Story of my Life

Story of my Life

The Story Of My Life – Allyson

I just discovered this website and I have a story that not only fits here but one that is true. My name is Allyson and I’m now 24 years old. I am 5’3″, 116lbs and attractive. My story covers the last four years of my life and began during my sophomore year of college just before my 20th birthday. It was the Spring semester that year when I discovered some fascinations of mine that I never knew existed.

In the Spring of 1995, I decided to pledge a sorority along with my roommate. I cannot disclose the name of the sorority but can say it had 62 members before our pledge class of 16 (only 13 of which actually made it). I had heard many stories of the requirements to make it through the 10 weeks of pledging but wanted to succeed extremely bad so I was prepared for almost anything.

The pledging started out slow in week one with physical fitness exercises only. It was week two where the master plans were laid out for the next 9 weeks. Here is how it was supposed to work… all weekend hours from 6pm Friday through 6am Monday were to be spent at the sorority house. No clothes were to be worn at anytime by any class members while inside the house. All 16 members were to sleep in a small room in the basement and share the pillows and blankets that were available. There would be no showering for any members during the weekend but enough food would be available for everyone. All class members were to follow the instructions of any sister. Lastly and the part that I thought would be the hardest of all was no girls were to shave ANY body parts for the remainder of the 9 weeks. The final piece of the ‘program’ was all girls would have their body hair shaven completely at the end of 9 weeks and the girl with the least body hair at the end of the nine weeks would have her head shaven completely bald also. I was not too worried as I was Italian and could only lose if all of the other 15 girls quit.

I spent many nights naked in that house and I’ll always remember a few specific things that helped me discover fetishes I never knew existed. One of the first things I realized is that I was attracted to other women…. I guess sleeping in a room nude with 15 other girls for countless nights could have that effect. I managed to hold out three weeks but wound up having by first bi-sexual experience that fourth week. I can remember the night distinctly. It was a Saturday and the sorority had gathered all of the sisters for the annual pledge class “Feet Frenzy”. During the “Feet Frenzy”, each pledge class member had to lick and suck every inch of each and every sorority sister’s feet. This is when I discovered my foot fetish. While one girl quit during this, I enjoyed all 124 feet I put my mouth during those 2 hours. I was extremely turned on by the end of the frenzy and actually wished there were more sisters. Back in the basement, after the sisters went out that night, I realized two other pledge girls also enjoyed the frenzy and the three of us licked and sucked each others feet and toes for almost an hour. It was then that one girl named Samantha began to kiss me. Soon Veronica (the 3rd girl) joined in and it wasn’t before long that the three of us had licked almost every place on each other’s increasingly hairy bodies. I have to admit I loved the taste of pussy and even tried licking Samantha’s asshole which was not quite as enjoyable but something I’ve done again on occasion. Needless to say, many of the girls experienced sexual relations with each other throughout the 9 weeks and I think it brought us extremely close to one another.

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Now to the hair…. the naked bodies of the remaining 13 class members were as hairy as most men by the end of the 9 weeks. What I thought would be gross was actually quite comfortable and sexy in its own way. I had mounds of hair under my arms, enough hair up and down my legs where you could barely see skin, hair all over the top of my feet, uncontrollable thick pubic hair and even some hair impeding my ass. The final week of pledging called for us to walk around in shorts and a tank top on campus for two days. It was pretty embarrassing but I think most students understood what we were doing. I was surprised to get comments from two guys about how sexy my hairy body was.

The last night of pledging was finally here. Pictures were taken of our naked, hairy bodies and then we were lined up for shaving one by one while ALL sorority sisters watched. I can’t tell you how wet I was getting watching my fellow pledge class members having their bodies shaved completely and then being hosed off. A buzzer was first used to get rid of the large hair masses and then shaving cream and a bic razor were used for complete smoothness. Each member had their arms shaved first, then their arm pits, then their feet, then legs, then asshole (if necessary) and lastly their pubic hair. After shaving, each girl was hosed off and instructed to stand naked on tables that were set up. I can’t begin to tell you how big each girl’s pile of hair was; however, in this contest bigger was better.

It was finally my turn. I was close to having an orgasm before I even laid on the table. There were three sisters taking turns doing the shaving. Melissa started with my arms. She gave them a quick trim with the buzzer and then smoothed them with the bic razor. Next, Melissa took off the bulk of my arm pit hair with the buzzer. It tickled as she got it shaved closer. I think she was surprised by how much hair I had accumulated. I can’t tell you how good her hands felt as she spread the shaving cream under my arms. I was getting closer and closer to that orgasm I was trying so hard to hold back. Finally, Melissa was finished and Lindsay stepped up to take over. Lindsay began with my feet. As she ran the buzzer over them she couldn’t help but inadvertently tickle my feet as she held them. I was thinking how erotic is was to be lying there completely naked having other women shaving and touching me in front of over 70 other girls. Lindsay finished both my feet (they were finally sexy once again) and then proceeded up my legs. She spent about 10 minutes buzzing up and down my legs and each time she got closer to my pussy I became wetter. I’m sure Lindsay noticed the moisture which had begun dripping from my crotch down my thighs, through my ass and onto the table. Lindsay finally began spreading the shaving cream up and down my legs. I was silently wishing she would touch me just a little higher. Lindsay ran the razor up and down my legs on both the back and front sides. It really looked strange to have bare legs again after 9 weeks of hair. In a way I was disappointed. Lindsay turned the buzzer over to Alexandra for the final areas to be shaved.

Alexandra flipped me onto my back side and quickly realized I was one who needed my asshole shaved. She was careful and decided to use scissors to get rid of the bulk of the hair. She then took out tweezers because she didn’t want to take a chance with the straight razor. I knew it would hurt but was appreciative for her carefulness. Alexandra began plucking hairs one by one from my ass and was forced to enter her fingers further into my ass as the hairs got more difficult to remove. I enjoyed the experience more than anything but I don’t think Alexandra was all that thrilled as none of us had showered in two days. Finally, Alexandra was finished and turned me over for the removal of my pubic hair.

Alexandra commented about the mound of hair I had accumulated and suggested that she use the scissors even before the buzzer. I was hardly paying attention anyway as I had all of my energy focused on holding back an embarrassing orgasm. Alexandra began trimming by bush with the scissors. As she cut the hair away, she accidentally rubbed by clitoris several times. I knew that if this kept up there was no way I could hold the orgasm. Alexandra had removed enough hair with scissors to make my pussy look like the majority of the other naked pledge girls and then fired up the buzzer. Two swipes with the buzzer and I exploded….. it was the most memorable orgasm of my life and most of the crowd either clapped or laughed. I was embarrassed but it was worth it for how great it felt. Melissa brought out a towel to wipe down the table between my legs and whispered that the same thing had happened to her just two years earlier. Alexandra began buzzing my remaining pubic hair again. As it got shorter and shorter I could not figure out why I had never tried shaving it completely. Alexandra continued buzzing until I was down to a stubble. It was the sexiest thing that I had ever done to my body and I wasn’t even completely bald yet. Alexandra took the shaving cream and covered my entire pussy and pubic region. She was careful as she ran the razor over my lips and I could tell Alexandra enjoyed every stroke. When I thought she was finally finished, she rubbed another coat of shaving cream over me and told me she wanted me as smooth as the day I was born. When she was finished I was completely smooth, my pussy was completely bald for the first time since I was 12 and as I realized later that would be the last time I would ever have hair on my pussy. Finally I was taken off the table and hosed down and lined up next to the girls who were already shaven.

I stood and watched the remaining girls being shaved and knew what they were feeling. One other girl had an orgasm but it wasn’t anywhere near as explicit as mine was. Finally, the entire pledge class had their bodies shaved completely bald from the neck down. It was time to see who would have their head shaved. All piles of hair were lined up and the 62 sorority sisters each filled out their secret ballot. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be the one as I may have been the hairiest of all. All votes were entered and the winner was about to be announced. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me at the time but in a funny way I had wished I would have been chosen. I had never had my hair cut above my shoulder but felt it could be erotic to do something so crazy. I blamed these thoughts on the fact that I was extremely horny at the time and thought they would subside.

The ‘lucky’ winner was finally announced. The loser was Samantha. Samantha was a beautiful German/Irish girl with shoulder length light brown hair. I felt another orgasm coming on when this was announced as I had recalled licking every inch of Samantha’s body during pledging. Samantha was hysterical but knew what she had gone through the previous ten weeks and wasn’t about to quit. Besides, the sorority had over 10 wigs that had been accumulated over the years.

Samantha was instructed to sit on the table. Rather than have the sisters shave her, Samantha was instructed to pick two girls from the pledge class. Seeing we had become very close, Samantha chose me and Veronica. I had never cut hair before and was very nervous but figured it was all coming off anyway so there wasn’t much I could mess up.

Veronica held the back of Sam’s hair up and I picked up the scissors to make the first cut. Samantha’s beautiful legs were shaking and tears rolled down her face in disbelief. I raised the scissors and sheared through the entire bundle of hair Veronica was holding. Sam almost looked relieved after the first cut as there was no going back now. I gave the scissors to Veronica who proceeded to cut all Sam’s remaining hair above her ears. The two of us took turns cutting strands of hair until Sam looked like a little boy who hadn’t combed his hair in days. I had never seen hair so chopped up before but again it didn’t matter anyway. By this time I was extremely wet again and moisture was dripping from my hairless crotch down my left leg; however, no one seemed to notice as the attention was focused on Sam.

Veronica took the buzzer from Alexandra and turned it on. Sam just closed her eyes and said “finish it off”. We started buzzing with a number four attachment and took the first stroke down the middle of her head. We proceeded running the buzzer through Sam’s remaining hair until her hair was completely even (about 1/4″ all over). As we were switching the attachment to a number two I noticed moisture was building up on the table between Sam’s freshly shaven legs and pussy. Sam won’t admit it but I know she was turned on by the whole incident.

We continued shaving with the #2 attachment, then the #1 attachment. When finally finished with the #1 attachment, Sam’s head looked like Demi Moore in GI Jane (only Sam looked balder as her hair is lighter). Sam knew we could not stop there. We took all the attachments off the clippers and I stood in front of Sam. She smiled as I cut the first strip down the middle of her head. She didn’t realize I noticed but she touched her pussy just as the clippers touched her. I guess she felt safe as the crowd could only see my naked behind standing in front of her. Veronica and I continued shaving and had Sam’s head as bald as possible with the clippers. Even without hair Samantha was still beautiful, in fact a bald head showed off her beautiful features even more.

Veronica handed me the can of shaving cream. I rubbed shaving cream all over Sam’s head…. I felt close to another orgasm at this point but held it back. Veronica and I took turns running the bic razor through Sam’s stubble. We got to a point where we thought she was smooth as can be and toweled off her bald head; however, there was some remaining stubble. I again covered Sam’s head with shaving cream and we repeated the process. FINALLY, Sam was as BALD as can be! She had a head smoother than most bald men…. she did need a tan though. Sam stood up and began looking for a mirror. As this point I was amazed at the puddle that had accumulated next to Sam’s beautiful, bald pussy. Suddenly, a voice from the crowd yelled “remove her eyebrows also.” Sam turned around and said enough is enough but the Pledgemaster, Alexandra, liked the idea and told her she must sit back down if she still wanted to become a sister. Sam reluctantly sat back down. Alexandra asked the girl in the crowd who had come up with the idea if she’d do the honors. Kristen, an overweight, unattractive slob stepped up and grabbed hold of the buzzer. Sam grimaced as she went from looking at mine and Veronica’s naked, bald bodies to this fat pig. Nevertheless, Kristen quickly removed the bulk of Sam’s eyebrows and then shaved them smooth with the razor. Sam was asked to stand on the table and got a round of applause from the crowd. Sam was completely hairless from head to toe. At that point, I almost wished it was me standing up there bald all over and totally nude!

The next thing we heard was the entrance of champagne and a loud “Congratulations” from the crowd. The long ten weeks was finally over and to celebrate all 62 sorority sisters removed ALL of their clothes. To our surprise all 62, had shaved their bodies completely for the occasion. I went from never have seen a bald pussy in my life to having 75 girls in the same room with completely hairless pussies. We had a great time that night…. we drank, smoked, drank some more and even passed a dildo around. Sam and I spent the majority of the night together and kissed and touched each other several times. It made her feel better that if no one else found her attractive anymore I would still be there for her.

Samantha and I remained close over our final two years of college but have not seen each other since graduation. We both dated men those last two years but seemed to feel more comfortable with each other. We had the opportunity to room together once we got into the sorority house our junior year. We slept naked together almost every night. We experimented in many ways with each other and explored every inch of each other’s bodies at one time or another. We even did some crazy things together like the night we ran through campus completely naked (and were forced to hide in a dumpster full of garbage to avoid public safety), and the night we covered each other from head to toe in Duncan Hines chocolate cake icing, and lastly, the stupidest thing was one drunk afternoon when we got our sorority letters and our name tattooed on our right ass cheek. Little did we realize that with the design we chose to surround the lettering, the tattoo would cover 80% of our ass cheek…… I can’t even hide it with panties or a bathing suit now. IT IS HUGE!

It took about a year for the hair on Sam’s head to grow back completely but we both kept our pubic hair shaved during that time. Over my final two years of college I masturbated a lot to Sam’s hair being cut that very memorable night. I wanted in the worst way to shave my head just once…. just to see what it felt and looked like. Sam and I went our separate ways after college and when I returned home I decided it might be the perfect opportunity to fulfill a fantasy. I was not looking to get involved in another relationship and really was just going to concentrate on looking for a job. Before I could do anything though I knew I needed to find the perfect wig where the switch to a wig would be almost transparent. After 3 weeks of searching I found the PERFECT wig!

It was a Saturday afternoon and the rest of my family was away for the weekend. I purchased a hair clipper set from Wal-Mart that morning. I stared at myself many times that day in the mirror trying to convince myself I didn’t need to try this but I wanted this so bad for so long and now the day was here. I began by removing all of my clothes, showering and shaving my body. Upon getting out of the shower, I combed my hair which is dark brown and was approximately down to my mid-back. It was time for a haircut!

I picked up the scissors and made the first incision cutting the right side of my hair above the ear. I quickly proceeded to do the same on the left side and then held the back up into a pony tail as I clipped most of it off at once. I was already very wet and knew an orgasm was not far away. I had a tough time keeping my hand away from touching myself but really wanted to finish the haircut first. I proceeded to cut as much hair as I could off with the scissors and then blew dry the remaining hair. Wow, did I look different already! I then turned on the clippers and before making the first incision I held them between my legs and began to masturbate…. it only took about 30 seconds but I came like I NEVER HAVE BEFORE. I rested for a minute and then took the clippers with a #2 attachment and ran them down the middle of the top of my head. I quickly began running the clippers through my remaining hair. I then switched to a guard #1 and did the same thing and then to no guard until I was left with only a “GI Jane” looking stubble. I could not believe what I had done to myself as I looked into the mirror in disbelief. I wasn’t sure if I was more attractive as my face stood out more or if I looked like an ugly man. Anyway, I had come this far and wasn’t about to stop. I spread shaving cream over my head and began “the smoothing process”. I was surprised by how many times I had to go over it to get it entirely bald. Finally, I was the baldest I could be not to mention having the whitest scalp in the world. I took turns rubbing my head and my clitoris and proceeded to my bedroom to masturbate again (this time with my dildo). Again, it only took a couple of minutes for another orgasm. After exploding again, I began cleaning up when I realized that in order to complete the job, I needed to shave my eyebrows. I quickly removed my eyebrows and was now bald from head to toe as Samantha had been during pledging. I finished cleaning up and then showered. I then tried on the wig and decided it looked good enough to go out that night. I got dressed and put on make up and the wig.

I went to a local bar that night with a friend. It was a big relief that she didn’t notice anything different about me (the wig looked perfect). I was so horny that night after what I had done to myself that day. For the first time in my life I was willing to have a one night stand which involved intercourse. After about an hour I chose the man I wanted and approached him. We talked with him and his friend for about an hour. I then took him aside and told him I wanted him to meet me at my house after I dropped my friend off later on.

The guy I had chosen was named Tony and he arrived at my house about 2:30 am. I attacked him almost immediately and we were completely naked within minutes. He couldn’t keep his hands off of my shaved pussy and I wasted no time, going down on him. After about 10 minutes I asked him to close his eyes… I then removed my wig and told him to open his eyes. I will never forget the look on his face but after the initial shock, he told me that I was still beautiful. In fact, he found it quite erotic as he had never seen a bald woman before. Needless to say, I had the most amazing night of my life that night. We tried everything… sex, oral sex, feet licking and even anal sex (my first time). The next morning we decided that we had such a great time together that we wanted to see each other again. Well, so much for a one night stand, we’ve been together ever since (over 2 years).

For the first three months with Tony, I kept my head completely bald. I let him shave it several times a week during those months. After 3 months, I decided to stop using shaving cream but keep my hair as short as I could get it with the clippers (which is almost entirely bald anyway). Never once during the past two years did I go more than two days without shaving my head with the clippers. Also, Tony paid to have my pubic hair removed permanently as a present for my 24th birthday. I cannot tell you how much cleaner it feels (and no more hassle of shaving every day). To this day, I still have no hair anywhere (except my eyebrows which FINALLY grew back). Occasionally, I’ll let the hair under my arms and on my legs grow out as Tony finds it sexy from time to time. I plan to start growing the hair on my head back in January as we are getting engaged in December and I’d like real hair for my wedding (in 1 and a half years). After the wedding, I’m sure you can guess the first thing I’m going to do…. yes, shave my head again and keep it that way at least until I have children. For any women out there debating over shaving your head, it is definitely worth trying sometime. As for pubic hair, take it from me, you’ll be much happier without it…. as for the tattoo on the ass, NOT one I recommend!!


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