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Kool Girls

Kool Girls – CrewCut

At my school there were the Kool Girls who smoked, drank and had boyfriends; the Nerds who studied and wore their skirts long; and the Lezzos, the ones who played sport. I, of course, was a Kool Girl. I was scathing about the Lezzos. The Lezzos stripped naked in the PE change room, whereas the rest of us managed contortions behind our towels and uniform tunics to change “modestly”. I used to sneak a look at the Lezzo tits as they bounced around the room. Pursed (or puckered?) my lips and was ‘disgusted’.

I was the girl who had boyfriends since 14 and fucked them behind the bike shed. Or rather, let them stick their prick in me and hump it around while I watched the trees or listened to the birds. All the boys loved my long straight blonde hair. They told me never to cut it. NEVER! When I was 16, Kevin said after we were married he would divorce me if I cut my hair.

The leader of the Lezzos was Dina. Dina played hockey, tennis, softball and swam. She was smart as well. Dina was two years ahead of me. She was chosen by the teachers to be a leader at the junior camp the year I went. That’s where we got to know each other first.

We talked that weekend, told each other lots of private stuff. We hugged as we got off the bus when we returned home. Learnt to be ‘friends’.

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Dina left town for college three months after that. We never kept in touch… I forgot about her (well put her out of my mind, never forgot). Until two years later I was checking out the stands at my new college during Orientation week… deciding between enrolling in English Lit, Psychology and Women’s Studies in first semester.

“Kat!” She waved across the quadrangle. This gorgeous woman was waving at me. She was wearing cut-offs, t-shirt, had an array of earrings along her ears, and was sporting a prickly buzzcut.

“Dina?” Yes, it really was. My soul mate from camp. The Lezzo from Central High! And me, escaped at last from Kevin, alone in the city. Well, of course, she invited me back to her house for coffee, asked me if I was attending the Freshers’ Dance, said we could go together, no she didn’t have a date, asked what had happened to Kevin, smiled enigmatically when I said he was in my past, and then leaned over as I sat on her leather chair and pushed her hand under my shirt and squeeeeeeezed my tit! Just like that.

I gasped. I blushed. I shrank a little from her touch. I got wet, really, really wet. I loved it. Then I smiled and she traced her finger around my mouth. I sucked it in. Then she slowly undid the buttons on my shirt. She gently pulled my tits out from the cups of my bra. Pushed the bra down. Fondled my breasts, palming the nipples, then taking one in her mouth and sucking it. A volt of electricity sent a hotline to my cunt. I moved and unconsciously writhed my hips. She pushed my tits together and took both nipples in her mouth, flicked her tongue back and forth between them. My head arched back, I flushed. She continued to suck and lick, softly manipulating my hard, hard nipples with her soft, soft tongue and mouth. I had my first orgasm with a woman right then… almost fully dressed!

Of course straight afterwards I allowed her to unclothe me fully, and she stood before me lifting the t-shirt over her head and wriggling out of her shorts. The only thing between us now was the cascade of blonde hair that fell over my tits and skimmed the top of my arse. Boyfriend hair.

As if reading my thoughts, she went to the bathroom and returned with a soft leather pouch. From it she produced some shears. She lifted tendrils of hair and cut each close to the scalp. This took an hour, for between each hank of hair being shorn we explored a different part of each other’s body. She guided my hand to her pussy bush. She stroked my clit and I followed her lead.

After each exploration she returned to my head, and scissored off another clump. She kissed around my ears, my nape, my neck. I stroked her breasts, squeezed the nipples, tasted girl-nipple for the first time.

By the time she led me to the bed, my hair was sticking out in short tufty clumps all over my head. She tied my hands to the bedhead with soft silky ribbons, lifted my legs over her shoulders and proceeded to devour me with her tongue and mouth. I was totally helpless, and at the same time in ecstatic throes of violent rapture. My hips ground her face… I writhed and circled my hips to the insistent stroke of her tongue. I moaned and groaned, and in a glorious explosion of wet, screamed my coming.

She unbound my hands… such torment had it been not being able to use them to touch her. She grasped my hands at the wrist and placed them on her tits. I enfolded them, tugged gently at the rings piercing the back of her nipples, then moved them up her neck, stroked her bare neck, and ran them across her bristly scalp.

As if reading my mind she produced electric clippers from the leather pouch and started to buzz off the uneven clumpy hair left on my head. She looked deep into my eyes as she followed the contours of my head, and left me with 2 millimetres of growth all over, except at the front where she allowed me a couple of inches of wispy bangs. She then glided the clippers up my neck and around my ears without a guard… shaving me to smoothness.

Then it was my turn to explore every contour, every crevice of her body, to use my hands, mouth, lips, tongue to caress, probe, stroke and insistently plunge into her. We fucked long into that night and the next. I gobbled her cunt as I discovered the joyous wetness of another woman’s body.

She graduated two years later, moved abroad to study further. After a while I met the woman I’ve been with these last fifteen years. She knows about Dina, my first love. Next week Dina returns from her new homeland for the first time in 20 years. With her wife and their daughter. Guess what… 5 women with short hair, going to visit the best dyke hair salon in town… TOGETHER!


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