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The experienced short hair-enthusiast, or call him or her a fetishist, will look around with more than sharp eyes to find persons with his/her favorite hairstyle. A wonderful place is the television, because you can stare with the utmost curiosity, not restricted by all those formal rules which might condemn you as an extremely impolite person at other places or in other situations. The most impudent comments are delivered at home, whereas you would be too ashamed to utter them in public.

How many persons are in love with their heroes who regularly appear on the TV screen? How many men reading this will only have to close their eyes to see one of their favorites of the local TV station or wherever he tries to see her as often as possible.

Do you remember the shock when you saw her for the first time or even better do you remember that she appeared for the first time with that nice attractive very short haircut? How long did it last? Do you remember the chagrin when you saw that she did not cut her hair anymore? Brrrrr brrr.

Maybe you are or were a woman with long hair, inspired by the same woman and you told your boyfriend or husband that she looked much better and at long last you visited the hairdresser and regretted that you had no courage to go there much earlier in your life.

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Maybe you are the Donna C still doubting what people will say when you lose your long hair. What will the boys at school say? Will you discover the glances of the shy boy admiring your new fresh appearance or do you feel humiliated, because the boy that you secretly love makes a nasty remark about the hair of a dyke. Are you the older Donna C, suddenly recognized by some of your colleagues, or are you entering the supermarket and you notice the curious glance of the man who sees that nice woman, but he is too shy to say how much he likes you. Maybe it is better like that because you are married and are worried if your husband will like this short hair.

Do all those “important” people with their public jobs know about their silent admirers, their silent wishes and dreams, or are they more than right to neglect this aspect of their life?

For some weeks I have not written any haircut stories, because I tried to solve the problems of one of my German fans who wrote me about a “serious” problem.

He seemed to be the secret admirer of a hostess (Moderatorin as they call it), of a well-known German TV program ‘Brisant’, who usually sported an attractive, very short haircut. For some time he had a new girlfriend with rather long hair and he wished that the girl should change her haircut, but now, to his disappointment, the woman of ‘Brisant’ seemed to have her hair much longer. That meant that he was no longer able to show his girlfriend how extremely nice and feminine his favorite had been with that very short haircut.

I could imagine his problem because some years ago the haircut of the beautiful TV hostess had been the reason that after many doubts I lost my long hair. I knew that, for one reason or another, my friend liked short-haired girls, but to be honest I was more than fed up with all his suggestions about it. At home my mother and two older sisters always suggested that short hair was something unfeminine and that it was only characteristic for lesbians. The last was always said with a lot of contempt for that group of women.

I realized how disgusting their judgement was, when I discovered that the dearest of my aunts, an unmarried woman with long hair, seemed to live together with another very nice woman, sharing the same bed. And in fact I liked that somewhat boyish woman with her beautiful eyes and her short hair.

I had no inclination to have my hair cut off and was satisfied with my ponytail, braids or other ways to organize my long hair. Then, some years ago I met Karl and he started to suggest me to have my hair very short and rather irritated I told him that I found short hair unfeminine, which was not true, but I did not want to tell him that.

It was clear that he was not happy with my remarks and we started to quarrel about it. Some days later he told me that he wanted to watch a TV program together with me. I did not understand why, but that was more than clear when I saw the hostess, a young woman with one of the most charming faces that I ever saw. Her very, very short hair left all the attention for the beautiful eyes and I could imagine that with her soft, almost shy, smile many male hearts could melt. The message was clear and even though I had the feeling that I was not as attractive as that woman there was no reason to say that short hair was not attractive.

Some days later Karl took me to a well-known hairdresser and he was quite well prepared, showing the hairdresser a picture of the TV woman. The hairdresser was not surprised and said that this type of haircut seemed to be more and more popular, but as he emphasized, you must have the perfect head form. He stared for some time at my head and I experienced it almost as an inspection and I almost left the barber’s chair, feeling very uneasy. Karl, seeing my tight-pressed lips, knew quite well that it was a very close call. I found the hairdresser very annoying and just only the way he instructed one of the girls to wash my hair was again more than I….

I think that Karl feared that the hairdresser might end with a black eye and that besides the expensive haircut somewhat more had to be paid. But later I understood that Karl seemed to be much more afraid that this was the first but also last haircut. The latter was certainly true, so far as it concerned this hairdressing salon, but I was really happy with the haircut. I must be honest and say that the maestro made a nice job of the haircut, taking his time.

First a show was made of the removal of my ponytail and I almost got the feeling that the assistants had to applaud for the master. But soon, using scissors over a comb, the bulk of my hair disappeared and the rest that was left over was constantly combed forwards. My nice small ears appeared and expertly he cut around them. And then just like with the ‘Brisant’ lady he made my bangs extremely short and wispy showing off my beautiful forehead.

This was a crazy experience because, since I was fourteen years old, I had extremely long bangs, usually quarreling with my mother when I came back from the hairdresser, who used to cut too much or not enough from them and I was always quite sulky if my eyebrows were not covered anymore or at least touched by hair.

Looking in the mirror I almost started to cry, but within some minutes I had to admit that the “unknown” girl was quite attractive and frowning I realized that I was the girl. To make the sides and back even more perfect the disgusting maestro even used small clippers. And then that haircut was finished and some wax applied to give my hair even that almost wet appearance of the hair of the Moderatorin, even though normally I hardly use it.

Within an hour my appearance had been changed totally and since then I have had my hair more or less like this.

Soon after the haircut I took a picture of it and the next time I visited the old barber where my brother is going. He knows perfectly well how to cut short hair like this, the only but important difference is that I pay one sixth of what I, or to be honest Karl, had to pay that expensive hairdresser. During the summer I even have my hair still somewhat shorter and nowadays I always like it when Karl covers my small but perfectly shaped head with one hand and often he mentions how nice it is to feel the perfect bone structure when he rubs my pelt-like hair very tenderly. I find that very agreeable and that is, to be honest, quite an understatement.

I wonder if I will send the boy a photograph of my own haircuts but I can imagine that a short-haired Moderatorin will make more of an impression than an unknown woman. Well, better to have a look first myself how the grand young lady looks nowadays and indeed after some days I see ‘Brisant’ is on. Somewhat disappointedly, I see that the Moderatorins hair is indeed much longer, sticking out from that nice small face. It does not look bad, but I have the uneasy feeling that I don’t like it very much, but who am I to tell the popular Moderatorin?

My fan, who seems to like my haircut stories, often ending with a spectacular, but too extreme headshave, seems to think that I must be able to write a nice letter or even story in which I make it clear to the dear Moderatorin that she is much more beautiful with that very short hair. In that case I have to indicate that I don’t have a headshave in mind for that beautiful head.

To be honest, I think that it will be easier to pray that a very hot summer will come and only because of that she will be happy to lose those locks that stick out of her head. When she discovers which kind of strange men or rarely woman are fantasizing about her short hair, she will be only happy when her hair is even longer, leaving that strange world of hair fetishists.

This will be an impossible job.

It is easy to develop the most crazy strategies in stories and with my pencil I can make a girl or woman rich with some sentences and with some more sentences I can bring a dear wife or a girl to a barber who cut the “victim”‘s hair in the most beautiful way’, exposing the most attractive eyes and ears. But influencing an independent nice and hopefully happily married woman is an impossible job.

Thinking about this impossible mission I get vague reminiscences of my nasty behaviour as a small girl. I start to remember a psychological trick to move people in a certain direction. I wondered how I could influence my sisters, my mother or father or my friends at school to do things they did not like to do themselves. There is a real possibility that I explored more than once in my life.

Often people are inclined to do that which is opposite the things wished or proposed by others in a strange way to evade the authority of those others. And then I start to brainstorm about a possibility that must be explored carefully.

Surfing around the internet I know that there are enough idiots with the most crazy or weird feelings and ideas about short hair for women, but the opposite is also true: all kind of sites where long hair is advertised as the ultimate dream of feminine beauty and where short hair is presented as something ugly and unfeminine. What must be done is to make the hair of our dear Moderatorin the main subject at some of the long hair sites and invite all the long hair-lovers to send messages to her to welcome her again in the female world. But adding some more nasty remarks about the unfeminine character of short hair will start a certain annoyance.

Then our dear Moderatorin, who liked her own short hair very much, will be angry and she will not know how fast she must run to her usual hairdresser and soon we will see our favorite haircut again? Or will our dear hostess discover the way in which she will be manipulated and will she be happy to be the favorite of the longhaired public? What will she do? What will be her Solomon’s judgement?

Will it be medium length hair, a longish bob, the ultimate way to show that her youth is over and that she, within some time, will belong to the group of settled middle-aged ladies, even covering her small head with a kind of wig with the most beautiful curls (they call it a perm).

It is already some weeks later and after the publication of the first part of this story I received a letter of a ten-year-old boy who seems to be a quite interested to read all these stories on the Haircut Story Archive. Believe it or not he just learned the English language reading more than a thousand stories, even though many of them are supposed to be even shocking for older men and the women who are not able to suppress their urges and need to read these things. This boy wrote me the following heart-rending story and checking some sources I discovered that not all of it was fiction.

The boy, Johannes, was the only son in a family with 3 sisters and even worse he was the youngest of the four children. The mother and her three daughters were cursed with rather lank hair and I know far too well myself what that can mean.

Even though dad had a reasonable income, a small fortune was spent to curl the whole female part of the family. Mother could imagine the frustrations of her daughters rather well and that was the reason that even the sisters had the right to visit the hairdresser to cover their heads with those artificial curls. To make it even worse the boy’s hair seemed too be slightly wavy, more than enough to cause a lot of jealousy. Can you imagine the situation when Johannes complained about his hair?

The father loved his wife and daughters, but to be honest not much money was left for the father and the boy. In fact it was not bad at all for the father who even stopped smoking, but the situation seemed to be a mere tragedy for the boy, who was not allowed to be a member of a local tennis club, because to pay a good trainer for the talented boy was impossible.

The situation was even worse because most of the time one or another of the women were walking around with those terrible curlers to save at least sometimes the positive effect of the expensive perms. Believe it or not, the father and the boy started to realize that that there was no balance at all between the supposed profits, more beautiful women, and the disgust to see the women most of the time as ugly as possible.

And then one of these days, when most of the women were busy with their beauty business, the boy and his father were watching TV, and just zapping they saw a program on German Television, called ‘Brisant’, and both the boy and the father saw an extremely beautiful woman with really very, very short hair and at the same time they exclaimed: WOWWWWWW!

All the frustrations of those years floated to the surface and both the father and the boy started to cry. This was hard to believe because the father cried only when Germany lost or won football games.

The mother who had heard the WOWWWWWW realized that a lot of water poured down from her husband’s eyes and entered to ask how the German football team was doing. But entering the room, she only saw that husband and son were still shaking their heads in disbelief.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, feeling uneasy because something seemed to be very wrong. On the TV screen she saw pictures of one or another wife or girlfriend of a well-known German tennis player and she asked, “Are you crying for that rich son of a b.?”

She heard, between some sobs, “Noooo!”

“What is the matter?” she asked.

The desperate men said simultaneously: “Wait till she comes again.”

“Who the hell do you mean?” said the woman.

And again the male part of the family cried: “Wait.”

The mother of the family suspected that something seemed to be very, very wrong and cried: “Angela, Martine, Ilke and Gaby, come, something is wrong with your father and brother.”

And there they came, with or without curlers. The mother seemed to be confused as well by this situation, because as I mentioned the boy had only 3 sisters and I don’t know which of the four mentioned names was the product of confusion.

Now the sisters also started to ask what was wrong, but the men only pointed to the TV and again together they said: “Wait and see.”

And then our Moderatorin appeared with that innocent beautiful smile and that perfect face surrounded by that very, very short hair and the boy and the father cried together: “Take a mirror, compare and see what you are doing with those horrible haircuts and perms of Herr Heinrich’s Hairboutique, spoiling your own beauty.”

Mother and the 3 or 4 daughters disappeared and some minutes later they came back and again for some minutes there was a complete silence. Nobody knew what to say and we must fear that the communication in this family needed some restoration (family therapy could be a possibility). But then Angela, the youngest and often the brightest, said: “Indeed something is totally wrong, but what? That woman on television seems to be much more beautiful than we are.”

Father sighed and said: “Dear, dear ladies, always everybody tells me that I have a very beautiful wife and daughters, but you will be even more beautiful if you have that same nice very short hair and our pleasure is not spoilt anymore with those terrible rollers etc. Come, no nonsense anymore wir gehen zum Herrenfrisör” (we’re going to the barber) “im Alexanderstrasse and all of you can have that nice bubikopf.” (boy’s haircut).

The women started to complain that the barber should not know how to cut the hair like the haircut of the Moderatorin, but again Angela, the brightest, saved the family with the very useful knowledge that on the cover of the Dresdner Illustrierte that week a photograph of the famous Moderatorin could be found. Together they visited the local buchhandlung (bookshop) and were referred to a drugstore where this interesting type of literature could be found.

Armed with the Dresdner Illustrierte they walked to the Frisörladen and somewhat shyly the women entered the barbershop, where two of the three barbers were doing nothing. Angela noticed the reading table covered with some magazines and exclaimed that they had wasted money, because the Dresdner Illustrierte, with the photograph of the now well-known Moderatorin was clearly visible to the now quite experienced fans.

The oldest of the old barbers, but with the least developed potbelly, asked what he could do for them and he feared that the ladies were no longer satisfied with the haircuts of father and son. Father said that his haircut was still excellent, but that the female part of the family was more than happy to get to know this old and well-known barbershop with its well qualified barbers. The least potbellied barber asked if the ladies were in for a very short haircut and together they showed the picture of our now very dear Moderatorin who at that time sported an even shorter crewcut, but still with the well-known beautiful wispy fringe.

The barbers confirmed that the haircut would be no problem, but as the most potbellied barber added, “The beautiful smile must be your own creation.”

And after that, according to the family, hilarious remark, the first two members of the family were invited to sit down – of course only after the barbers had turned the cushions to prevent that their customers should experience how overheated the behinds of the last customers had been after their haircuts.

With the remark, “A last chance to escape,” the capes were fastened and one of the barbers explained that most of the job would be done with the haarschneidemaschine (clippers), because, as he said, it is crazy to try to cut the hair at more or less the same length with scissors. “It can be done of course,” he added, “but you have to pay at least 3 times as much.”

The mother, hearing how much that might be, realized that it still was very cheap compared with Heinz’ Hair Boutique and wanted to ask for the more time-consuming haircut with scissors, but her daughters were brighter, realizing that a lot of money might be saved. Moreover the job might be finished after a short time and that was what they liked after all that hair time wasted during their lives.

The barbers were honest and said that the perfect haircut needed to be recreated at least every 2-3 weeks but all the members of the family were bright enough to calculate that even in that case still much money would be saved and father and son realized that the expensive tennis training could be possible and father started even to think about smoking some cigarettes. However, Angela, bright as ever, brought an end to that dream declaring that the saved money should not be spent by addicts spoiling the healthy atmosphere at home.

Father was frustrated for a short moment, but seeing already two of his daughters in the barber’s chair realized that this unique visit to the barber might be a new beginning in his worn-out relationship with his wife and he started to fantasize how it might be to caress that short cut hair. But before he could start other dreams, the first of the barbers switched on his clippers and the other followed, inspired by his colleague’s activity.

The heads of Gaby and Ilke were pressed forwards, with their chins tight against their breasts, and normally the girls would have made objections about the rude way in which their heads were handled. But even if they had complained their remarks would not have been heard as the rest of the family stared at the meek sheep in the chairs. There was no sound except for the humming sound of the clippers.

For some seconds nothing seemed to happen, but then the clippers sought their way upwards. No, this is exaggerated, because, of course, it was the barbers who expertly moved the clippers and soon strand after strand, or better masses, of curled hair started to fall down and the two girls showed rather frightened faces while the mother thought, “Oh no. This will not happen to me.”

With some more movements the whole backs of their heads was cleaned of all that unnecessary hair and the father only thought, for some minutes, too short for a perm.

The oldest barber started to make nasty remarks and mentioned that it looked very strange now, with those bangs at the back of the heads. The father, named Jens, hardly could suppress his inclination to quarrel, afraid that the barber would spoil everything. But the barber, a keen amateur psychologist, continued the pep talk, mentioning that within some minutes most of the hair would be gone and that it would be mighty nice, certainly because the girls would show off those beautiful faces. Normally the girls would have been annoyed by such remarks from an old man, but in this case the self-confidence of the barber was enormous and the uncertain girls were more than happy to accept his authority.

Soon the clipper shaving at the sides started and the mother even started to giggle when the ears of the girls were exposed. Gaby’s ears seemed to stick out somewhat more than Ilke’s, but it was only a slight difference and the most clever daughter realized that with this haircut an old dream could be realized – nice earrings – and of course she seized this opportunity to propose the piercing of the ears and buying a lot of earrings. Very cleverly she added that the earrings would be excellent in combination with those haircuts.

Jens and his wife Kornelia, who always had made the most conservative remarks about earrings, realized that the girl seemed to be right and father even started to realize how sexy those earrings might be for his own wife, even though her head was still covered by that terrible outgrowth of her last perm.

“Oh my lord what might happen if Gaby and Ilke don’t like the haircut.”

It is far from exaggerated that the father started to sweat at that idea and, noticing the smell of her husband, mother made a mental note that some deodorant had to be bought, but she only remarked that it seemed to be hot in the shop. In fact she wondered if she smelled her own sweat, because, as nervous as she was, she felt her own heart beating stronger and stronger, when all that expensively curled hair disappeared from the heads of her daughters.

However before she could think about it she was invited to the chair by the other barber, who had finished the haircut of an old man whose head was almost bald already and whose hair needed only some corrections. But that activity had not been noticed by mother, who seemed to concentrate only on her own members of the human race. For a short moment our dear mother doubted if she wanted to be part of the whole operation, as it suddenly seemed a terrible practical joke, but she could not find a very acceptable reason to stop with it.

Moreover the barber had already fastened the cape and she shivered at the idea that within some seconds her hair should be shorn in the same way as her daughters’. It was still difficult to imagine how she would look like in the very near future. She postponed the whole shearing for a minute, indicating that she liked to see how the hair on top of her daughters’ heads would be shaved. The barbers changed something on the clippers and, asking her barber about it, he explained and showed that the clippers had several attachments leaving more or less hair.

To her surprise she saw that Ilke’s hair was sticking upwards, forming a nice short-haired brush, whereas the hair of Gaby still seemed to lie flat against her scalp, except for some tufts of hair at the crown which pointed quite cutely in the air. Mother made again a mental note trying to remember that she should tell Gaby to leave those upwards pointing hairs like that, because it looked so cute. Smiling, mother asked how the result might be on her own head and the barber indicated that she was more or less of the brush type. Then Kornelia, who by the way was not very happy with her name, felt how the clippers started to shave away her own hair and she was surprised that she liked this curious experience.

We will not describe how the barber continued his work, because it was more or less the same as with the two daughters.

The hair of Gaby and Ilke was already very short and only now their barbers took scissors and a comb and also the son, Johannes, who was still present of course, saw how the barbers made a nice transition from the very short sides to the longer hair on top, perfecting their work even with a thinning scissor. He saw that the barbers seemed to work much more carefully than usual, without doubt realizing that the whole female part of the family could form a formidable addition to their clientele. Johannes looked around and seeing the smile on his mothers beautiful face he realized that she was not afraid at all, certainly when he heard his mother say, “Oh please, here once more. I fear that you’ve forgotten some small parts.” The barber was not that careless of course, but seeing Kornelia’s satisfied face he made some more movements around her ear and he commented that those cute small ears could use some nice earrings.

Soon Kornelia was looking at her own nice face and wondered why the people at Heinz Hair Boutique had never suggested something cute like this.

The first two girls were almost ready and then the last two girls had courage enough for their haircuts and of course Angela was the one asking for something different, eager to have a so-called wedge cut and started a whole discussion with the barber about it. First he made sure that it was not a bowl cut that she wanted, but she was more than sure about her wedge.

Martine, the fourth daughter (3 must be a mistake), realized that some other variations were possible and her barber even took the time to show all kind of other short models and then to the surprise of all concerned she decided that it might be a flattop. The mother, hearing the description of the haircut almost wanted to save her daughter and winked her husband, but he flatly refused to forbid his daughter to ask for that haircut. And then Kornelia gave in realizing that it might be strange also if all of them would look like the quite inspiring Moderatorin.

Martine was warned that in case of a real flattop all the hair at the back and the sides should be me made as short as possible, using no attachment and that all the white skin would be exposed. However, this was no problem for Martine who liked the idea that she might have a lot of attention at school, knowing that there were enough boys to be attracted by her sensational haircut.

For a change the barber did not start at the back, but at the right side in front of her ears and that was why Martine saw at once all those horrible curls falling down. She wondered where the clippers would halt, but the barber was shaving away the whole side and even whistling as he was starting a second movement. Gradually he continued and soon also our Martine had her chin pressed to her breast and felt how the clippers were going higher and higher at the back, not stopping anymore, and she felt the clippers even moving over her crown. That even her crown would be almost bald was not known to her, but it was too late anyway. Soon the clippers appeared again at the other side and also the left side was cleaned.

Then the barber took an enormous flat comb, put Martine’s head in vertical position and with the comb in horizontal position he started to shave away all the protruding hair, in order to produce, as he called it, the perfect landing strip. Soon it was clear that all the bristles of that haircut formed a flat brush and the barber congratulated Martine that all the hairs were pointing upwards.

Nobody of the family knew what to think of Martine’s haircut but she seemed to be happy herself.

Because all the attention had gone to Martine’s haircut there was now time to admire Kornelia’s crewcut and she was almost shy when even the barbers remarked that she looked much younger, but anyway even more beautiful without her curls.

Jens started a discussion with the owner-barber and soon they agreed on a contract, which made it possible that each member of the family could go as often as required or wished to the barbershop. It was not very profitable for the barber-owner, but he realized that the young daughters could bring a lot of new clientele, certainly as soon as the nice haircuts and the low prices were compared.

After the fast job at the barbers the whole family went to the local mall where Angela, who knew that business well, guided them to a shop where their ears would be pierced. For the time being they should wear small simple earring, till the wounds healed, but the girls, including the mother, were happy to make the first choices of the earrings which should show off their nice ears that were very, very visible after their visit to the Herrenfrisör.

Back at home they sent a letter to the famous Moderatorin, thanking her for the nice inspiration. They received a letter with a lot of thanks but it was not clear if their letter ever reached the hostess, because all members of the family had the feeling that the signature was made with a stamp.

Saving so much money the family could even buy a computer and together with the bright Angela the boy explored the beautiful new internet world and sometimes they even found new inspiration for the haircuts at the Frisör.

The boy, who had been very fascinated by the haircuts, developed a somewhat exaggerated curiosity for short haircuts and was keen enough to see the internet as an important source of inspiration. After some time he discovered the Haircut Story Archive and started to read all kind of stories. To his father who never came farther than the primary school he said that nowadays they were learning english at school and that was why he needed a dictionary.

That was why this boy, at that age, could learn the English language, with the result that I received his letter with that sensational description of the makeover inspired by that beautiful Moderatorin whose hair up till now….

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