color are your pubes? Guys, I think you should examine those pubes. Are they blonde or brown, maybe red?”

The guys get the idea as Al pinches Kelli’s pubes and they start chatting and arguing what color. Ryan finally says, “Maybe she needs to be brought under a better light.”

Kelli blushes furiously. She’s up on the table, under the bright light, legs spread, when Ryan says, “Wider!” She complies by getting her legs as wide as possible and lifting them in the air. Her pussy, which is now totally exposed, is getting wet in spite of her humiliation. On display like that, the three drunken guys and that bitch, Amber, discuss your fate!

“Maybe we can trim her bush,” Amber teases evilly, and runs her nails lightly through her pubes. They all laugh when Kelli shudders, as Amber’s fingers brush across her clit.

“Yeah,” says Ryan a.k.a. Baldy. “Why stop there? Maybe a little trim of her hair is in order?” As he says that, he runs his fingers through Kelli’s long beautiful blond head hair.

Kelli can’t believe they are kidding about giving her a haircut! “What sort of trim?” she asks desperately. She shudders at the thought.

They all laugh, and Amber says, “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Ryan adds, “Maybe a short bob would look good on her.”

“Or a pageboy,” Amber teases. Kelli is still on the table, her legs wide open, her pussy lips swollen, listening helplessly to what may be her Ultimate penalty. Each idea sounds more horrible than the last.

Somebody says, “A crew cut,” a remark that leads to a long spell of laughing. Then finally Ryan says, “Maybe we can change HER nickname to Baldy?” He is still stroking her hair as he says it.

Kelli had been listening with her eyes closed, too embarrassed to make eye contact with the others, but that makes her sit straight up and yell, “No way!” Without thinking her hands shoot up to her long hair, even the thought of cutting it is sends a wave of panic through her.

“Whatsmatter?” one of the drunken boys slurs. “Are you gonna welch or sometin?”

“Well… I… ah.”

Kelli looks around to others for support, but they are all staring back. Even Amber is looking at her funny, her face bright with merriment. The three boys and Amber gather on the other side of the room, and whisper amongst themselves for a few minutes, while Kelli sits there spread-eagled. They are laughing and after a few minutes seem to come to a general consensus. Whatever it is, it doesn’t bode well for Kelli… even in her drunken state, she knows this penalty will be hard to pay. They throw her top and skirt (nothing else) at her and Amber says, “Let’s go Kelli, we’re taking a ride.”

Kelli slips on her top and skirt, and is led out to the car. Nobody will answer where they’re going, they just laugh. After a short drive they pull up to a place with a big neon Tattoo sign blinking on and off.

“What are we doing here?” Kelli asks, her voice quaking with fear. Still no answer.

They all walk into the parlor, and are greeted by Earl, the tattooist. He’s fat, balding on top, with a greasy ponytail, and Kelli hates the way he leers at her. Amber greets him. “Hi Earl….we have a treat for you tonight,” grinning evilly at Kelli the entire time. Ryan speaks up, with the other guys and Amber smiling, explaining the bet. As he does so, Earl’s disgusting grin becomes wider as he leers at Kelli. Kelli begins sweating wondering what is going to be done to her. Ryan finishes up and Amber points out that six ultimate penalties are in order.

They all start smiling as Earl waits to be told more. Kelli stands, blonde and beautiful, very conscious that nothing is under her short skirt to conceal her charms. Amber declares that the first penalty will be a tattoo and that Kelli will have to be nude for it. Kelli cringes visibly at that. Amber says she will explain more on that once Kelli is in the chair. Ryan then runs a hand playfully through Kelli’s hair, making her turn white as he asks that tattooist if he has any barber skills.

Earl looks confused. “No, I am a tattooist and piercer, not a hairstylist.”

Ryan grins. “Well, all you gotta be able to do is take all this off her head.”

Kelli’s eyes go wide as Earl replies, “All of it? Off her head? You want me to make her bald? I could easily do that.” He looks a little bit excited at the thought actually, getting to render Kelli bald-headed with long gorgeous hair like that.

Amber laughs hysterically along with Al. “All off! I can’t believe this… this is awesome. I can’t wait to see Kelli bald… never thought I would ever see that.”

Al says, “And start with scissors. I want to see her hairstyle dwindle… perhaps thinning scissors first, or just hack at that businesswoman style of hers. Slow and painful I think would be best, but first she should be naked. I want to see that pussy of hers again, spread-eagled.”

Al points out that they should rate Kelli beforehand on a scale of 1 to 10 and then rescale her on each pay-up. Amber really likes that idea. Kelli groans at the thought of falling down the scale of looks and attractiveness. They start bidding on the idea, finally deciding that she was a hotee, definitely a “9”. Amber smiles evilly… thinking, not for long. Ryan is ecstatic about getting to make his ex-girlfriend totally bald-headed…. crippling her social life for quite a while.

Kelli is led over to an old leather chair, that looks kind of like something you’d see in a dentist’s office. Before sitting down, Amber orders her to raise her hands into the hair above her head. She complies meekly. Then, standing behind her, she reaches around and slowly lifts your tube top, until it’s right at the bottom of your breasts.

“Kel, mind if I show the boys your tits?”

Kelli’s plea of, “Oh god Amber, please don’t!” is ignored, and she quickly slides it up over her hard nipples and off. Jack, Ryan, Al, and Paul cheer the sight of her twin 36C’s, as she blushes bright red once again. Then Kelli feels Amber’s fingers on the hook to her skirt, and in a second, it’s at her ankles, her dirty blonde pubes on display too. Kelli covers up as best she can, which only seems to further incite her audience. She sinks down in the old leather chair, not sure how far this will go. God, why did she make that stupid bet anyway. Amber, that bitch, is laughing and enjoying every second of this. Earl, the tattoo dude, is totally disgusting, and covered with skin art. She closes her eyes at his revolting image. Then she hears Earl say, “I’ve trimmed pubes before, but never HEAD hair.” Damn, her beautiful long blonde hair was the best part of her looks, and soon it would be gone. She won’t be able to tease and control men any longer!

Kelli barely notices that Earl has grabbed her left leg, and begun strapping it in the chair – life at the gyno. She stiffens up in panic as she realizes he’s strapping her down tightly. Before she can protest, he begins to repeat the process on her right leg. Kelli hates the feeling of helpless bondage, as till now it’s been her in control. Then Earl takes her left wrist and lashes that to the chair arm. In a few seconds he does her other arm and now she is totally at the mercy of these men and Amber, that bitch.

Earl strokes Kelli’s leg, his greasy fingers makes her skin crawl. Then he runs his hands through her pubes and says, “How do you like to be cut, wet or dry?” The boys laugh and gather around, staring at Kelli’s pussy. For the first time she notices Earl has a pair of clippers in his hand, and is stroking her wet swollen lips.

“I guess you like to be cut wet,” he observes… and they laugh some more. In spite of her predicament, it’s humiliating that they can see how sexually aroused Kelli is.

Earl advances on Kelli, with scissors in hand, and tells her to spread her legs ‘wide open.’ As best she can with the leather straps, she meekly complies. Her nipples are hard as rocks… a fact that is not lost on Earl. “Lookee here,” Earl says with a beery slur, “the little slut is excited.” His stubby fingers roughly tweak Kelli’s clit, making her jump. And they all laugh some more at her…

Kelli’s face turns even redder as they all check her out. Then Earl, that pig, starts to snip away at her pubic hairs. Amber teases her evilly during the process. “SNIP, SNIP, SNIP!” Soon, she’d be NUDE down there, so Kelli begs Amber for mercy, as her pubes quickly disappear.

Kelli watches helplessly as more and more of her pubic hair is snipped away. Soon there’s just stubble left, and her protruding swollen cunt. Amber produces a shaving kit and lathers her up, and in a few deft strokes, leaves her bald as a baby. Then she points at Kelli’s pubic bone and tells Earl, “I want the word ‘SLUT’ tattooed there as big as you can.”

“OHMYGAWD,” Kelli thinks. “I’ll never be able to be naked with a guy again, without them seeing that.”

She begs and pleads with her captors as Earl starts to prepare his tattoo needles. For the next 20 minutes, Kelli is subjected to intense pain, as Earl complies with Amber’s request!

Kelli now has the word ‘SLUT’ emblazoned across the top of her pussy. And she knows there’s more ultimate penalties to come!

“Well boys,” Amber asks. “How would you rate Kelli now?”

They all laugh, and if she’s not here, they begin to discuss her. Jack thinks she’s a 6 or 7. “Still pretty, but with that SLUT tattoo, it’s a real turn-off.” The others agree, at least a 6.

“Now what do you want me to do to her hair?” Earl wonders. He often needs to trim hair as part of his tattoo duties, and has a full line of clippers, scissors, shavers etc.

Amber says, “Can you slowly shorten it, a few inches at a time?”


“Well that way we can get her down to a 4 or 5, on the babe-scale.”

Paul, Al, and Jack are in hysterics, and poor Kelli can only watch as Earl advances on her. He brushes out her long hair one last time, and notes that it comes to the small of her back. He grabs it into a ponytail, and says, he usually only cuts women’s hair if they want him to.

Amber groans and explains that this slut lost a bet.

“Well,” Earl starts, “maybe she wants me to anyway. Look how hard her nipples are.” They all look and sure enough, Kelli nipples are rock hard. Earl stands up and says, “I have an idea. Let’s see if she REALLY wants me to cut her hair. That maybe she gets some cheap slut thrill from it.” The others were watching and waiting as Earl continued. “You guys tease her body, and each time we see some evidence that she’s getting off on it, I snip some more.”

Amber loved the idea and quickly had Al and Jack start to tease her nipples. Earl brought out a huge vibrator, and handed it to Amber herself! She wasted no time in clicking it on and running it down over Kelli’s nude clit and pussy lips. In spite of the danger of hair loss, this was too much for Kelli to withstand, and she started to buck her hips to meet the vibrator’s dark offering. After two minutes, Earl stopped everybody and asked, “Is this slut diggin’ it?”

Amber pointed at her hard nips, and swollen wet pussy and said, “Hell yes!”

“Okay then, here goes 4 inches.” And with that he deftly shortened Kelli’s hair to just above where her bra would come. Kelli moaned as the locks hit the floor. Then they all started to sexually tease helpless Kelli again!

Kelli writhed, crying and sobbing, knowing that her hair was doomed if she couldn’t calm down, but it was no use. The teasing commenced and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, her nipples like daggers. Ryan was fondly running his fingers through her blonde hair with an evil grin.

“I wonder like she will look like without all this hair adorning her little head. I can’t wait to see… probably take forever to grow back.”

Earl kept moving the vibrator. “She sure will be a lot more docile once this is over. Blonde hair breeds sassiness, you know.”

Kelli watched the vibrator move in and out of her shaven mons. The disgusting greenish tattoo on her pussy stared back at her… so helpless.

Amber laughs. “I think she is way horny for this, Earl… what do you think?” She laughs with glee as Earl begins hacking Kelli’s long blonde hair up to chin level. Her blonde mane falls in pieces all over her body and on the ground. They join her still wet dirty blonde pubes that still decorate the chair underneath her writhing ass. Kelli wilts as her hair gets shorter.

Ryan grins. “May I have a cut?” Earl hands over the scissors with a leer at Kelli’s bald body. Ryan begins destroying the top of Kelli’s stylish hair, attacking it to Kelli’s horror, her bob becoming a chop job. Kelli whimpers softly as she hears the laughter in his voice. “What a nasty hairstyle, Kelli. I think you need more of a trim… what do you guys think?”

They all laughed at the question of further trimming Kelli’s hair. It hung to just her chin, with the top already having withstood one onslaught from the clippers. Amber asked how they would rate Kelli now, and they had to agree, with the hideous haircut she was moving into the ‘4’ range.

Then Amber asked, “What rating number would she be, if she was TOTALLY bald?”

“Nooooooooooo,” Kelli begged. “OHMYGAWD, not bald…”

“Yeah,” Jack said. “Not even eyebrows. That would be UGLY.”

“At least down to a 3, maybe a 2,” Ryan added.

Kelli slumped in her leather chair, listening to her looks being plotted away. Her beautiful looks, the one thing that allowed her control, and power, now slowly being flushed down the toilet, one click after another… and since they left the vibrator buzzing away in her sopping puss, perversely, she continued to writhe in orgasmic pleasure. Just then, a fresh wave of titillating sensation overcame her, and deeply scratched her sexual itch. They all stood and watched, laughing, as Kelli humped the sex toy and moaned.

Earl disappeared for a minute, and came back with a half-filled bottle of cheap bourbon. The shape of the bottle neck was not unlike a big dick, and Earl placed it at Kelli’s mouth and commanded, “Here Slut, suck on this.”

Kelli had no choice but to slide her pretty lips over its head, and pretend to suck it. This produced further laughter from the group. Then Earl tilted it back and Kelli got a huge gulp down her throat. She turned her head as the booze burned. She was drunk before, and this only served to completely send her into drunken semi-coherence.

Then Earl replaced the bottle with his stiff dick, which seemed to appear from thin air. Kelli sucked it for a few seconds, before realizing it was no longer the bottle. Earl rammed it deep down her throat, and while she was busy sucking him, he brought the clippers once again to Kelli’s remaining blond tresses. Kelli’s eyes got wide open as she watched Earl reach for a hold of her chin-length hair, and then Earl said, “I’ll stop cutting as soon as you swallow my entire load, slut.” With that he began to snip about an inch off the bottom… SNIP, SNIP, SNIP.

Before Kelli knew it, her hair was an inch shorter. The guys and Amber laughed at her predicament, enjoying her forced haircut!

“What’s the matter, slut?” Amber teased. “Don’t want to be turned into a hideous, hairless monster?” This produced another round of laughter at poor Kelli’s expense.

Earl’s thick hard-on plunged in and out of Kelli’s defenceless mouth, as she watched the scissors with wide eyes. After a minute, Earl said, “Ding, time’s up Kelli. Ready for another trim?” He didn’t wait for an answer, but instead grabbed 2-3 inches and started to slowly cut away around the bottom. SNIP, SNIP, SNIP! Soon, that hair joined the other hair on the floor. Kelli realized she had chin-length hair now. To add to her problems, the vibrator continued to buzz away in her over-taxed pussy, and she began to feel another orgasm building.

Earl was not without feeling, and removed his dick from her mouth and asked, “Want us to stop, slut?” Unfortunately for Kelli, at that exact moment, another wave of pleasure overtook her, and all she could do was thrash around in the throes of a powerful and all too evident climax.

Earl took this as consent, and once again raised the scissors to Kelli’s beautiful blond hair. Only this time he let the scissors run into her mane more aggressively.

Snip, snip, snip, snip, SNIP, SNIP, SNIP, SNIP, snip, snip, snip, SNIP, SNIP, SNIP.

When the onslaught had finished, Kelli’s hair was an uneven mess that was no longer than 3 inches anywhere on her head. The group laughed at her, and then Jack teased evilly, “I think we have a two-rated girl here!” Then to Kelli he said, “Don’t you agree, BALDY?”

Amber reached into her bag of tricks, and produced an electric razor with a beard trimming guard. Through a series of adjustments, you could trim a beard down from 3 inches… to stubble. Things did not look good for Kelli.

Ryan laughed with glee as he held Kelli’s raped head in his hands. Earl smiled as the beard clippers were handed to him. The clippers came on and off teasingly as they neared Kelli’s blonde head. She might have gotten a cute hairstyle after a professional worked with what was left… but they were about to take that as well.

“Time for Kelli to pay up and lose the blonde mane completely,” Amber teased. She ran a hand teasingly over the remnants of Kelli’s blonde mane. “I wonder what you will look like with just a scalp on top, no more adornments.” Amber grinned even more at the thought of two more punishments still coming to Kelli to fulfill the bet. The group had not even discussed them yet.

Kelli sobbed as the clippers slid into the front of her hair, quickly reducing her blonde hair to stubble. Amber grinned, thinking that Kelli certainly did not have the features for the bald look to work. Kelli whined as the clippers ran over and back, and soon she was an army recruit. Her blonde hair littered the floor and her naked body.

Amber sauntered over, running her long nails over Kelli’s stubbled head, all blond bristles now. “So what do you guys think?”

They all laughed at Kelli so hard, it was a full minute before any of them could answer. Finally, in between laughs, Ryan managed to ask, “What do we think?” Then, after more laughing, he added, “I think Kelli needs a shave.”

“Yeah,” Al said. “A definite 5 o’clock shadow there!”

“Well we can fix that!” Amber laughed and reached into her bag. She pulled out a razor and shaving cream. She then lathered up Kelli’s stubble-covered head, and held the razor out in front of her, taunting Kelli with it. Still tied to the leather chair, she could only look up helplessly, as the very last of her blond hair was at risk. “Well boys,” Amber said, “it’s time to finish what we started.”

With that, she lowered the razor to Kelli’s unprotected scalp, and with smooth, slow, strokes, she slid along leaving a path of baldness in her wake. Starting at the side over her left ear, and shaving in a path back to her neck. And the she did next row, and the next too. One row after another, as her blond hair disappeared, Kelli squirmed in the chair, knowing she would soon be totally bald. And would not be able to tease and torment men again. Not for a long time!

When Amber finished the first shave, she said, “That was fun, let’s do it again!” And proceeded to lather up Kelli once more, and slowly stroked the razor over her now smooth bare head. Then she reached into her bag one more time, and got out some shaving strips. They rip the hair out by the roots. Kelli begged for mercy, knowing that if she used those on her, she would be bald for much longer. Amber laughed, and said, “Tough luck slut,” and in a few minutes Kelli’s hair follicles joined her other hairs on the floor.

Jack said, “Now she’s a 2,” referring to her degrading looks, that started at 9 and now had sunk to this new all-time low.

Before Amber could answer, and further torment Kelli, four of the skankiest looking bikers walked in the door. After exchanging greetings with Earl, they looked at Kelli the slut and asked, “What’s up with this bitch?” Earl quickly explained, including showing off his ‘SLUT’ tattoo artistry.

Amber got an idea for the next (to last) punishment, and leaned over and asked Al if he still had the VCR camera in his car. He did and went out and got it. Then Amber announced in a loud voice, “Okay, it’s time for the Slut here to star in her very own movie.” Earl’s slimy friends drifted over, interested. Amber laughed and added, “It’s called ‘Baldy and the Bikers’.”

Kelli thought, “OHMYGAWD… First my looks and now my reputation will be forever ruined” She knew damn well that whatever they filmed would be totally disgusting, and furthermore, everybody on campus would see it, and she’d be known as ‘The Slut” from that point on.

Al and Jack unstrapped Kelli and led her over to where Amber was setting up the camera. The bikers agreed to participate in the film. Actually, what they said was, “Sure, we’ll let the Slut blow us.” With the camera filming everything, Kelli had yet another dick shoved down her throat. They spent the next hour fucking her every hole!


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