Pinball Bet

Pinball Bet

The Pinball Bet – Anonymous

It was 5 am and Kelli rose from her bed, and turned off the insistently ringing alarm. As she came to from her slumber, she began to think about her day ahead. She walked to the shower, turned the jets on and stepped in. She wasn’t sure how she had got herself into this situation, but now that it was happening, she knew she had to try and enjoy it. Enjoying anything would be difficult however, if she couldn’t get rid of the pounding headache and furry mouth that were the first consequence of last night’s over-indulgence. After the shower, brush of teeth and the careful application of some makeup, Kelli felt human once more. Kelli admired the way her hair fell past her shoulders, a glorious sheen of blonde. She quickly gulped at a cup of black coffee, and prepared to leave.

Meanwhile across town, Mike lay sound asleep. He had set no alarm, smugly knowing that he wouldn’t need one, not today anyway. Each evening Mike, Kelli, and a bunch of friends met for drinks at the local pub. Last night they had had a great time, talking, playing pinball, drinking heavily, getting more and more inebriated and as the evening progressed had begun to play some serious drinking games. This led to one corner of the pub becoming noisy, rowdy and full of carefree people generally behaving badly. The landlord smiled as he watched more and more money flow over the bar as round after round of drinks was purchased. Games ranged from simple tests of speech, co-ordination and timing to elaborate dares and pranks. As the landlord rang the bell that meant “closing time”, they decided to sneak in one last game. Several of the girls had been keeping up very well with the boys, showing a remarkable capacity for alcohol consumption, and emboldened by this and their drunkenness had suggested that the last game should come complete with a forfeit. They had suggested that they play a game, boys vs. girls. Once the game was over they would draw lots and one of the winning team would be able to take one of the losing team as their slave for the day.

The game commenced a simple game of “fuzzy duck” but under the drunken circumstances, difficult enough. One by one players were eliminated, simply because they were too drunk to speak coherently. As the game reached its conclusion, surprisingly the boys outnumbered the girls, and were able to win comfortably. Everybody’s name was written on a scrap of paper, and placed into boys and girls glasses. One friend called over the barmaid and asked her to pick a scrap from each glass.

Mike’s name came out of the boys’ glass, then Kelli’s followed from the girls’ glass, bringing a broad smile from Mike and a moan of disappointment from Kelli. She saw her plans for a day of sunbathing, swimming, reading and relaxing disappear down the tubes, and she imagined working to clean Mike’s flat, iron his clothes, wash his dishes – she dreaded being forced into doing anything “unpleasant”, but soon she had an idea. Kelli challenged Mike to one last game. She knew that she could down a pint of beer as quickly as most men, so she set the challenge accordingly. If she won, then there would be no slavery, but if she lost she would forfeit all rights to reject anything that was suggested for her. Mike agreed and two pints of beer were ordered.

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The contest was close, but Kelli gagged halfway down and came out a narrow loser. Kelli pleaded for a re-run, begged Mike for mercy, and told him that she didn’t mean it – it was all a game, and he wouldn’t really make her his slave for the day, especially as she had lost by so small a margin. Her pitiful cries causing ripples of amusement amongst the gathered friends. Mike simply called her over and explained that it would be sensible if he walked her home, so that they could talk about tomorrow in relative privacy. Nervously, Kelli held out her hand and they waved at their friends, and exited from the pub.

Kelli knew what the day’s first task was. She got out of the shower and dried herself off. Quickly she searched for the car keys, if she was going to have to drive across to Mike’s completely naked, then she figured the earlier she did it the less chance she had of being seen. She collected the keys and walked to the door, nervously she peeked around the corner, and then seeing no one else around her, closed the door behind her and tiptoed to her car. She thanked her good luck for being the owner of a 4×4 which would stop other drivers from looking in on her. She got in and started the engine.

The drive was to take around 30 minutes during which Kelli watched the sun rise as she drove, its golden glow flattering her well-proportioned body as it did so. As the day got warmer, to her surprise, Kelli found she was beginning to enjoy the situation. Here she was naked as the day she was born, driving through near-empty streets, it was all rather daring really and the cool, plush leather felt pleasant against her exposed skin. She found herself redden as the occasional car passed by in the opposite direction, even though they passed at a speed that would mean they could have no more than a fleeting glance at her exposed breasts.

She arrived at Mike’s house and parked outside. Plucking up courage she stepped from her car, and ran towards the house. Once at the door she rang the doorbell and waited for Mike to wake up. In the silence of the early morning, the ring of the doorbell sounded surprisingly loud. She quickly pondered on how long, and how frequently she should ring, balancing the risk of being seen by a passer by with the risk of the neighbors being woken by the doorbell. Any pleasure she may have found on her drive was fast fading into distant memory now.

Her ringing got more insistent when she heard the familiar hum of the electric cart that the milkman drove. Bottles clinked together as the milkman delivered. Soon he would be walking down Mike’s drive, and would get the surprise of his life, unless that lazy sod Mike got up and answered the door.

Still ringing, and still getting no response she began to sweat, her heart beating fast. The milkman was next door now so she stopped her ringing and began to search for a hiding place. Looking desperately around her, all she could see was a large holly bush. She knew how painful this might be, but couldn’t see any alternatives.

The milkman’s appearance at the top of what was thankfully a very long drive forced her into the bush. Painfully she forced her body between the leaves, forcing the branches apart as she desperately drove deeper. She silently cursed repeatedly as leaves scratched and prickled all over her body as she merged into the bush.

Kelli held herself completely still as she watched the milkman make his delivery, quietly perspiring and tying to moderate her breath, then cursed again as the branches and sharp leaves scratched her breasts as she walked out.

Mike opened the door and beckoned Kelli inside.

“I hope you enjoyed that,” Kelli remarked tersely.

“It’s nothing compared to what I have in store for you,” replied Mike with a broad grin. Kelli didn’t return Mike’s smile.

She was led inside and into the living room. Mike had laid out a mattress on the floor, and set a video camera in one corner of the room to record the day’s events. Kelli instinctively tried to cover her modesty as she took in the sight – again raising a mischievous smile from Mike’s lips.

Kelli was instructed to lay face up on the mattress. Mike bent over her and tied first arms, then legs securely to shackles that he had attached to the corners of the mattress – all the time he was doing this Kelli felt his eyes bore into her body, examining her feminine charms, boring deeper into her soul. Kelli lay spread-eagled and felt very vulnerable and very exposed.

Mike bent down between Kelli’s legs and removed a razor from his back pocket. He brought the razor down to her pussy, and began, slowly, systematically to work at removing her pubic hair. With each stroke more and more of Kelli was revealed, her pussy lips and clitoris being exposed from their previous protective veil of short curly hair.

Within a few minutes Mike had finished his work. He then took the camera from its tripod, slung it onto his shoulder, and focused in on her denuded cunt.

As he zoomed in and out Kelli, despite herself, couldn’t help but like the scene she saw. She had never viewed herself in such detail, such clarity. Her fleshy lips were proudly exposed, and the cool air seemed to play on her hairless pussy. As Mike massaged some oil into her pubis, she noted that sensation seemed to have increased in the general area. Kelli thought this was a probably a good thing, but then she didn’t know what Mike had in store for her!

Mike then reached into a large bag that he had placed beside the mattress. He pulled out 5 small crocodile clips, and showed them to Kelli, who was beginning to sweat. “Kelli,” he said, “I believe that the place for girls like you is serving at the behest of a cruel and torturous master. Today, you will experience this, and it is an experience that you will carry with you for ever.” Kelli didn’t like the sound of this, and began to try to escape her ties. She thrashed and she kicked, she shouted and screamed, but ended up bound as tightly as she had ever been. She began to sob gently.

Seemingly in response to her distress, Mike moved his head down towards Kelli’s left breast and began to blow gently, sending tingling sensations through Kelli’s chest. He then lowered his head further and commenced licking and sucking at her lush brown nipple. The nipple began to respond to the expert stimulation and Mike felt it begin to grow in his mouth. Kelli began to relax just a little; she had always enjoyed any attention that her breasts could get. Mike continued to nibble, lick, suck, blow, and flick with his fingertip, until he judged it had become large enough to take the first clip.

He moved the crocodile clip towards Kelli’s breast, then savagely closed it deep over her nipple. Kelli let out a yelp as he forced it closed, squeezing hard, watching as the serrated edge bit hard against her. Mike smiled at Kelli’s discomfort.

He then moved towards Kelli’s right breast, and duplicated his caresses. Now that the left nipple was left alone, Kelli noted that the pain was less intense, and was being replaced by a warm, throbbing feeling. Despite herself she couldn’t help but enjoy this sensation, and so it didn’t take long before Mike could repeat the trick on the right nipple.

This time Mike did not squeeze hard, instead he loosely fastened the clip, before tugging it off again, watching as it pulled and scratched at Kelli’s nipple. Only once it had come off, did he put it on properly, squeezing it tightly and watching as it bit her.

Kelli had a fair idea where the rest of the clips were going to go, but little idea of the pain that they would cause her. Mike fastened one to each lip of her vulva, which was painful, but bearable, before commencing licking away at Kelli’s large clitoris, in order to coax it out of its protective sheath.

Mike then threaded some cord through the eyeholes of the two clamps that bit into Kelli’s vulva, then wrapped the cord around her legs, forcing the lips of her cunt to stretch and lie flat against her legs. If Kelli had felt exposed before, then God only knew what she felt now.

Mike then told Kelli that he was going out to get a newspaper, and left her tied and clamped on the floor.

As she lay alone Kelli began to contemplate her situation. She knew that she had entered into this situation willingly – indeed it was her own (stupid) suggestion that led to this. She reasoned that there was no way out without losing her pride and reputation, and as the initial intense pain began to subside, she decided that she liked the way she felt. Kelli made a conscious decision that she was going to make the most of today. If she decided not to enjoy it, it would seem a very long day indeed. Kelli decided at that moment to get the most out of the day that she could.

“I don’t want you thinking you have no choices today, so here’s your first one,” Mike said when he returned. “We can stop what we are doing now, I can release you, and let you go, on one condition, namely that I will retain the video that I have been making. Alternatively, we may continue for the rest of the day and you will get the only copy of the tape all for yourself.”

Kelli didn’t take long to make up her mind. She would continue. She didn’t like the pain as it was being administered, but the sensations she found in her body as the torture abated were new, more intense than anything she’d experienced before. “I’ll carry on, thank you,” said Kelli. Mike smiled to himself.

After what seemed like only a short break, Mike returned carrying a bundle of clothes. He moved to Kelli, who looked up with a strange mix of animal lust and abject fear in her eyes. Mike told Kelli to get dressed and handed her the clothes.

Kelli inspected the pumps, micro mini and sheer blouse she was handed with disdain. They were cheap slutty clothes, clothes that hid nearly nothing. She noted the lack of a bra or panties, but also noted that she had little choice, and began to dress herself. Fully dressed her nipples were visible through the top, and the skirt barely covered her mons. The pumps were at least a good fit. Kelli wondered what was next – she was dressed like a tart, so she figured that she was about to become a tart.

They both proceeded to Mike’s sports car, and clambered in, a difficult enough task for Kelli given the attire she was clad in. Mike turned the key and sped down the road.

As they drove further from their home town Mike told Kelli that they were going to play a little game. Kelli was told that every time they came to a red traffic light, she was to undo one button on her blouse. Whenever they came to a green light she was allowed to cover herself with her hands, but only until they hit the next set of lights. Mike seemed to take an age, driving in a seemingly haphazard fashion as they progressed through set after set of lights, Kelli becoming progressively more exposed. Car drivers and especially truckers who peered through the large sunroof got a great view of more and more of her breasts with every button that she undid. Kelli’s face was crimson red by the time all the buttons were opened and she was glad when they turned off the main route and headed towards a forest road. Kelli’s relief was short-lived however, as by the time they had reached the forest, Kelli had been told to remove her blouse completely, and once in the forest Mike ordered the removal of the skirt.

So Kelli sat naked in the car. This was so different from earlier, she thought – 5am in a 4×4 is fine, the middle of a day in Mike’s low-slung sports car was a completely different proposition. Kelli dreaded each car, each passer-by. What would people think, and damn, why was the wind playing on her nipples so, forcing them to hardness? After a further 10 minutes on the road, Mike turned down a forest track. Kelli was delighted to be away from the traffic, and began to breathe more easily. Mike pulled up amongst some trees, and retrieved a jar of honey from the back of the vehicle. He took Kelli out of the car, ordered her to lay down and spread her legs, then coated her breasts and pussy with the sticky substance. “Honey for your Honey pot!” he laughed. He then returned to the car, and produced a map and the pumps. Two crosses were marked on the map, about a mile apart, one cross marked their current position, and another marked the position where Mike explained he would be waiting in an hour from now. With that he jumped into the car, shouted, “See you soon!” and drove back in the direction he had come from.

Kelli had no idea where she was, spare the few details that the map gave her, she was naked, had no money, and was covered in sticky honey. Reluctantly, seeing that she had no choice, she began to scan the area, to get her bearings, and to consider her route.

Soon she was walking, and began to enjoy the sharp sunlight, which filtered down through the canopy of trees, and warmed her from what had become a cooling wind. After a while she faced the first problem. A two-lane road stood between her and her destination, a road that led straight through the middle of the forest and couldn’t be circumvented. A busy road, full of cars, lorries and motorbikes. Kelli figured she had two choices, she could either stand by the side of the road, where she could wait for a long gap in the traffic, but could be seen clearly by the passing motorists, or she could take a chance and run out into a small gap.

Whilst her dignity had long since been lost, she figured she still had her life, and that it was still precious to her, and so she stood and waited, and waited for a long gap. Horns blasted out as testosterone-filled men leered at her naked form, but she stood her ground and waited for a suitable gap. When one did appear, she was off like a shot, feeling glad that she had continued to work out recently, and had the fitness to cross quickly and disappear equally fast. She looked back to see that several people had pulled up by the side of the road and appeared to be excitedly discussing what they had just seen, and peering in her general direction. Kelli could not help but feel a little pride that her well-proportioned, toned body could have such an effect on so many men. Kelli caught herself thinking this, and felt a little confused – surely she should be disgusted with the situation she was in, the pain, the humiliation, the exposure, but she could not deny that, on some strange level, she was getting something out of all this.

Her walk continued without too many close moments, and she began to feel proud of herself as she figured she would soon be back at Mike’s car. Her smiles turned to frowns as she realized the spot at which Mike had told her to meet was right next to a supermarket parking lot. Kelli crouched behind a bush and surveyed the scene in front of her. In the distance, next to the supermarket, she could see Mike’s sports car, with Mike sat at the wheel reading his paper. In front of her were maybe 150 cars, and at least 30 people coming in and out at any one time. Kelli looked to her left, figuring that she had to find a way to circumvent the parking lot. She saw only a tall wire fence extending into the distance, topped with razor wire. Quickly she glanced right, and her heart sank as she saw a huge reservoir, half full of water, high sided so that even if she could get in, and swim across, she could never get out of the other side. Reluctantly she accepted that she had but one choice, and began to run. Kelli ran as fast as she could – her already sore breasts bounced heavily and painfully as she moved quickly, flashing upwards and outwards before smacking against her ribs noisily. She darted this way and that, but to her distress she saw families pointing at her. She finally reached Mike, who shepherded her quickly inside his car. “Hurry! Let’s go!”

Mike smiled slowly as he pressed a button; the top of his convertible mechanically lowered. Kelli turned red from embarrassment, but could do nothing as Mike angled the car toward the supermarket and parked in front. The car was parked sideways, so people got a pretty good view without even trying. Mike jumped out of the car, taking his keys. “Be right back!” Mike exclaimed as he entered the store.

About 5 minutes and what seemed like 2000 staring eyes later, Mike returned with a bag. “I have one more stop before we get back to the apartment – do you mind?” Kelli knew the day, and therefore the bet, was almost over – how much worse could this get? She agreed, wishing this bet would be over already!

Other motorists gawked as Mike took the long way around to wherever he was going. The convertible top was still down, the air whipping by her breasts and blonde hair. She tried to recall how she felt this morning, and how far she had come today. She didn’t think of herself as an exhibitionist, but she could hardly deny the thrill of being seen and the mystery of Mike’s daring ideas.

Finally, Mike pulled in to a barbershop and turned the car off. “I need to get a trim. I want you to come inside with me,” Mike smiled. “And, don’t say a word once you’re inside. That’s a new rule. Break it, and the penalty will be severe.” Now Kelli’s heart raced. The barbershop was very close to her college campus – anyone could be in there or come in at any time! Kelli’s resolve faltered, and Mike had to grab her by the arm and pull her inside.

Inside the barbershop there were about five people, two of whom were elderly ladies who gasped and exited immediately. Another was a college freshman Kelli sort of recognized, the other two a man with glasses with a girl about Kelli’s age she had never seen. Kelli blushed, feeling naughty in a weird way. “But I shouldn’t feel naughty, this is all Mike’s doing, I’m just paying off a debt!” Kelli thought to herself.

The barber walked up. “Now see here, son, you can’t just bring her… She has no clothes.”

Mike said, “That’s all right, this should cover her – and my usual trim.” Mike handed him $500 in five bills.

The barber said, “Well, OK, then! Have a seat! Would your… lady friend like a trim while she waits? My assistant…”

“Hey! That’s a great idea!” Mike exclaimed. The barber’s assistant walked in, and Kelli gasped, recognizing her. The assistant was Tara, the girl she beat out at the cheerleader tryouts! Kelli said, “Oh, shit, Mike. I want to go home. I don’t want this bitch anywhere near my hair!”

Mike looked at Kelli sternly. “Just for that little outburst, my little slave, you get a penalty.” Mike turned to Tara. “What’s your name?”

“Tara.” She smiled wickedly at Kelli.

Mike handed her two hundred dollars. “I give complete control of this slave to you for the duration. If you want to try out a new cut on Kelli, be my guest.”

Kelli made a move to bolt, but Mike grabbed her and thrust her into the barber’s chair. “Do you have any rope?” Mike asked the barber.

Soon they had her tied to the chair, and her mouth gagged so she wouldn’t scream. The barber locked the door, and the people inside settled to watch the spectacle. Kelli’s feet had been bound wide apart, her exposed pussy wet from the excitement of her bondage.

Tara asked Mike, “Did you shave her pussy?”

“Yes. With an electric.”

“I don’t think that’s good enough.” Mike shrugged.

Tara applied a generous wallop of shaving cream to Kelli’s pubis, and shaved away any hairs that had been left with a straight razor.

Tara gathered up Kelli’s hair, and yanked her head back. Kelli screamed through her gag. “You know…there is something I always wanted to try. You said I could do anything?”

“She’s your slave. Do what you want with her.” Mike sat in his chair as the barber snipped at his dead ends. Kelli was still screaming, until Mike said, “Shut up, Kelli, or I will send a copy of that tape to everybody!”

Kelli’s sobs died down to a whimper.

Tara stroked Kelli’s long, luxurious blonde hair affectionately. “Kelli, your hair is so out of date. I think you need a radical new look.” Tara quickly grabbed the scissors, and before Kelli could start screaming again, the scissors started chewing through Kelli’s hair, finally cutting through with a loud crunch! A tear fell from Kelli’s cheek. Why did she have to lose that bet? Tara was giving her a short cut! Tara dropped the hair onto Kelli’s naked body. She tried to imagine the tom-boy jokes she would receive from her friends in the bar the next night.

Tara cut more of Kelli’s hair – her bangs, her sides – then turned the chair toward the mirror so Kelli could see. Kelli gasped – it was worse than she imagined! Her hair looked like a fright wig! Uneven, too short on one side – almost a bald patch on the other! It was like a kindergartner had cut her hair. Kelli started struggling in her bonds.

Tara looked her work over. “What, you don’t like it? Ungrateful bitch. We’ll just have to start from scratch.”

With that, a snap was heard with a loud humming. Kelli didn’t understand it was an electric razor until Tara had already mowed a patch up the back of her head! Kelli thrashed in her chair but to no avail. Tara continued to shave off her hair – her hair had taken years to grow this long – this bitch Tara was making her BALD!

With her head shaved completely by the clippers, Tara applied the shaving cream to Kelli’s head and removed any excess hair, leaving it egg-bald. Tara swung the chair back around for Kelli to see. Kelli could hardly see with the tears in her eyes – how could she face her friends? Tara quickly removed Kelli’s eyebrows, laughing as she does so.

Mike’s haircut finished and, after releasing Kelli from her bonds, he led her out of the barbershop. Kelli was in shock – she had no idea that Mike would take this stupid bet this far. Kelli barely noticed the looks and points from other drivers as she is driven back to Mike’s apartment. All of her beautiful hair – gone! Over a stupid bet! She knew she would have to get her revenge! She drove back to her apartment, the videotape on the passenger seat.

The next night at the bar, Kelli, Mike and their friends were partying again. Surprisingly, Kelli’s friends thought she looked “exotic” and treated her a lot better than she had expected. Another guy vs. girl game came up, this time, darts. The loser’s name would again be drawn to become someone’s slave.

Kelli spoke up. “Fuck that! I think I have a right to up the stakes. If the girls win, I get Mike for tonight and tomorrow – he’s my slave and will do anything I ask of him, no excuses. And it will start as soon as the last dart is thrown. Right here, right now!”

The guys laughed. “And what will you put up? You can’t bet your hair.”

Kelli said, “If the girls lose, I’ll suck every one of your dicks dry. I’ll swallow every drop. What do you say?”

(to be continued)


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