She Got Hers…

She Got Hers

She Got hers by Buzz

It was practice again for our high school cheerleaders team, Candy stood out from all the rest, mainly because of her over-bleached, over-done big hair.

She knew she drew attention to herself, and that made all the rest of us mad. Well here’s what happened the day of the big ball game.

Heather and Susan and myself, were sick of all the attention going to Candy, she used to flirt and go on with Kenny, he was the Captain of the team.

Every time Kenny walked by, Candy would do a little extra flip of her head, her rat tail main used to fly in my face, I vowed I’d get her back. I got together with the other girls and we hatched this plan to get the little bitch. We started to play up to her, pretending to be her friend, and hopefully get her confidence. Back in the gym changing room, we all started to fuss over her “lovely blonde locks”. She was stupid, letting us help her brush and braid that long hair. Susan suggested we all get together at my house to go over our moves and maybe polish our style.

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At 6 o’clock that evening, Candy, and that mop of hair, arrived at my house. The other girls were there earlier, and our plan was ready. First we all sucked up to Candy and tried to show her how we all liked her, she being stupid, fell for it. Next we practiced some basic moves, leaning toward Candy being the best. After fifteen minutes of practice Heather said she was thirsty, and maybe we could have one of my dad’s beer. Since Candy was a goody-two-shoes, we knew it wouldn’t take much beer to put her away. We sat and talked, I played with Candy’s long hair and Susan played with Heather’s red hair, and we all carried on drinking.

The conversation soon turned to how bleaching your hair can sometimes damage the tender strands of hair of one’s head, and that I thought maybe we could trim each other’s hair and save a bundle of money. It didn’t take much convincing to get Candy to agree that we could trim up her split ends and make her crowning glory look so much sexier. We told her the last thing we would want to do was take a chance on ruining her tell-tale trade mark, with the boys, that lovely golden blonde hair. Heather went to the kitchen and came back with the kitchen scissors. I had arranged to be the first to go under the knife, so to speak.

Heather opened another beer for Candy, and I turned my back to Heather and let her snip only the smallest of locks of hair from the ends of my middle of the back brown hair. The girls were very convincing, as Candy started to mumble if we were sure she needed a trim. Susan jumped right in, with, “Oh yes, you have some very bad split ends all over and we would be very careful not to ruin your lovely hair.” Soon the talk changed to boys and Susan took over cutting or pretending to cut Heather’s split ends. Candy was given another beer.

Finally it was time to carry out our attack on poor Candy, her long hair thick and hanging to the middle of her back. Her hair was the colour of wheat, with bleached streaking throughout. I saddled in behind her, my hands moving slowly through that lovely mass of her sexuality. I was passed the scissors by Susan, who smiled as I brought the scissors up to the ends of Candy’s hair. She slurred her words, as she spoke to me. “aare ya suuure yoou knooow what your dooin, Bonnie”.

“Don’t worry honey, I know exactly what I’m doing”. Then I nipped the ends off her badly damaged hair. A quarter inch of the ends fell down the front of Candy’s cheerleader’s outfit. I watched as her head darted and saw the tiny lock fall, “Oh thank you, you guys. I always thought you never really liked me.”

“Candy, dear. We like you just fine, don’t we girls?” They all joined in and with that Susan proposed a toast. “To Us”. Candy tipped her head back to drink the last of her beer, feeling the slack in her neck, I slipped the scissors deep into the hair at the back of her head. I closed the scissors hard, and deliberately, as a fistful off her long thick bleached hair came free from her head. I quickly passed the large hank of hair to Heather who stuffed it under the cushion of the chair. Candy lifted her head, not feeling a thing. The chunk of hair chopped from the back of her head was quite large and my hands trembled as I nipped a small piece of the ends off again and let it fall to the front of Candy, giving the impression I was cutting only small bits. At this point Heather got up and said, “Let me give it a try, after all my sister is a hairdresser”.

I passed the scissors to Heather, and she placed herself behind Candy. Susan passed another beer to Candy. I could tell by Candy’s eyes, she was well on her way to being pissed. Heather didn’t even try to hide the fact she was going to chop Candy’s hair short, she placed the blades almost flat on top of Candy’s head, at the back near the crown, she closed the blades and a bald spot emerged in that gorgeous blonde hair. Candy didn’t even bat an eye. Seeing this Susan said, “Let me try.” Heather passed the scissors to Susan, and Susan placed the scissors pointed end first right into the bang area of poor Candy’s hair. She closed the blades and we all watched as the front section of her hair fell into her lap. It was at that point, Candy started to giggle. When the hair fell down into her lap, she laughed even louder. Susan then passed the scissors to drunk Candy, telling her it was her turn. With the scissors in her hands, we had to help her get her fingers in the grip holes Candy then reached up to the left side of her head and grabbed the temple area of her once long hair and closed the blades on her own hair. We all giggled and told her she was a natural hairdresser. This only encouraged her more, and she started slashing lock after lock of hair.

I reached over to the kitchen table and turned on my hand held video camera, I filmed drunk Candy slashing lock after lock of hair from her head. The other two girls remembering their lines gave mild cautions to Candy not to cut too much of her long hair, giving the impression they didn’t really want her to cut too much. But the filming turned out great.

It was almost 10:30, my parents would be home soon, so we decided to finish the cutting ourselves. Only stubble was left, after all three of us had our way with poor Candy. She carried on drinking and we carried on cutting.

Heather and Susan dropped her off at the dormitory, and told her they would see her at school tomorrow.

The next day, we were all called to the office, a police officer was there, along with this poor crying girl, with only stubble, and a few long strands of hair on the side and back of her head. The police officer said he would have to lay charges against us, for assault, and practising hairdressing without a license. We all three stuck to our story, saying that Candy had done it at our house because she was sick of her long over-bleached hair.

Then Heather said she could prove it, we have a home-made video of Candy cutting her own hair, not us. Candy started to protest, but the officer said let’s go and see. The principal, the girls and Candy were put into the squad car, and driven to my house. I put the video into the machine and turned it on. Sure enough, there was Candy slashing lock after lock of her hair from her own head, stopping occasionally to drink from her beer. You could hear the girls in the background telling her to take it easy, and not cut too much. We were scott-free. The officer said since we did not appear to be doing the cutting, and we were all of age to drink, there was nothing he could do. Candy started to cry, and insisted she was tricked into it. The officer said the video speaks for itself, and said that it was a dead issue. The doorbell rang and I answered the door. Kenny, the captain of the team was at the door, I invited him in, “Come look at this”, I said. When he entered the living room, and saw his girl, Candy, he burst out laughing, all he could say was ” What took you girls so long”…..we all smiled and shrugged our shoulders, Candy sat rubbing her stubble filled head mumbling to herself, why, why me.



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